Faustina Arsenault

Wealthy little girl is on her father's Royal Navy ship, when they are set on by pirates. She is captured by the pirates, and her father and most of the sailors are killed.

Penelope Mabel Brassington

Penelope Mabel Brassington is sixteen years old, has often messy wavy golden blond hair, and turquoise-blue eyes.

She is slim and strong, and enjoys sword-fighting with her pirate comrades. She often helps them capture merchant ships by appearing frightened, and calling for help. The gallant merchants can never resist coming to help the distressed young damsel, often for tragic results.

Penelope is in charge of the ship's galley, and enjoys trying out new recipes.

Penelope Brassington was born in England to happy parents, Melvin and Judith Brassington, in the year 1798. Her father was a captain in the British Royal Navy, and her mother, daughter of a Lieutenant-Colonel.

Later she was captured by pirates, and now loves her life as a pirate-woman.

St. Ninian's Isle and Kirkwall, U.K

It is 1814, and there are two places that will be in Penelope's story.

St. Ninian's Isle, in the Shetland Islands, is a place of wild beauty;

rolling green hills, white sandy beaches, and huge cliffs delicately carved by the tossing ocean.

It's the perfect place for pirate haven. Being uninhibited and far away from civilization, the Royal Navy would never think of searching for pirates. Why, most pirates are over in the Caribbean, seizing merchant ships, and setting fire to villages. At least that's what the admirals of the Royal Navy think.

The other setting in the story is Kirkwall, the capital of the Orkney Islands off the coast of Scotland. Kirkwall is a busy port, with a big marketplace perfectly suited for selling pirate-goods.

Rolf Lang Denman

Rolf Lang Denman is the captain of the pirate ship 'Skeleton'.

He is young, about the age of 25, as his crew surmises. No one knows his real age.

He was orphaned at a young age, and his cruel uncle, a pirate captain, became his guardian.

When he gained control of his nephew he took him on his ship, harshly forcing him to do the hardest work on board.

Years after Penelope was captured, his uncle died.

Rolf, a hard young man used to strenuous work, and ruthless to his enemies, was elected to be the captain. Years of serving under his uncle had produced a man who was a legend. A merciless pirate captain.

But under all this harsh exterior, he is fiercely loyal to his ship and cares for his crew. Someday, he hopes to go back to the little English village with a certain young woman as his wife, where his Norwegian mother and English father had married, and where he was born.

Aura Egg

Penelope Brassington wearily pulled her rosewood brush through her tangled golden blond hair, fighting against sleep. Her comb hit a snag, refusing to untangle it.

Penelope sighed, pulling her comb out of her hair. She stared at the perfect, expensive rosewood handle. "Why did Rolf give me this?"

Captain Rolf Denman had been behaving strangely towards her during the last few weeks. He'd been gentler, uncovering a side she had never seen before, and he had given her lots of presents.

"Why?" She mumbled, covering a yawn with her hand. Sometimes she just couldn't understand men.

"Mayhap he wanted me to brush my hair more often." She thought with a little giggle. Her hair did get out of hand often. But that still didn't explain his kind and thoughtful behavior, along with all the gifts. He never was too kind or thoughtful to his crew. And let alone giving gifts!

Her hands moved through her hair, braiding it carefully. The wood boards beneath her bare feet rocked side from side. She gave her hair a last yank, and climbed onto the swinging rope hammock, laying down, the hammock's movement lulling her to sleep.

Penelope found herself on a street, surrounded by tall brick walls, yellowed with age. A faint smell of rotting garbage wafted by. She gagged, her eyes roving over the dirt-stained cobblestones beneath her feet. Piles of old rags giving off a putrid odor lay bundled in the corners of the alley. Small beady eyes stared out behind the rags, sharp jagged teeth showing.

"Rats." Penelope was no stranger to rats. Rats were always on the ship.

The back of her neck prickled. Someone was watching her.

"Make one move, and your throat will be slit." Something cold and sharp settled against her neck.

Penelope breathed deeply. The pirates had taught her to never show fear. "What do you want?" She asked.

"Why are you so interested?" The voice was young, but hard. Tough and cold. This person would not hesitate to kill her.

Penelope sniffed. "I'm not interested. I just want to go."

The weight on her neck shifted, and a small figure holding a sharp knife came into view. The girl pushed her ragged midnight black hair out of her brilliant green eyes. "You're from the L.E.A, right?"

Penelope shook her head, bewildered. "The L.E.A? What is that?"

The girl's expression softened. "You really don't know, do you? It's the Law Enforcement Agency."

"I have never heard of it. My name is Penelope. What's yours?" Penelope took a step closer.

"Kala." The girl answered.

Her face began to blur with the brick stones. . .

Penelope opened her eyes, her mind spinning with her dream. She shifted on her hammock, blearily looking around the small cabin. "That was a dream." It had seemed so real.