Play in the Early 1600s


Emma Gareis

Dream: Christmas dance show. Space play.ircus show. Musical comedy show

Maddie lay down in bed, hoping that her jitters would not go with her into the land of dreams. She was so worried that she would forget a line, or that the lights would go out, or, or, well,nothing she could do about it now. Maddie closed her eyes, and breathed slowly, trying to forget about the play entirely. Silently, she drifted off, letting sleep run threw her tired little body. Her last waking thought was this, tomorrow is the dress rehearsal. Maddie's dreams were particularly strange that night.

Maddie was riding a golden pony, it's hair beautifully long and creamy, with soft fur.Beside her was a peach colored pony, its mane was a beautiful red, that moved all around the the wind, and on that pony was a man, a bit round in the middle, he seemed happy enough. He stroked the Pony, showing a beautiful emerald ring, with his other hand he brushed his graying hair out of his face. "Hellllllloooooooo, look into the rrrinnnnng!!!" Maddie did so. It sparkled, she was drawn into it, deeper and deeper into the green ring.

Then, she was on a cruise ship, she was a hippopotamus, someone called her name, "Hippy, Hippy darling come get breakfast." Swaying from side to side, she went to get some. "hello Hippy, look at this ring!" Maddie the Hippo looked, and there was the green emerald ring, this time she went up, up up into the sky. Another hippo in khaki pants went up beside her,a voice calling out for them to see the spaceship. Now They were in a spaceship, but were no longer Hippos, now they were birds dressed up in crazy wigs. Dream Maddie flew around the spaceship, ohh, a comfy bed, I want to it, "Noooooo,"said the Jolly Fat man with the ponies. 'Looooook at otherrr rooms, I am king of dreeeeeammmms" Walking into the TV room, again sat the ring, beside the TV, and again Maddie was sucked into it. BAMBABO!!!!!! BAMBAABABAOOO!!! Rang over and over In in Maddie's head, than beautiful Classical Christmas music started playing, and Maddie was in a theater, exquisite ballet dancers twirled onto the stage. The magnificent velvet red curtains swayed, the backdrop looked like it had been made by famous painters. Again the Dancers twirled, on tiptoe. a girl behind stage made a hand motion, Maddie guessed it meant she was to go over to her.

"Hello! My name is Liliana Mellows! I would not have called you over here, but one of the dancers sprained their foot! Can you imagine? Oh horrible!" Liliana's hair rippled and curled, and bounced just wonderfully! Ohh, is that Micah Pizza beside you? Hello!" Oh, well, uh, yes I think." ' Maddie said in a fluster and looked down to see if she was a hippo or a bird, or a girl. Maddie inwardly sighed, she was a girl.... than, "Oh Liliana, dahling, your eyes are the prettiest I have ever seen! oh, and I am Maddie Heldard"

"Why thank you! It is lovely to meet you! Come come let's get going!" On stage Maddie, went, again she looked down, she was a in a pretty light blue tutu. Than Maddie twirled, and twirled. She was doing Ballet, never before had she done it in real life but she was doing it now. Than Babeoba bababoo sounded again! And out Came the man with the ring. "Hellllllo, I have never really introduceeeed myselfffff ! I am Bernard Frossst! I am the king offff drrreams!" Cough cough," Sorry about about that, I can speak normally now! Come see my jewelry shop! You can ride my Ponies, the one with the Red mane is Peaches! The one you were riding with a Cream mane is Dawn!" "I would love to go! Sang Maddie. "Well, let's be off!" And so riding on the ponies, they went away, saying goodbye to all their friends.

Maddie woke with a start! "Oh, what a strange dream! It all seemed, so, so real! Oh my! Barnard frost! He was wonderfully nice! I wish I knew him and Liliana in real life, but they don't exist, except in dream land! My oh my, what time is it? Oh, 3:00 am! I must be getting back to sleep! It only seemed like 15 minutes in the dream! Huh, funny! " And Maddie turned over and went to sleep.Totally forgetting in every way, about the play she was to be in in three days time.

My story will be about producing and acting in a play that is set in the early sixteen hundreds. With fancy dresses, old language, and dancing. I won't be writing very many lines for the show, instead i'll be writing what is happening back stage, and I'll be centered on a 13 year old girl named Maddie who is very passionate about acting, and who is very nervous about the play that she and her friends are in! Maddie will be playing one of the main characters in the play, which will be about a calm 12 year old girl named Carlotta. Carlotta is wise beyond her years, and is often overlooked and mistreated, and her only friends are wise, sweet fairies, who teach her many things, that most people will never know.

Maddie Heldard

My main character is Maddie Heldard, a thirteen year old girl.She is very energetic, she is described as bubbly by some of her friends. She is also very adventurous. Her height is '5' "3" and she has dark forest green eyes, and long brown curly hair, that her straight browned haired friend Allie Chaplorra, envies her for. Maddie is named after her visiting Grandmother Madeline, (or Grandmama, as Maddie calls her.) Maddie is very kind hearted. Maddie loves to draw, and she often goes to swing dances, and she is a great reader! Which seems to run in the family , her father and mother both dearly loved to read. maddie is one of 7 kids, 4 of the kids are girls, the other two are boys.


It being fall, the weather in keldamrynn is slightly chilly, and the leaves have turned red \ orange and gold like the rays of a sunset, and the leaves crinkle and crack under the town's people's feet. Whenever maddie steps out she inhales the fresh, lively smell of fall. Maddie loves going on walks with her older brother, Nathan, and her older sister Anylia. During the days, the sunshines, but not giving our much heat, at night, the weather grows still colder, and it sometimes rains, so when the Heldard's awaken from their slumber, a light mist lies over their back yard. making it seem as if they lived in the land of the fairies. And that, is the weather od\f Keldamrynn.

Elise Caterina

Elise Caterina is a girl who also acts in the play with Maddie, she has dark locks of curls, that laid softly around her shoulders, with dark, ocean green eyes, that showed much emotion, Elise was unusually short for a 14 year old,'4 "5", ,to be exact that, combined with her acting skills got her the part of Aaliyah Rusalka a fairy that is particularly close to Carlotta. Elise, though not as enthusiastic about acting as Maddie is, was thrilled to hear she would be playing Aaliyah. Elise loves to sing, her sweet soprano voice is indeed like that of a fairy.Elise also dearly loves to sew and to make things with her hand, so she is helping making her set of wings, along with a few of the others girls wings. Elise is one of 5 kids, she is the second oldest. She has an older brother, two younger sisters, than her youngest sibling is a 3 month old baby boy.