Musical Comedy Play


Claire Brown

Liliana Mellows

The Hippodile offers a cruise to Australia. While on the Australian cruise, Micah dreams they pass another cruise ship which is sinking and has called for an SOS (Save Our Ship). The Hippodile launches 20 rescue life boat teams to help rescue the passengers from the deck of their ship. Micah was the team leader of one boat and Cricky was the team leader of another. When Micah's crew was helping the passengers get off the sinking ship, he saw a young lady with pure green eyes, and curly black hair that was flowing like a waterfall. She was drop dead gorgeous.

The children on the ship were clinging to her as though she were their mother. She quietly assured them everything would be all right. As she was helping the children onto life boats, one darling little girl named Ruby looked back and said, "Aren't you coming too, Liliana?"

"In a minute, dear," replied Liliana

As the day wore on, Micah took five loads of passengers over to the Hippodile. Cricky took six loads of passengers and on his final run, Liliana came aboard his life boat. When Cricky's crew reached the Hippodile, Micah was there to assist Liliana onto the ship.

Micah, amazed by her beauty, temporarily froze. Cricky started jumping on Micah's shoulder screaming, "Snap out of it, Micah!" Then Micah woke up.

The show will be a musical comedy play on the Hippodile Cruise Ship.

Micah Pizza

Micah Pizza is almost 13 years old. He is a hippopotamus and he is the oldest child in the Pizza family. He is about four feet, 8 inches tall when he is on all four feet. His younger sister, Hippy, is nine years old. His best friend is Al Diet, who is an alligator. He cannot stop thanking Al for saving his sister's life last year. The Pizza and Diet families live on the Hippodile cruise ship. The person who annoys him the most is a cricket named Cricky. Cricky is the head waiter on the Hippodile cruise ship. If you see Micah on normal days, he is wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but, on ship meeting days, he wears khaki pants and a polo shirt with the Hippodile logo on the upper left corner.

His favorite sport is baseball. He plays short stop and bats fourth. One of his favorite books is Detectives in Togas by Henry Winterfeld. He also plays the flute.

He is very excited to turn 13 in four days because he will be able to watch Lord of the Rings since it is rated PG-13. He cannot wait!

The Hippodile Ship

The Pizza family lives on the Hippodile ship which is the largest cruise ship in the Noah's Ark Animal Cruise Line and it sails in the Pacific Ocean. On the cruise ship there are two live theaters, 10 restaurants, 13 swimming pools, 11 movie theaters, 9 inflatable bounce rooms, one library and one Mother-Daughter spa and one Father-Son shooting gallery.

The family has their own first class suite of rooms with a private pool and an outdoor balcony.

At first Micah was sad to leave his home in Miami, Florida, but he soon adjusted to life on the Hippodile. Micah's favorite football team is still the Miami Dolphins. His room is decorated with their team colors. Teal, orange and white cover his walls and almost everything else in his room except for a yellow recliner chair, which is topped with a field goal marker.

His queen size bed is suspended from the ceiling with wires and rocks when there are high waves. One time, when Micah didn't think he could take the waves a second longer, a huge wave whacked the side of the ship. He was thrown from his bed and landed on the floor with a thud. Later a goose egg appeared on his head. This has happened several times.

The family has their own private swimming pool within their suite. Micah and everyone else's bedroom has a trap door which leads to a tube slide. All of the tube slides empty into the family pool. The pool is the central gathering spot of family's living space.

The show will take place in one of the live theaters called the Devonshire Country Theater. This theater seats 200 guests and is a majestic room with gilding everywhere. It has three box seating areas. The finest one is fit for royalty and reserved for the owners of the cruise ship and their special guests. Micah, Hippy, Al and Victoria will be in the play and not sitting in the box seat with their parents.

Cricky Woodhouse

Cricky Woodhouse is a cricket in his late 30's who was born and raised in Devon County, England. He is one and a half inches tall. Cricky was an only child and had a very nice childhood. The only bad thing that happened to him was when he was ten years old his nose was broken by a bully at school. The bully was a real bull.

Cricky was trained to be a very proper English butler. He was just promoted to the Head Waiter position on the Hippodile Cruise Ship. When he is not working, Cricky loves to read and swim and he plays the tuba. His favorite author is C. S. Lewis. His favorite book is the Screwtape Letters. He swims one mile every day. Just to be on the safe side, he wears water wings in the pool.

His first life goal was to sail on the wild blue yonder. He achieved this goal when he was hired by the Noah's Arc Animal Cruise Line.

His second goal is to win a jousting competition with Micah Pizza.