Grace Geddie

Ashlyn needs to be rescued from a blizzard.


She has long, brown hair that is usually in lots of tiny braids. Ashlyn lives in North Dakota with her mom, dad, 6 brothers, and 12 hunting hounds. Being a very "outdoorsy" person and the daughter of a fur trapper, she loves canoeing, hunting, swimming and arts and crafts.

A dark, creepy forest at the foot of the Rocky Mountains

Ashlyn is in in dark creepy forest at the foot of the rocky mountains, consisting mostly of evergreens and oak trees. There are lots of little creeks and streams that are oh too easy to fall into. The weather is fairly stable, but you never really know. In that area, there are lots animals, big and small. Ashlyn likes to play there with her father, who is a fur trapper. She has never been on a trek alone before, but figures that there is a first time for everything.