Space Play


Therese Ford

My story is a play. It's about a space crew going into outer space. They were going to space to complete a mission for NASA. They experience a tragic disaster while in space and get thrown off course. Instead of failing their mission they discover something that could change the world!

Captain Mike

My main character is Captain Mike. Captain Mike's real name is Micheal Shot. He's captain of this mission from NASA. He's 32 years old and is friendly and kind. He has sleek brown hair and blue eyes. He is 6 feet 2 inches and can usually be found wearing a tee shirt and jeans. He's been training for 7 years and, with the help of his friend's and family's encouragement, is excited but nervous to go into outer space. He was elected captain because he is smart, friendly, trustworthy kind, and very brave. Mike also shows great leadership towards his teammates. He speaks softly and kindly. If he get's mad or frustrated he tries hard not to let it show. His hobby has always been rocket ships and outer space ever since he was 5 years old. He knows what the consequences are if a mistake happens in outer space and is willing to take that chance. He is very brave and a good captain for this mission. My main character is playing the part of Captain Mike in this play.

NASA Rocket

The setting of my story is the NASA rocket. Unlike other rockets this is red, white and blue in honor of their important mission. The inside of the rocket is a faint gray. There is one main room called the control room and 4 smaller rooms. The control room had 6 chairs all in a row for the astronauts to sit in. There are computers, buttons, microphones, and a steering wheel in the front on a long table that took up the whole side of the wall. To the left of the ship there were 2 rooms, one with space equipment and the other with food and drinks. The equipment room was filled with suits, helmets, air tanks, and other space equipment. The food and drinks room had vending machines and cupboards filled with dry food and drinks. On the right side of the ship there were 2 more rooms, a bedroom and a room with a television in it. The bedroom had 3 bunk-beds all with seat belts for the astronauts to sleep on. The television room was just a room with a television to show mission control what the space ship is like. I think the NASA rocket is a good setting for my story.


Kyle is captain Mike's worst enemy. Kyle's last name is Fox. Kyle is very short and has extreme, brown eyes and flaming red hair. Kyle has no friends and is not a friendly guy. He's usually wearing shorts and a tang top. He wears a big, sloppy frown most of the time. Kyle is the substitute commander. If something happens to Mike, Kyle has to take his place. Kyle wants Mike's position and tries to catch him doing something wrong. Kyle plans to hide on the ship and try to catch Mike doing something that could get him fired. Kyle is not a friendly guy and is Mike's worst enemy.