Michael Dolson

The person who needs to be rescued in my story is a man named Moore Cahound, an old Cadet Instructor/General who is in charge of the training of new Ranger Cadets. He was captured by agents of the sinister noble of the kingdom of Granta, Sartan Ursake, who is himself a servant of the evil Elf-warlock Umbrane Quar. Cahound is instrumental in the training of the Cadets and the struggle against evil, and would make an excellent hostage.

Ursake's agents take Cahound to the large island of Sai Chan (pronounced KHAN), where they have a secret lair.

Tinian Ingor

Tinian Ingor is a thirteen year-old boy with blue eyes and brownish-blonde hair. He is strong, wiry, lithe, agile, rather tall and a bit lanky. He is training to become a Ranger, an elite group of soldiers trained in almost all forms of combat, tactics, and stealth . Tinian has a natural talent for using almost all kinds of weapons, and rarely wears armor of any kind, just a long, dark, mottled gray and green, hooded cloak. He is quiet and somber most of the time and isn't very outgoing. Some of his friends, also Ranger Cadets, are a female elf, named Gawera, and a griffin named Hkyar.


Wirina is a huge land surrounded by impassable mountains, whose Southern two-thirds are mostly taken up with many kingdoms which are constantly warring with each other, and whose upper third is mostly wilderness inhabited by strange and dangerous creatures. Some areas in this place are the large Kraanstind Desert, a never-ending place of shifting sand-hills and populated by hostile nomadic tribes who deal in the slave trade; Ilvar, the great forest of the elves in the far north-eastern corner; and the great island of Sai Chan, far to the south across the Adurna, the great ocean that makes up Wirina's southern border. Sai Chan is mostly jungle where fierce clans live, worshiping their great idols, but has some villages on the coast who trade with merchant ships from the Wirinian mainland. Also scattered about in Adurna are other islands, where some aspiring kingdoms have built colonies and settlements.

One of the more important kingdoms on the mainland is Frethar, a comparatively large kingdom with a powerful army. One of the kingdom's unique type of soldiers are the Rangers, elite warriors trained in stealth as much as combat. Also unique to Frethar are griffins. Frethar is the only place other than certain areas in the Northern Wilds that griffins live. Some of them are also trained to be soldiers, most of the time as scouts and in sneak attacks.

Frethar's archenemy is Granta, a bordering kingdom known for its use of dark magic and evil creatures in battle.

Gawera, Hkyar, and Aegerinh

Gawera is a pretty elf the same age as Tinian, and is one of his few good friends. She has long black hair and blue eyes, and is as adept at weapons as he, though slightly better with a bow.

Hkyar is a young griffin who is training to become part of the Griffin Corps in the Fretharian army. He is trained to work with Rangers, so he comes into contact with Tinian often, and they are good friends.

Aegerinh is Sartan Ursake's agent, and it is he who personally captures Moore Cahound. Not much is known about Aegerinh; he is rarely seen and always wears a dark cloak and a mask to cover his features. He is the perfect assassin.

Aura egg

Tinian flopped down on his bed after another hard, long, day. He lay there, exhausted, for a few seconds, then took off his cloak, folded it, removed his boots, and got under the covers. He was asleep almost immediately...

But instead of going into a deep, dreamless sleep, he was surprised to find himself standing on a busy street in a city. After almost getting hit by three different wagons and farm carts, he managed to make his way to a slightly quieter street. Tinian immediately took in all that was happening: the different shops, the shopkeepers, the wealthy merchant coming up the street, the ragged girl who dextrously cut the merchant's purse, the cart pulled by two oxen rolling slowly along farther down the street... Wait, a girl cutting a purse?

Tinian ran after the girl, who was disappearing around the next corner. "Halt! King's Ranger!" he called. Startled, she looked over her shoulder at the boy in the dark mottled cloak and holding a throwing knife, and turned sharply and ran into an alley. Tinian threw the knife, but not expecting the girl's movement, he missed and the knife stuck into another passing farm cart. ("Gosh, there are so many of those!" he thought.) He sprinted after her. She led him deeper and deeper into a maze of alleyways, until Tinian had absolutely no idea where he was. Suddenly he tripped, everything swirled around, and he felt like he was falling... falling...

Tinian woke up with a jolt, wondering where he was. Then he realized it was just a dream, and in a minute he was asleep.