Maria Martinson

The curtains opened and the movie started on the screen. Cora was sitting on the couch remembering when she was four years old. When she was four, she asked her mother for a box of paint. Her mother looked surprised. "Why do you want paint?" she asked.

"I want to paint Willow and Lacy," Cora answered.

"Okay." Cora's mom sighed. Her mother got the paint for her. When Cora was finished with her painting she called her mom for her to look at it. Her mom called Cora's dad to come with her. When they both saw the painting, they gasped.

"How did you do that?" Cora's mom asked.

"I just got the paint and painted it," Cora replied. Cora's dad was still amazed. "It's amazing," Cora's dad stated. Cora's mom called Abigail's mom and she told them to come over.

When Abigail's mom and Abigail arrived, Abigail's mom inquired, "What's going on?"

"Look at the painting Cora painted," Cora's mom said.

When they saw it, Abigail turned to Cora and exclaimed, "How did you do that?"

"I just got the paint and painted it." Cora said. This was the first painting that Cora ever painted.

When Cora woke up on her birthday, her dad said." Happy birthday! I have a surprise for you." Cora lived by a lake called Emerald Lake. When they got outside, he brought Cora to the barn. When they were in the barn Cora's mom and dad yelled, "Surprise!" Cora's mom brought a red and white gypsy vanner horse out of the stall.

"Thank you," Cora said, "this is the best birthday present ever since I got Willow and Lacy,"

"What are you going to name him?" inquired Cora's dad.

"Red," replied Cora.

The next day Cora's dad met her in the kitchen. "Do you want to have horse riding lessons. I used to have a horse myself." Cora's dad chuckled.


After she had breakfast, she went out to the meadow with her dad and Red. When her lesson was over she went to her bedroom and fell asleep.

When Cora was six years old, she loved riding Red in the meadow with Willow and Lacy following. One day, Cora's mom hurried to tell her the "old"s that a family moved in to where their neighbors, the Perkins, used to live. I thought we could go and visit them today. "When will we be going?" questioned Cora.

"At 5:00 today. Be ready to go then. I invited Abigail."

When they arrived at the "old" neighbors house, a lady with brown hair walked to the door. "Hello," said Cora's mom. "My name is Caroline and this is my daughter, Cora, and her friend, Abigail.

A girl with golden wavy hair walked out the door. When she saw Cora and Abigail she ran up and said, "Hi. I'm Jane. What are your names?"

"I'm Cora."

"And I'm Abigail."

It was nice to meet a "old" friend. When they got home Cora's dad had made dinner. After they were finished, Cora's mom told her to get to bed.

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