Missing in Action


Gerard Arsenault

Lt. James Waldon, Public Affairs (PA) Branch, was captured by Muslim Insurgents, and was put as MIA (Missing in Action).

Lieutenant James Waldon

He is 28, he has Brown hair, and he is 5' 10 in. tall. He is in the Public Affairs (PA) Branch in the Canadian Army. He enjoys playing airsoft or paintball with his comrades, and he likes writing short stories. He has three brothers and two sisters, and his parents. He can be serious and calm (as he is in the army), but also has a sense of humor. Once he has done his required time in the PA branch, he plans to move on to be a Military Police Officer, or an Armored Officer.

Middle East/ Canada

The story takes place in the present. In the middle east it will take place mostly in Afghanistan: which is usually a dry and arid climate. The middle east is currently going through hard times due to the ISIS muslims. In Canada the climate is usually very cold winters, and warm to hot summers. The plants and animals in Canada are similar to the animals in northern U.S., but differ to more tundra conditions further north. This week two soldiers were killed, and the life of some members of Parliament (Including Prime Minister Steven Harper) were threatened by a Islam convert who shot a soldier who was doing ceremonial guard for the Forgotten Soldier Memorial in Ottawa, and then stormed into the Parliament building and was shooting at the security guards before they took him down. Prime Minister Harper is increasing security for Parliament, and increasing Counter-Terrorism security for Canada.

Captain Harry Turcot

A Canadian Special Operations Forces Command platoon commander. He is a physically fit man as he is in the Special Forces. He is around 40 years of age, about six feet tall, and has brown hair. He is a rough and tough character, but is always fair with his troops. He likes to play and watch football when he is on leave, and he plays the bagpipes for hobby.

He is from a family of seven, with his parents, three boys and two girls. His younger brother also joined the Canadian Forces as a Non-Commissioned Armored Soldier. He is from a semi military family as his two of his uncles and his grandfather where in the Army. He hopes he can be promoted to Major while still in the Special Forces. He will be assisting in rescuing Lt. Walden.

Bishop's Ransom

Something clanged against the metal cell door in which Lt. Waldon was jailed, the door burst open and a man wearing a black trench coat entered and said, "Get up! Come with me." Lt. Waldon not knowing who this man was, asked, "Who are you? Why should I go with you?" The man answered, "Just come with me quick! No time for questions, my men are distracting the guards, and will try to hold them off as long as they can." Lt. Waldon thought, 'Well if these guys were here to kill me they would have already done so.' Then he got up and ran with them through the prison and into a strange helicopter like flying machine which he guessed must be a new military prototype. A loud shout and some gun fire and three other men emerged from the prison running towards the ship pursued by ISIS guards. The men jumped into the helicopter ship, and yelled to the pilot who was a man in a crisp white and black uniform to take off. And the ship took off leaving the ISIS guards waving their guns angrily.

When they were higher in the sky, Lt. Waldon asked, "So who are you guys? I know you do not look like military, are you Canadian Security Intelligence Service?"

The man with the trench coat answered, "I am Detective Andrew Fox from the Googokia Police Force, we were sent here to rescue you because you might be able to help us with your skills in fighting the Blik Gang."

"Wait what is Goog --? I've never heard of that place."

"Googokia is a city in Undemereth. And if you don't know where Undemereth is, it is near the Planet Mars."

Lt. Waldon replied, "The Planet Mars? In space? People are living in space right now? I thought it wouldn't be till 2020 when people started living in space, and why are you bringing me there? I request to be left back on Earth."

Detective Fox explained, "Calm down, you are correct in thinking that people are not living in space at your time, I live in the third millennium, I had to use time travel to rescue you, which was invented, and after when we bring you back to Earth we will use time travel to make it so that it is only a day since we rescued you."

Lt. Waldon was extremely confused, but before he could ask more suddenly everything turned gray and then he looked around to see his old prison cell, and was sort of relieved that it was only a dream but also wished that it was real so he could break out of the prison.