Magic Show


Mikael Mari A.Roldan

A show should be a grand one and a magic show is a way to show it.It would be very mysterious, scary and hilarious .This show is something one will always remember and look back with great joy and laughter.


The main character is Carlos, he is a very friendly person and a mysterious one.He is a handsome young tall man.Carlos has black short curly hair and he has an almond shaped blue eyes.He is not very good at his tricks but he is very hard working and he is very determined to succeed.He has a heart for poetry and is a very good musician.Carlos has only a mother because his father died in world war two.He loves to travel around the world and performs magic shows.

The Russian mountains

It is a beautifully snow landscaped perfectly sloped mountain. There are lots of tall pine trees in the Russian mountain side. The show took place in a big wooden cabin hotel called the "Mountain Paradise" in the mountain city called Saint Mikael's.The native people who lives there are hunters and miners they are called the "Mikmiks" They are kind and very close knitted people. They lived in a small warm cabin near the river side.

Mitch Opels

Mitch Opels is the stage manager of the play. He is good at his job until opening night, then he's a disaster. Mitch is a motorcyclist. He always wears a bandanna. He has black mustache and he is incredibly odd. Mitch Opels can do the job, unless the job he is doing is a play.


Lola is the magic assistant of Carlos.She is tall,young, pretty, fifteen year old girl with long straight blond hair. Lola is a friendly and very polite person.She is very good at her job and does not complain even though she gets very tired after each magic show. She is Carlos's third degree cousin and she is well liked by most of the people around her. Her dad and mom work as Chefs at the famous "Mountain Paradise Hotel restaurant".She lives in Russia and she works part time as a carpet cleaner two times a week to save money for her college. Her biggest dream is to become a meteorologist.