Ruby Brown

The sun struck down on 13-year-old Sheila's face. It was so hot that she collapsed from heat stroke, but fortunately she was still conscious. It was 45 degrees Celsius. It had not been 10 minutes and she was completely dry.

Sheila had been in caught in a great tsunami on a holiday with her family. She didn't know if her family were even alive!

Sheila had been washed onto a tiny little island. The island was so isolated, right out there in the South Pacific. The island had one palm tree, with a few coconuts on it. The island was about the size of 5 large lounge chairs, but in a circle.

The blue ocean was so cool and refreshing. Even if you detested water, you would have dived in head first on a day like that. You could just feel how normal it was to live like this. You would speculate how the native people of this South Pacific region endured the scorching hot conditions.

Sheila felt some strength, and rose up on her knees, praying her heart out, pondering, "Am I to perish, or am I to be rescued?"


Sheila was an average-sized 13-year old girl, with long, black, curly hair. She had emerald green eyes, and had plenty of 'polka dot' freckles, as she called them. She was a shy, positive girl and was quite generous. She was from Sydney and had lived there with her parents and 4 other sisters. The eldest was Faustina; a very tall 17-year-old. The second was Sheila, of course, then there was Benedicta, a 10-year old. She was a rather annoying sister. Last but not least there were the 8-year-old twins Veronica and Monica. They were cheeky little girls, a tad like Benedicta, but in a fun way.

Sheila was very good at drama. She loved to act in plays, and detested acting as the main character, yet didn't like a small part. She liked 'in between'. Faustina would sometimes nickname Sheila 'Tweeny'.

Sheila did not have many friends, but she had two best friends; Regina and Geraldine. They were very good friends.

The Small, Tropical, Unknown Island

The island was in the middle of the South Pacific. It was so, so remote, way out there. No one had set foot on this little island. The island only about the size of a full basketball court, but in a circular shape. It had a two coconut trees. There were no animals inhabiting it, except some ants. It had a nice beach, though, and it would be possible for someone to live on it, it just needed a few more coconut trees. It was, of course, a very tropical setting. It was very hot, reaching 45 degrees sometimes. This place only had two seasons; a wet season and a dry season.


Regina was Sheila's very best friend. Regina was only 1 day younger than Sheila. Regina had hazel eyes and long, fine, brunette hair. She had 2 sisters: 14 year old Edwina and 2 week old Francesca.

Regina LOVED ballet. She was very talented at it. She had danced at the Sydney Opera House! She was a realist, unlike Sheila's optimistic attitude.

There was just one thing: Geraldine, Sheila's second best friend, didn't like Regina at all. Geraldine was usually nice and friendly, but not towards Regina. She would try to gossip about her to Sheila, but Sheila would say, "Stop gossiping, Geraldine, please, stop it!" Geraldine would just sneer and grumble.

Regina was a very clever girl, but she had one problem: she was a quick-tempered girl. She lost her temper very quickly with everyone, including her very best friends.

There was a girl called Evelyn that was Regina's so-called 'friend'. She secretly bullied Sheila, and one day Evelyn told lies about Sheila. Regina believed all of these, despite being best friends with Sheila. Luckily, though, Regina asked Sheila if all these things WERE true, or not true, and quickly learnt the real truth.

In a Plane

Sheila found herself in a very turbulent plane. There were people panicking, screaming, crying and praying. An air hostess tried to calm the others down, but it was no use. The air hostess rushed to the special cabinet for all the survival equipment, but it was bare. "Oh dear!" cried the air hostess.

"Whatever's going on?" thought Sheila. Suddenly, the captain said over the speakers, "Brace yourselves!"

Sheila ducked down and cried, "I'm going to die!" But all of a sudden, a hand went on her shoulder. "No matter what survival situation you are in, whether it is the Antarctica or even the Simpson Desert, you must have faith. Anything is possible in the eyes of God."

Just as the plane was hitting the ground, Sheila woke up. "That was very strange," thought Sheila. "Maybe that dream was telling me to have faith even though I'm in the middle of nowhere."