Grace Geddie

Ashlyn Quiltip was normally a very good girl. She cleaned her room, did her chores and homework without being asked (usually. She was still human,afterall) and always called her dad at least once a day. She was reasonably nice to her six brothers and always fed her twelve pointers (they are good hunting dogs). Ashlyn has muddy brown hair that she can never control and multicolor eyes. She is twelve years old, the middle child of seven and thinks video games are a waste of time. Her favorite pastime is writing or reading stories in a tree some place at least a half mile away,so she has to hike there. She lives outside of Minot, North Dakota. her father is a hunter, so naturally he is away a lot. Every room in their house has a fur rug. Ashlyn is a top-notch marksman and ever since she got her orange card she likes to go on small hunts alone. She always brings a gps and usually checks the weather forcast. Usually. She was still human, afterall.

Her dad was currently away, but he would be home soon though. He had called last night and was currently in South Dakota and would be home by the day after tomorrow. Ashlyn was planning to go on a hunting trip so she could show her dad how had improved. She was definately a daddy's girl. She set out her clothes and backpack so she could jump out of bed and race out the door. She laid down and drifted into the world of dreams.

When she woke up, Ashlyn pulled on her clothes and raced down stairs as fast as she could. She made a quick bowl of oatmeal and scarfed it down like a ravenous wolf. She told her little brother,Micky, to tell their mother that she had gone on a hike and not to worry. Cautiously, Ashlyn picked out a lovely camo assult rifle and a can of ammunition. She grabbed her pre packed bag and headed out. She was ready, or so she thought.

Half way to were she mas planning to hide, Ashlyn tripped on a rock and fell into a creek. "Rats," she thought. "The one time I didn't wear dri-fit clothes! Oh well, keep calm and carry on, as they say in England." Ashlyn trudged on.

She wanted to check that she was going the right way,so she pulled out her GPS. When she pulled it out though, it wasn't working! "It must of shorted out when I fell in the river,"mused Ashlyn.

Now Ashlyn was in the middle of nowhere, cold, wet, hungry and lost. And like that wasn't enough, a snowstorm had been creeping up all day long. As the first flakes began to fall, Ashlyn began to cry.

Ashlyn's father heard a faint sobbing noise. He pulled his jeep over to see where it came from. Grabbing his hypodermic dart gun, he walked about a quarter of a mile, turned behind a tree...GASP!!!!It was his own daughter, Ashlyn!

Ashlyn's father sceamed, scaring her to her feet ," Ashlyn what the heck are you doing here!! soaking wet!! in the snow!!! whithout a good jacket!! please explain yourself!!"

She took a shaky breath, and began,"I wanted to go on a hunting trip like you,but I forgot to check the weather first; then I fell in a creek andmy g.p.s. fritzed out. I had no clue where I was,then it started snowing; and it all seemed so stupid and hopeless, that I started to cry."She wiped her nose. Her father put his hand on her shoulder.

"Ashlyn, every thing will be alright. But before we go home and it REALLY starts snowing hard, let's agree to NOT go on hunting trips all alone without checking the weather first!" Ashlyn smiled. Her dad was always one to turn a not happy situation into a funny one.


As Ashlyn and Mr. Quiltip drove home, she noticed that the snow started comming down a lot harder now. She said to her dad," Dad, I'm sure glad you found me when you did, or I'd be an Ashlyn popsicle right now!"

Her dad laughed."Ashlyn, I will always pick you up if you need me to."

As Ashlyn and her father pulled into their drive way, their mother ran out to meet them "I was worried sick! Don't you ever do that again!" They all hugged very tightly.

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