Obnoxious Play


Andrew Martinson

Musical Comedy Play

Mitch Opels lay soundly asleep, snoring like a bull. Suddenly, his bed caved in and he sunk through it. As he woke, he realized he was falling from the sky and a vast ocean was below him. A cruise ship whizzed through the water, playing rock music. He whacked into it with a thunk. "Welcome to the Hippodile ship," snorted a hippopotamus. "I'm Micah Pizza!" he said with a cool voice.

"Oh," Mitch replied. "I could have sworn you were a hippopotamus, not a pizza!" Mitch chuckled.

Mr. Pizza danced to the other side of the cruiser. "Hey, come here, guy!" Mr. Pizza shouted. "I would like you to meet Cricky Woodhouse the cricket." Just then a tiny cricket danced through the ship singing, "Hello, hello, person!" over and over again.

Mr. Pizza sung out, "I would also like you to meet Al Diet, the alligator!" Before Mitch knew it, the large alligator stuffed me him his mouth. He woke up screaming, relieved it was just a dream.

My show is a tremendously obnoxious play and the actors and crew have a lot of trouble with it.


Jeb was the director of an old movie named Time Warp. Jeb is a man with silky white hair. He looks younger then he actually is. He always wears a gray suit with an old pocket watch. He is jolly but strict and a big success.

Acadeny Theatre

The Academy Theatre is a grand old theatre. It sits at the edge of Hoopersville, a city. The theatre stage has red velvet curtains. The theatre is lighted by many enormous crystal chandeliers. The seats rise up at an incline and there are many balconies. The seats are very comfortable and are covered in a plush red velvet. Backstage there is a plethora of props and costumes. The theatre is renowned for the quality of its shows.

Mitch Opels

Mitch Opels is the stage manager of the play. He is good at his job until opening night, then he's a disaster. Mitch is a motorcyclist. He always wears a bandanna. He has black mustache and he is incredibly odd. Mitch Opels can do the job, unless the job he is doing is a play.