Christmas Dance Show


Ruby Brown


Liliana looked outside the car window, alongside her best friend Jacqueline. They were driving through the center of Sydney, and appeared they were driving to the opera house! Liliana and Jacqui looked up and saw a big sign next to the Opera House entrance, reading "Dance Students All the Way from Lavender Hill". Liliana couldn't believe it! Was she and Jacqui performing for thousands of people! Soon they found themselves backstage, with the makeup artists fiddling with hairpieces and makeup. Liliana felt a rush of adrenaline as they took to the stage. The curtains opened, and Liliana smiled, until she saw really HOW BIG the audience was. Why, there were people sharing seats to see the Lavender Hill students! Poor Liliana suddenly felt stage fright, and was unconfident. She collapsed to the ground from all the pressure.

Then she saw her lavender coloured lamp light, and her big picture of a ballet dancer tying her shoes. She was awake.

"What w-was that? I got stage fright!"said Liliana aloud. She never got stage fright, even her first concert when she was 4.

Liliana was already stressed about this upcoming concert, because some of the moves she struggled with. "What if I get stage fright, and collapse like that, even in a little country town concert?" said Liliana to herself.

"Oh well, we'll see." she sighed nervously.

On December the 23rd, Lavender Hill Dance Academy will have a Christmas dance show featuring its students. There will be ballet, jazz, modern and tap. Lavender Hill is a village, so there are only 33 students at the dance school.

Tickets will have to be paid to get into the dance show, but all funds go to a charity. The students have been looking forward to the show for months, and have been practising very hard.

One of the ballet students, 14 year old Liliana Mellow, has gone to the dance school since she was 5, and has participated in the dance show for many years. It has been one of her favourite Christmas traditions.

This Christmas dance show is very popular, and is highly regarded around the valley, so many people from afar in bigger towns travel to see these talented students perform.

Liliana Mellows

Liliana Mellows is 14 years old and has pure green eyes. She has flowing, curly, black hair. She likes dancing, writing and reading.

Liliana has 4 sisters called Antonia, Edwina, Autumn and Olive. Antonia is 16 years old and has long brown hair and hazel eyes. Edwina is 15 years old and has medium length blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. Autumn and Olive, who are twins, are 11 years old and have shoulder length brown hair.

Liliana is a friendly, shy extroverted girl (Shy extroverts are people who are energized by other people, and enjoy being around others, but are shy at the same time, and so they are good listeners), and her best friend is Jacqueline Ellington. Liliana and Jacqueline have been ballet classmates since they were 5 years old.

Liliana's sister Antonia looks down on her a lot. She is very jealous of Liliana's talent for ballet, and often speaks rather shortly to her.

Edwina is supportive of Liliana, and she is talented at jazz dancing. Edwina stars in the same dance show as Liliana each year in the jazz section.

The twins are very, very annoying. They often tease their older sisters and always interrupt them. However, they can sometimes be kind, too.

Liliana and Jacqueline go to Lavender Hill High School, and they are in Year 8. Liliana's favourite school subjects are Drama and History. Unfortunately, there is a girl in her Maths class who is very jealous of her, called Phillipa 'Philly' Harrison.

Liliana doesn't have many friends, but she has Jacqueline, of course, and a few close friends from ballet, including Hazel, Laurel, November, Scarlett and frenemy Aurelia.

Lavender Hill

Lavender Hill is a village which is in NSW, Australia. It is nestled in a valley called the Green Meadow Valley.

Lavender Hill has a population of 300 people. It has a high school and a primary school. These schools have a good reputation, and so there are students from other towns that attend them.

Lavender Hill also has a general store, a sewing shop, a community hall, a motel, a dance school, a music school and a park.

The climate in Lavender Hill is usually quite nice.

It is obviously quite hot, since it is in Australia, but in winters it can get very cold; down to about 28.4 F. However, in the summer usually the temperature is up to 113 F.

The neighbourhood is generally friendly to visitors and travellers. Lavender Hill is highly regarded around the valley for its talented dance and music students.

Jacqueline Ellington

Jacqueline Ellington is 14 years old and is so tall, that some people think she's 16. She has flowing, blonde hair and striking blue eyes.

Jacqueline does ballet alongside Liliana and also does modern dancing.

She is also musical, and learns the flute.

She is a very social person, and cannot be left alone for more than 5 minutes! Jacqueline struggles with jealousy, and often she can get jealous when Liliana goes to hang out with her other friends.

Jacqueline has 5 sisters and 1 brother; Caroline (who is 18),

Evangeline (who is 16), Geraldine (who is 15), Josephine (who is 12), Colin (who is 10) and Madeline (who is a oldborn).

Jacqueline is very content, and has an optimistic view on life. She is very loyal to her friends, and she tries to be friendly with everyone.