Obnoxious Play


Andrew Martinson

Jeb lay asleep on his couch. Jeb is a man with silky and fluffy white hair. He is pretty old but he doesn't like mentioning his age. As he slept on his small plush sofa, the television was left on and it was playing a movie named Time Warp. It was an old hit that Jeb himself had directed in his younger days. He was woken by a creaking sound. It was Mitch Opels entering through the front door. Mitch Opels is Jeb's friend. He lives with Mitch and works in the same building as Mitch. Mitch is a motorcyclist. He always wears a bandana. He walked into the kitchen, drew the gray curtains, and helped himself to a heaping glass of cold eggnog and a biscuit. "What are you doing here this early in the morning?" Jeb asked with a low tired voice, "Shouldn't you be at work?"

"The question is, shouldn't you be at work?" Mitch replied, buttering another biscuit.

Jeb spotted the clock, "Oh, it is already four a.m.? I was supposed to be at work two hours ago." "I know Jeb because you were late. I couldn't handle everything by myself so now we're both fired, and we have to live in this dump." The house they lived in wasn't exactly a dump. It was actually a nice little house, but not were Jeb and Mitch wanted to live. With no work, Mitch made hot coffee and bacon, Jeb turned up the sound on the television and they watched Time Warp until the sun rose.

Mitch was glad he and Jeb got fired. In fact, he purposely wanted to get fired. Mitch had turned off Jeb's alarm clock so he wouldn't wake up that morning. Mitch had a plan, "Well now that were both fired," Mitch announced, "we could make another movie!"

"Are you serious?" Jeb replied. "We don't have a big enough budget." Mitch slouched on the couch in deep thought. For several minutes, Mitch sat with an expressionless face and stroked his mustache.

"Ah, ha!" Mitch abruptly burst out. "We could put on a play! My sister, Paisley, is an actress"

"No, Mitch" Jeb replied "We can't put on a play" Jeb stumbled off the couch and walked to the to the lilliputian kitchen to grab more bacon. Mitch got up and pulled the Time Warp DVD out of the DVD player. He grabbed a joystick and put in a video game. He played video games until the sun started to set. Jeb put on his gray coat and headed to the door.

"Were are you headed?" Mitch asked Jeb.

"To the Rhymewood Village Grocery Store. Do you want me to get you anything?" "Yeah" Mitch replied, "eggs." As Jeb slammed the door shut, Mitch thought of a devious plan.

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