Mary Geddie

Marcus needs rescuing from quicksand.


Marcus is a tall thirteen year old boy who has brown hair, green eyes, an olive complexion, who loves to climb trees, go boating and playing fetch with his dogs and lives in the Amazon rain forest.

the amazon rain forest

It is usually hot and humid with many animals , both loud and soft,big and small. Because it is wet it is hard to find dry wood for fires. There are many rivers and a bit of quicksand. Because of the many vines and trees it is a little dark in some places. there are very few paths and they are hard to follow. It is easy to get lost.


As Marcus drifted off to sleep he dreamed of a girl his own age with brown hair, a soft complexion,and lots of freckles. Then he saw a fifty foot wave come crashing down and bringing her out to a small island . Now the girl woke after sleeping for what seemed like ages. She had sand caked in her hair and she started to cry.

Marcus woke with a start. He looked around and thought to himself," That is the last time I have so much honey before bed. But I wonder why I dreamt that. Oh well." And with that he went back to a dreamless sleep.