A Sandy Rescue


Ruby Brown

Benedicta, 13 year old Sheila's little sister, stood partly in the water with her back to the ocean. "Funny to think we'll be leaving on the plane tomorrow. It's been a simply marvellous time." said 10 year old Benedicta.

"I do hope you forget your handbag again! It was so funny last year when you arrived home when you realised you left your handbag in New York." Benedicta giggled mischievously.

Sheila scowled and remarked, "Well, you weren't very sympathetic when it happened. All the others contributed money and bought me a new handbag while you laughed your head off."

Sheila had 4 sisters; 17 year old Faustina, who had long black curls just like Sheila's, 10 year old Benedicta, who had straight blonde hair, and 8 year old twins Monica and Veronica, who had reddish brown hair.

Sheila and her family were on holiday in New Caledonia. Every 6 months they would go on a holiday somewhere. They always had lots of fun on their holidays.

Faustina didn't like going on holidays that much. She preferred staying at home, and spending school holidays with friends.

Veronica and Monica were the opposite of Faustina, though. They absolutely loved travelling. Sheila enjoyed travelling, but not as much as the twins.

Benedicta (aka Benni) stood with her back to the ocean, whilst talking to Sheila.

"I'm certainly going to miss New Caledonia. It fells like we've just got here, and to think we fly home tomorrow!" said Benedicta dismally.

"We've certainly had a good time, Benni." replied Sheila. "I really do wish you would stop tricking people about things, though."

"What things?" asked Benni cheekily.

"Like when you yell, 'Tsunami!' and always panic us." said Sheila.

"Yes, it's very entertaining watching you and the twins and Faustina sprint as fast as you can!" laughed Benni.

Benedicta noticed that normally Sheila would have annoyed look on face as this statement, but instead she had a very serious look on her face.

"Why do you look so terrified?" chortled Benni, who still had her back to the sea.

"Run! Tsunami!" screamed Sheila. "Run, Benni!"

"Stop being so silly!" said Benni.

Sheila started to run towards the house, as she turned around to see Benedicta laughing, still with her back turned. Sheila grabbed Benni at the last moment, as the water struck.

Then everything went black.

"W-where am I?" Sheila opened her eyes, and found herself looking up at a coconut tree. "Oh no!"

Sheila stood up, and found herself on a tiny little island which was all sand, that had a coconut tree and a medium sized bush.

The island was about half the size of a basketball court.

Sheila cried and cried for hours. Eventually, she realised twilight was approaching, and she had to somewhere shelter underneath the coconut tree. "How will I be safe under this tree?" she thought. Then she crawled over to the bush and peered inside. "It's hollow! I could shelter in there!" Sheila exclaimed aloud. She climbed in, and found a little spring inside and some small berries!

"I've got coconuts, berries and a spring. All the vital things I need to survive." said Sheila. After she had some water, she quickly fell asleep, hearing the soft ocean waves nearby.

Sheila woke up, and at first wondered where she was, thinking that the yesterdays events were all just a dream. She pinched herself hard, but came to the conclusion that this was all a reality.

She didn't do very much the first day, except snack on coconuts and berries. She was a bit hesitant to eat the berries at first, worried that they may be poisonous. She tried one, and decided that they were quite safe.

The next night, Sheila went to her shelter again. She sighed, and thought of her family. Where were they? Were they thinking of her? And most importantly, were they even alive?

Sheila woke up and looked out into the distance. "A ship!" she screamed. Sheila frantically waved her arms. Alas, she was too small to see, and the ship just carried on.

She sat down, and didn't eat anything 'til noon. "I can't believe this, I missed my opportunity to be rescued." sighed Sheila. After she had lunch, she saw a most extraordinary sight.

"A snorkel set!" shrieked Sheila. "With a snorkel and mask! Wow!" Where could this set come from?

Sheila had been rather bored on the island lately. She knew eventually a rescue boat would come (she hoped), so she decided to go snorkelling. At first she was hesitant to go in the water, because of her experience with the tsunami, but eventually she got in, and saw amazing sights. She saw beautiful coral, fish and many animals, including sting rays.

Sheila swam quite far out, and decided to swim a bit closer, to look at some clown fish that was near some coral. Unfortunately, she got a bit too close, and cut her leg on the sharp coral. It was only a small cut, and she could still swim, but it was bleeding a lot. Then, Sheila had a moment she would never forget. A big, grey white shark started to swim towards her!

Luckily Sheila was quite fast at swimming, and swam as fast as an Olympian to the island. She got back, but only by the skin of her teeth. "That was very close!" thought Sheila.

When twilight was starting to approach, when Sheila was sitting on the beach daydreaming, she saw a boat, out in the ocean, coming towards her. Sheila jumped up, very relieved. Here was her rescue boat!

