Tower of London


Tara Coulter

The prison was fairly comfortable, fairly lit, and fairly warm. The inhabitant of cell 12 was also fairly well fed. However, Rohan couldn't fall asleep, no matter how fairly good the prison was. His mind was turned to what would happen to him the next day. He'd been caught by the Duke's spies, and now he was in the Tower of London! Besides the fact that Rohan wasn't important in the least and had no idea why the Duke would go to the trouble of getting his spies to lock him up in the most important prison in London, the black-haired boy had a pretty fair idea of why he was there: the Duke didn't like him. If he was right, the Duke's spies would take away Luke, the blue fox who had been born with Rohan and who shared his mind his Renheart and without Luke, Rohan would be reduced to a wandering soul with no memory of the things that he held dear. The prison cell was guarded well, and the single door was impenetrable. There was no lock on the door, it was instead held shut by a huge metal bolt on the outside. There were no windows.


Rohan has black hair, wears a long leather coat with elvish markings, and underneath the coat he wears a stained, charcoal-brown shirt and long black-brown pants with patches on the knees. He also wears dirty brown knee-high boots with the tops turned down. His parents are in debtor's prison because someone stole all their tax money, and he lives in a huge hollowed-out tree in a huge park in the middle of London, in an imaginary time. Rohan's Renheart is a blue fox named Luke. Without Luke, Rohan isn't brave, but he is very kind, although sometimes he can be too kind and trusting of other people. Rohan is clever with his hands and wants to be an engineer.


In an imaginary time around the Victorian Era, London is a bustling metropolis. The streets are filled with horse-drawn carriages and men walking briskly to their jobs in top hats. The ruling king is mysteriously sick, and the Duke is now gradually taking over, completely ignoring the crown prince. The Duke has a gigantic network of spies all over London, but the one place the spies don't monitor is the huge park right in the middle of the city, where Rohan and Luke live in the middle of a large hollowed-out tree.