Maureen Mateer

My rescue story will be about a plane that runs out of fuel and there are no parachutes.


She has brown hair and green eyes. She has 2 other sisters named Lilac and Daisy. They are tiny. Sierra is fearless; she is not scared of anything. She is a very positive person. She is a problem solver. She is funny. One of her favorite activities is to go outside and look at the birds and watch them fly. She likes to hunt. She is a very fast runner. She likes to climb trees. She is a vegetarian. Sierra is a teenager. She is 16 years old. She has a mom and dad who have been married for 20 years. She has a protective instinct and helps take care of her siblings. Lilac is 13 and is easier to take care of than Daisy who is 3. Sierra likes to make jewelry to wear. Sierra is teaching the other 2 to make jewelry.


Stephentown is in New York. It is cold in the winter and cool in the summer because it is in the mountains. There are squirrels, bears, coyotes, foxes, birds, skunks, geese, cows, sheep, llamas, goats, cats, all kinds of dogs, and all sorts of people. It is a very friendly place. It is a small town. There is no grocery store, movie theater, doctor's offices, no hospitals, but there are a lot of farmers. It is very beautiful in Stephentown, the air is really clean and fresh. There is a lot of color in the mountains in the fall. There is a lot of snow in Stephentown. Sometimes the clouds turn pink in Stephentown as the sun sets. There is a berry patch in Stephentown. It is a very nature-oriented town. One time there was a moose in Stephentown, right next door to Sierra's house. They named the moose Misty. Misty was a baby moose, yet she was ginormous.


Lilac is 14. She sometimes gets jealous of Sierra because she always wants to help Sierra, but Sierra always says she cannot help because Sierra does not want Lilac to get hurt. Lilac does not understand that and becomes jealous and angry because sometimes Sierra can do things better than her because she is older. Lilac always has to watch over Daisy while Sierra is busy doing exciting things. Daisy is hard work to take care of and this makes Lilac feel like she is being taken advantage of. Lilac is a middle child. Lilac is happy when she is with her parents because they were both middle children and they understand her. When her parents are home they will take care of Daisy and then Lilac does not have to, and Lilac can then hang out with Sierra doing exciting things.

Hippy the Hippo

Sierra is outside and sees a really tall tree. She notices a bird's nest and she is climbing up the tree to look a the eggs because she never saw the eggs inside of a bird's nest before. While she is climbing up, her hand slips and a branch breaks below her foot. She falls and is unconscious. While unconscious, she has a dream. She hears the phone ringing and it is Hippy the Hippo. Hippy says, "Hello, do you want to come over for dinner?" Sierra replies, "Sure, what are you having for dinner?" Hippy the Hippo says, "We are having pasta and my baklava for dessert." Sierra agrees to go. Sierra rings the doorbell and Mrs. Pizza answers the door and says, "Hello, Sierra, come on in." As she walks in, she sees Hippy setting the table for dinner. As she finishes setting the table, Hippy says, "Hi Sierra. Come on up to my room, I have a question for you." They go up to her room and Hippy the Hippo says, "So, I wanted to ask you if you would like to come on vacation with us. We are going on a cruise ship. You are my best friend and I would like you to come along." Sierra is so excited, she is jumping up and down saying, "When can we leave?" Hippy says, "Get packing, we leave tomorrow!" Mrs. Pizza says, "Hippy and Sierra, come down for dinner." And they enjoy their delicious meal. The next day, as they walk up to the big cruise ship, Hippy remarks, "Look at that ramp, it is never ending!" Sierra tells her, "It's not that long, but I'm so excited too!" Sierra could not even imagine that a cruise ship would look so awesome. Later in the day, the two girls were on the Cheese Deck. Sierra asked Hippy, "Why do you think they named this deck the Cheese Deck?" Hippy replied, "Hmm, I don't really know. Wait, there is a sign that explains it over there." So, they walk over but Hippy could not see the sign very well. "Hey, Sierra, can you give me a boost?" Sierra bends over and grabs Hippy around her shins. Hippy leans back and rests her butt onto Sierra's shoulder as Sierra stands up. Hippy starts to read the sign; however, Hippy being so, well, hippy, and a hippopotamus, and Sierra being a girl who is very small but strong found herself wobbling under the weight of Hippy. Before too long, Hippy and Sierra started leaning way too much to the side. Sierra tried to stand up straight and fell. As she was going down, Hippy continued to go off to the side and over the railing toward the sea. Hippy tried to stop herself and cut her arm. She pulled her arm away from the rail and fell into the ocean screaming for help. Sierra ran to the railing and screamed, "Noooo!" and she woke in a panic from her dream relieved to realize it did not really happen.