Just as Sheila was about to throw her arms up, she found them completely still beside her. Something was not right. These people didn't look very friendly!

Sheila grabbed a coconut (she was hungry) that was lying on the ground and dived into the bush to hide. She peered out a little hole in the bush and saw four rough looking men with lots of weapons. "This island is tiny! Where will we shelter?" asked the youngest.

"We've tents, you know that!" growled the leader. They set up their tents, as Sheila trembled with fear in the bush.

"Now, we've got to decide what time we'll attack these ridiculous 'tsunami volunteers' in New Caledonia." said Mafeega, the leader.

"12 o'clock midday!" exclaimed one of them. "They'll be the busiest at work."

"I'm impressed, Lafeedo. That's the first idea you've ever come up with that is perfect." said Mafeega. "Alright, here's the plan. At midday tomorrow, Lafeedo, Yegeer and Voveeto will attack the volunteers with all your weapons. While you distract them, I shall set the bomb. We then have 1 minute to evacuate the island, and then-"

"BOOM!" yelled Lafeedo.

"Ugh! That was my favourite part." groaned Mafeega. "Tomorrow morning, we go to the next island for brunch, then we set off for our plan.

"We'd better get some rest." said Yegeer.

"Yes, I agree." said Voveeto.

As the 'unfriendly people' as Sheila referred to them, settled down to bed, she hoped and prayed for the New Caledonians, and hoped that they wouldn't discover her in the bush!

By morning, Sheila was very hungry. She could only eat the small berries, and had to pace herself so she wouldn't run out.

Sheila really wanted to stop these men. But what could she do?

"Let's go now." said Mafeega. "Get your weapons ready, and the bomb, because New Caledonia is only 10 miles away."

"10 miles! That's only 16 kilometres away!" whispered Sheila to herself.

Just as they started to row away, Sheila jumped out and yelled, "STOP!"

"Well, well, what do we have here?" smirked Mafeega.

"Why are you doing this? The New Caledonians have just been affected by a tsunami, and now you're going to make it worse!" cried Sheila. "What did they ever do to you?"

They all looked at one another, then Mafeega replied, "Shut your mouth, or we'll throw you out there, in the ocean."

"Do you think threatening me will make me quiet?" yelled Sheila persistently. "I'm not being quiet until you change your plans!"

"Ahh, we have a stubborn one, don't we?" laughed Yegeer.

"Get her!" ordered Mafeega. Sheila screamed as Yegeer, Lafeedo and Voveeto caught Sheila.

"This is what happens to stubborn little children!" laughed Mafeega. They went about a kilometre out, then pushed Sheila into the water. They laughed, and then rode off.

Sheila swam and swam for ages, stopping every 5 minutes for a break. Her legs were so tired. She just wanted to stop treading and relax, but she couldn't, because obviously she'd drown.

After about an hour, she finally arrived on the island. She was in tears from her frightful experience. She only just made it to the island because she was so exhausted.

Luckily, after about half an hour, another boat started coming towards her. This time, they were the real rescuers!

Sheila waved her arms wildly, and thanked them over and over. "There's something important I have to tell you," said Sheila to the rescuers.

Whilst Sheila sat down and had a big brunch (she was getting bored of eating coconuts and berries) supplied by the rescuers, Sheila had a serious look on her face.

"Some men came with weapons to this island," she said. "I hid in the bush over there and listened in."

"Really? In that bush? How long were you in there?" asked one of the rescuers, Kylie.

"They only stayed one night," continued Sheila, "I overheard them planning to attack the volunteers. At midday, they are going to attack everyone with their weapons. While they distract everyone, the ring leader will set a bomb."

"Midday is only an hour and a half away!" cried the rescuers.

"Yes, and as soon as the bomb is set, they will evacuate the island. Currently they are on the next island having brunch before they do their awful attack!" concluded Sheila.

"We need to contact the water police now, to go to that island." said Kylie. "We're running out of time!"

The rescuers quickly rang the water police, saying that they were on the 'next island' to their island.

"That's Terror Island, I think you are referring to," said the police. "Many terrorists go there before attacks. You'd think they would of learnt that lesson by now."

The police sped off silently, so they could creep up onto the island.

By the time they arrived at the island, they saw the terrorists starting to depart. "Arrêter là!" yelled the police, which is French for, 'Stop there!'

"Quick, let's go!" shouted Mafeega. The boat went so fast that it looked as if it skipped off the water.

The water police had a higher powered boat, and they quickly caught up with the terrorists and arrested.

"You stopped a major terrorist attack, Sheila." said the police.

When Sheila arrived back home in Sydney, where all her family were safe and sound, hundreds of tv journalists from all over the world turned up at her door. She had become famous!

Sheila was very happy that she was safe at home. She never thought she'd survive out in the middle of nowhere! Sheila realized something; Sometimes you've just got to have a bit of hope.

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