Story Time: Battle of the Orgondz


Maureen Mateer

Hi, my name is Sierra. I am 16, the oldest child in my family, so I have a lot of responsibilities, and sometimes I have to make the hard choices. My sister Lilac does not understand that and thinks I am being mean because I leave her home to take care of Daisy. Daisy is 3. For a 13-year-old girl, it is hard. But when my mom comes home, she always says the same thing, "Do not ever cross river," and she tells us all about the orgondz. Every time it is a different story. One day it is the story of, "Your father got bit in the arm after crossing the river." Then it may be a story about the orgondz building a bridge to cross the river, but they failed.

"One day, Daisy, Lilac and I were walking outside and out of nowhere, the ground started shaking and straight ahead we see this big white thing with blue lines fall out of the sky and land in front of us.

We were curious as to what it was and decided to hop on it and check it out. While we were looking around, the ground started to shake again and we saw a giant hand coming for us. So, we looked for what we could hold on to and the next thing we saw was a huge eyeball looking at us. We started to scream and we felt a huge blast of wind in our faces and suddenly noticed that we crossed the river and landed on a field of dandelions."

"Everyone get out!" Lilac said. We hopped out.

Frightened, I said, "We crossed the river. We've got to go." A few minutes later, we were in the woods and set up camp. We used reeds, grass, and big leaves to make a tent. We used weeds to tie it all together and we made a fire and sat around the fire talking about the orgondz.

"Ok, I will describe an orgondz for you, Lilac and Daisy. An orgondz has pointy ears, red eyes, sharp teeth, 3 fingers on each hand, and they carry around weapons. They are a darkish shade of green and they have 4 toes on each foot. They are very muscular and you never want to see them because they are vicious. They eat little girls for breakfast."

Daisy said, "I never want to meet a orgondz."

I told everyone, "We should go to bed, it's getting late." The next morning I woke up to a spear pointed at my face. I screamed.

"Get up" he said with a deep voice. I got up nervously, thinking I was going to die. He said, "Who are you girls and how did you cross the river?"

"My name is Sierra. These are my two sisters, Lilac and Daisy," I said. "We don't mean any harm. We were just camping here for the night."

"Okay, how did you get here?" he asked. "Me and my sisters got here on this white thing with blue lines." As he takes off his tiki mask he said, "Take me there." I stared at his beautiful green eyes and his wavy, brown hair and his muscular body.

I sighed and said, "Okay."

As we were walking through the jungle, he said, "Your name is Sierra?"

"Yes," I said. "What is your name?"


I said, "Okay, Ryan, we are here."

Ryan said, "That is a paper airplane."

Lilac and Daisy say, "Wow, that's a paper airplane?"

Ryan said, "Yeah, Allie makes them all the time." Lilac asked who Allie was. "She's a human child. We are probably the size of her thumb."

Sierra, Lilac and Daisy say, "Wow!"

Ryan said, "I will bring you to my tribe."

As we walked through the jungle, Daisy screamed and asked, "What is that thing?"

Ryan and I both answered at the same time, "It's a frog."

Ryan said, "We are here."

Sierra, Lilac and Daisy, meet everyone in the tribe and they have a big feast. Someone screams, "We are getting attacked." People from the tribe are getting shot with arrows and they shout, "Get the weapons." I told Lilac to get Daisy somewhere safe. Lilac grabs Daisy and puts her somewhere safe. Ryan's tribe was fighting with the orgondz. I was fighting with the orgondz.

I looked over and I saw Lilac. I ran over and I said, "Lilac, what are you doing? Get in a safe place."

"No Sierra," Lilac told me, "I want to help."

I said, "No! You can't. Get in a safe place."

Lilac said, "No! You never let me do anything. I'm going to help if you like it or not." And, she ran away."

I said, "Lilac, come back!"

Ryan said, "Sierra, a little help here!"

"I'm coming."

Ryan said, "The orgondz have more people. We are outnumbered, Sierra. We are not going to make it. There isn't enough people on our side. We are probably going to die. But if we die, we will die with honor."

I said, "We are going to make it. We just need a giant."

Ryan said, "Yes, Sierra, that will work! Now, go get that giant."

I came back shortly with Allie and started to fight the orgondz. We defeated them. We were having a tiny celebration. "Yeah, we did it, Daisy! Ryan, we did it! Wait, where is Lilac?" I asked. Everyone said they did not know. I ran down the hill, looked over and saw Lilac with an arrow in her back in the grass.

I rushed right over to see if she was okay. I turned her over so I could see her face. She was barely alive. I screamed for help. Ryan and the people from his tribe came to help me. Ryan cut down a leaf, then they picked Lilac up and put her on the leaf to use as a stretcher. Then the medic came down the hill with Daisy. I said, "Can you help my sister Lilac? She has an arrow in her back. Please, you have to save her."

The medic said, "I will do everything possible. Put Lilac in the tent, she is losing too much blood." Everyone helped carry her up the hill into the tent.

A few hours later, I asked the medic if Lilac was doing okay. The medic said, "Oh, she is doing fine. Luckily it hit her shoulder, she is going to be fine."

I hugged the medic and ran to Ryan and kissed him. I told everyone in the tribe that Lilac is going to be fine.

Two days later, Lilac woke up. She called for me and I ran as fast as I could to see her. I gently hugged her and told her with tears in my eyes, "I did not mean for you to get hurt, Lilac."

"No, Sierra, it is my fault. It isn't yours that I got hurt. I should have listened to you, and I love you, Sierra."

The next day, Lilac was up and moving. Lilac was hugged by everyone and Ryan said to Sierra, "We should be getting you all home." I agreed with Ryan and we grabbed supplies and got the girls and we started on our journey home.

Ryan said, "We should go to Allie the Giant, she could give us a big hand. Get it, big hand?"

"Haha, Ryan, very funny," I said, and we all laughed.

As we walked through the jungle grass, we headed towards Allie the giant. Allie said, "I can make a paper airplane, a boat, a swan, a cup, little people, how can I help ya?" Ryan and I agreed that the boat was the best idea with Lilac being hurt, and we really did not want to get on a paper airplane again. So Allie pushed the boat with her finger and helped us cross the river away from the Orgondz.

We decided to make camp when we were safely across the river. I sighed quietly as I watched Ryan cut the firewood with his strong, muscular arms. Daisy heard me and said, "Ooh, Sierra's in love. Is that your boyfriend? I'm telling mommy."

The next morning, we packed up camp and because Lilac's shoulder was hurting, we hurried towards home. Ryan climbed a tree and came back riding a bird. Daisy and Lilac were excited to see the bird. We climbed on its back and we rode it home in no time.

We spotted our home and Lilac and Daisy were shouting, "There it is; there is our home." Ryan steered the bird down to our front yard. Ryan helped us off the bird and Mom and Dad came running outside. Mom was crying, she was so happy to see us.

My mom said, "Girls, what happened? Lilac, are you ok? Who is this boy?"

Daisy said, "It's Sierra's boyfriend."

My mother said, "Boyfriend?"

Dad told us to all get inside and they gave us food and we told them our story.

Ryan and I got married and had 10 children; Lilac grew up to be an awesome archer and great hunter like me, and Daisy became a battlefield doctor because she liked the feeling of saving people.

And that, children, is how I met your father.

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