Quicksand and a Warm Welcome


Mary Geddie

One day deep in an uncharted area of the Amazon rainforest, there was a boy Now this boy's name

was Marcus and he lived a good life. Marcus was thirteen and he had an olive complection, dark hair,

and an adventerous grin. Marcus also had a dog named Tucker, who was devoted to Luke, Marcus's little ten-year old brother.

Now as I was saying, Marcus and Luke were out collecting firewood with Tucker for their parents when Tucker stopped, stood up, and ran as fast as he could in the direction they had just come.

Now this worried Marcus because it would be time to go home soon, seeing as it was getting dark and Tucker wouldn't norrmally leave Luke.

Just then, Luke wispered,"Marcus, why did Tucker leave me ? I'm really scared."

So was Marcus, but he tryed to look brave for Luke and said,"He probly heard mom calling. I don't think we should be scared."

Just then a monkey screamed! The two boys ran as fast as they could through the jungle, taking no notice of where they were going. Ten minutes later the two boys collapsed. Luke started to bawl. Marcus tried to comfort his little brother when he noticed how dark it was getting. Marcus told Luke in a shaky voice,"It will be O.K. You'll see. Come on, we should be getting home about now."So the two boys got up and tried to figure out the way home.

They had trudged through the jungle for about an hour when Marcus stumbled. Marcus Panicked !

He couldn't move his feet and was sinking fast ! Marcus started to tell Luke to back up when Luke ran

off to Marcus's left. Marcus was worried. Then Marcus heard a rustle in the bushes when Luke emerged carrieg a large branch.

" Thank you so much. Now I can pull myself out of the quicksand. Good thinking Luke ." As Marcus

was saying this Luke lowered the branch into the quicksand which was up to Marcus's waist by now.

A loud groan started coming from the branch. Then it snapped and Luke fell in !

" Well it could be a lot worse." Marcus told his wimppering brother, when Tucker exploded from the brush with his rope leash still latched to his collar.

Now this was why Tucker stayed with the boys, because of the rope leash and how he can stear everyone clear of the deadly quicksand.

Soacking wet, the two brothers hiked home led by Tucker. Neither of the boys were anxious for the scolding they would receive for being wet and late for dinner.

When the two young adventrurers had finally trudged home, they creeped around to the back door where the thought their mother would be the least likely to be waiting in ambush. When they had closed the door however, their mother had embraced them in a choking bearhug.

After being lightly scolded, the two boys washed up and went down stairs to dinner and a warm welcome.

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