Lost in the Woods


Felicity Meyer

It was seven O'clock. Lexis was lying in bed, thinking about the next day. Lexis was very excited because she and her family were going on a camping trip for her birthday. Lexis got out of bed and got dressed. She wore a blue shirt and navy blue shorts. Then she woke up her twin sisters Lilly and Lizzy. "Time to get up!" Lexis told the twins excitedly.

Lilly and Lizzy groaned, "But we're still tired."

Lexis's mom then called out, "Lilly, Lizzy, Lexis, Jeffrey, and Jack, come down and eat breakfast."

Jack and Jeffrey raced down the steps and into the kitchen. Lexis, Lizzy, and Lilly were right behind them.

Lexis sat down and asked, "Mom, what are we eating?"

Lexis's mom replied, "Pancakes and eggs."

Lizzy asked, "Do I need to eat the eggs?"

"Yes Lizzy, you need to eat your eggs."

Lexis looked around and saw the things she had seen for the last nine years. The sink silver and shiny, the dishwasher, the five drawers that were above each other, and the stove.

"Lexis, here are your pancakes and eggs."

Lexis replied, "Thank you."

Once everyone was done eating Lexis went to her best friend's house and knocked. Margaret came running out of the house at top speed.

"Hi Lexis!" Margaret Dowski had been Lexis's best friend for five years.

"Hi Margaret." Lexis replied.

"Let's go to your back yard, Lexis."


Lexis and Margaret walked to Lexis's back yard. Jack and Jeffrey were in the back yard climbing the trees. Lilly and Lizzy were playing in the sandbox. Margaret headed to the swings. Lexis followed her. They sat on the swings and talked for one hour.

It was twelve O"clock when Lexis's mom called out, "Lilly, Lizzy, Lexis, Jeffrey, and Jack! Come in and eat lunch."

Lexis said bye to Margaret and headed inside.

Once everyone was finished eating, their mom said, "Time to pack for the camping trip! Jack, since you're 4 years older than Jeffrey you can help Lilly and Lizzy. Jack, Jeffrey, and Lexis, here's the list of things you guys need to pack for the trip."

Lexis ran upstairs and looked at the list. It said: Things to bring: underwear, socks, pants, shirts, hairbrushes, toothbrushes, tents, pillows, sleeping bags, flashlights, etc. It was four o'clock when they were all done packing.

Lexis helped her mom make supper. It was tacos. Lexis's family loved tacos. Jack is 16, Jeffrey is 14, and Lexis is 9. The next day she will be 10. Lilly and Lizzy are 6. At five o'clock Lexis's Dad came home from work.

He said, "Hey, guys, what are we eating? It smells like....tacos!"

Lilly and Lizzy ran to him and asked, "Did you buy candy?"

He replied, "Let me see....letters...letters...and ...candy...Gummy Bears!" "Let's eat."

They ate and ate until everyone was done. "Great meal," their Dad said.

It was eight o'clock P.M. Their dad called out, "Time for everyone to go to bed. All of you need to get up early."

"Yes, dad," everyone replied. Lexis fell asleep right away.

Everyone got up at six in the morning, got dressed, ate, and packed the car. Then they left. It took three hours to get to Woods of Wisconsin. When they arrived they unpacked the car and ate lunch. They played tag, hide and go seek, and some races.

Soon it was supper time. When everyone was done eating their dad said, "Let's have a campfire to celebrate Lexis's birthday."

Lizzy asked, "With marshmallows?"

"Yes," their father replied.

After everyone was done eating their roasted marshmallows their father said, "Time to go to bed."

"Okay," everyone replied. They all drifted to sleep now knowing that tomorrow would be a day they would never forget.

It was 8:00 O'clock when everyone was asleep. At 8:30 Lexis could hear a noise. It came from the boys' tent. It was Jeffrey getting more water. Lexis took a drink from her water bottle. Lexis lay in bed thinking about the morning, and how they would play hide and seek, while their Mom and Dad made breakfast.

Lexis looked over at the far corner and looked at the six presents. One from everyone. Lilly and Lizzy probably gave her a picture with weird things. She had asked Jack for a slingshot. Lexis had asked for a pack of 50 marbles from Jeffrey. Her Mom asked if she wanted a new water bottle. And she had asked her Dad for candy and a pocket knife.

She woke up at 9:20. Lexis heard someone say,"Dad,can I have some water?" It was ether Lilly or Lizzy. She heard her Dad say,"Yes Lizzy." Lexis pulled up the covers and fell asleep.

Lexis woke up the third time. This time she heard an owl. She could see its shadow swop down and caught something. Lexis fell asleep soon after. A wolf howled in the distance. Then as if responding the wind blew the branches leaving silence. It was midnight when Lexis unzipped the tent and left.

She work up with a start. Lexis didn't know where she was. She knew she was on a camping trip, but there was no one around and there weren't any tents. Instead she found herself in a long clearing with sun pouring out onto her body. She was very puzzled.

She was thirsty and hungry. She looked at her blue watch. It was 10 O'clock. No wonder she was so hungry. She hadn't eaten for sixteen hours!

Lexis started walking toward where she thought was camp. Lexis dug her hands in the pockets of her pants. She felt a flashlight, a whistle, and a pocket knife.

She found a nice hiking stick. Lexis saw a camping spot where it looked like campers had just left. She looked for things that could be useful. She found some matches, a big bowl of cold macaroni, a fork, spook, knife, and a ripped quilt. She put the things into the blanket and started off.

Lucky walked all morning and afternoon. Finally, she came to a stream. She ate a spoonful of macaroni and took two gulps of water. She decided to stay there for the night. The blanket was big enough for Lexis to lay on top as well as to cover herself up. She fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Jack and Lexis's father were worried about Lexis. They went out searching for her. They brought along two blankets, two flashlights, five water bottles, two pizzas, and a compass.

Lexis woke up to the sound of water. She started to go further away from the stream.

Jack heard a russle from the bush and headed toward it. He looked inside the bush and found Lexis! She was eating macaroni in the bush!

He told his dad and they brought Lexis back to camp and celebrated.

They celebrated for two days. The first day Lexis opened presents and their mom went to a store to buy a cake. Lexis was turning ten, so the cake was pink and had on pink edible flowers. It had a number 10 on it. Her mom also bought ten pink candles.

They ate supper at 5:00. They had spaghetti pizza with salad. When they were done eating Lexis opened her six presents. She first opened Lilly and Lizzy's gifts. They both gave her a weird picture. Jack gave her a zing-shot, Jeffrey gave her 100 marbles, her mom gave her a new pink water bottle and her dad gave her 3 bags of candy and a pocket knife.

Then when she was all done opening her presents they ate cake. To prevent leftovers they got two slices of cake. When they finished dessert Lexis got to decide what to play. She decided to play marbles. They played for 15 minutes. When they were done their dad said, "Its time to play freeze tag." Lexis gets to decide who is it. Lexis decided to pick her dad. The game was really fun. They played freeze tag for 1 hour with two breaks.

Their dad started to build a bonfire. They had smores. When they were done eating their dad told them a story. By the time they were done it was 8:00. They all went to bed. Lexis never woke up that night.

Lexis woke up at 9:00. The sun was shining and she could smell eggs and ham. She got dressed and got out of her tent. When everyone was up they ate. Everyone finished eating at 10:00. Then they played lemonade. Lexis's team won.

They ate lunch and when they were done they talked. By the time they finished it was time to eat. They started to pack up the car. They all got in the car and drove off.

When they got home Lucy ran in the house, up the stairs, flew onto the bed, and fell asleep.

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