Circus Show


Anna Martinson

Play in the Early 1600s

Bernard fell asleep. Suddenly, he woke with start as he heard a clattering noise. "Where am I?" he thought as he looked around. He was lying on a wooden bench outside an old bakery. Horse drawn carriages rattled past him and people in old-fashioned clothes hurried in and out stores.

A girl who looked about thirteen years old with green eyes and long brown curly hair walked up. "Hello," she said grinning. "I don't mean to be rude or anything but I think you should change your clothes or people will think you are crazy." Bernard remembered that he was still wearing his pajamas.

Embarrassed, he asked her if she had any clothes that he could wear.

"I might be able to sneak out one of my brothers' suits, but they'll probably be too big for you."

"That's okay," Bernard answered, "as long as I get out of these pajamas. My name's Bernard. What's yours?"

"Maddie," she said.

After he was fitted with a black suit, he asked Maddie, "What is this place?"

"Don't you know? This is Keldamrynn," she stated.

"Strange name," he replied.

"Where do you come from?" Asked Maddie.

"A small city called Branch," Bernard told her.

"I never heard of it," said Maddie.

"I never heard of Keldamrynn," responded Bernard.

"In that case do you want a small tour of Keldamrynn?" inquired Maddie.

"Yes, please," Bernard told her. Stepping outside into the crisp fall air Bernard said, "I like this place. It's almost as beautiful as Branch."

"How nice is Branch?" inquired Maddie.

"It's lovely. It has all sorts of animals and wildflowers, like white-tail deer, badgers, chipmunks, squirrels, red deer, wild orchids, daisies, dandelions, and you can see mountains in the distance."

"Sounds nice," stated Maddie, going on with the tour. "Here's the..." suddenly she was interrupted by a loud ringing noise. "What's that?!" Maddie said surprised.

"That's my alarm clock," Bernard said quickly.

Waking up in his bed, Bernard wished he had forgotten to turn on his alarm clock.

My show is a circus show.

Bernard Frost

Bernard Frost is a retired circus ringmaster. He is short, round and jolly. He is always well-dressed with slick grey hair. He wears an emerald ring around his middle finger. He is 62 years old and weighs 202 pounds and is 5'3" tall. He owns a small cottage in a cherry orchard and he has a small jewelry shop with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. He also owns two Shetland ponies. One is peach-colored with a red mane and tail named Peaches. The other one is gold with creamy stripes on her coat and a cream mane and tail. Her name is Dawn.


Branch is large city. It is very clean and well kept and has many citizens. It rests on the edge of the countryside. The countryside has numerous forests, meadows, and wildlife. It is known best for Crystal Lake, a small lake in a opening in a forest.

Gretchen Mille, Shrimp, Bob Bullet, Hank Sniper, Augustus Longtown, Luna Mille, Kyle Mille,

Gretchen Mille

Gretchen Mille is a comedy teacher. She is 5'2" and weighs 203 pounds. Her hair is a dirty brown color and she has sparkling brown eyes. She owns a overfed cat named Jupiter and a potbellied pig.


Shrimp is a clown. He is very tall and lean with brown eyes. He wears makeup wherever he goes. He is bald and he ties a tiny top hat to his head with a soft velvet strap. Every day he wears a different color squeaky nose. He has extra long shoes in the spare room where he stores bacon in case he gets hungry. He has a fruit punch squirting flower. There have been numerous sightings of him walking his gorilla, Shark, down the street.

Bob Bullet

Bob Bullet is a retired magician. He is very plump and short. He has smooth black hair with gray streaks and he has hazel eyes. He always wears a black silk tuxedo with a red velvet undercoat. Though he is

retired, he still owns lots of rabbits.

Hank Sniper

Hank Sniper is a daredevil. He is tall and skinny. He has sand-colored hair and forest green eyes. He likes jumping out of moving cars and he will also jump off of cliffs into the ocean.

Augustus Longtown

Augustus Longtown was the stage manager. He is kind of tall and chubby. He has white hair and hazel eyes. He is very kind and helping. He has two pugs named Babes and Sport.

Luna Mille

Luna Mille is the oldest of Gretchen's daughters. She is eighteen years old. She is very tall and slim. Her hair is long and it is a beautiful golden brown color. She has ocean blue eyes. She has one horse named Ivory and one Australian shepherd named Eclipse.

Kyle Mille

Kyle Mille is Gretchen's youngest daughter. She is two years younger than Luna. She is tall and slim like her sister. She has long glossy brown hair and forest green eyes. One of her favorite pastimes is riding her horse Echo along with Luna and her horse and their dogs, Eclipse and Frost.