Hippy the Hippo


Claire Brown

Hippy, the hippo, was on the deck of a cruise ship she was traveling on with her family. She was trying to read a sign on the wall but she couldn't see it very well. She decided to boost herself up a little higher on the railing to see it better when she lost her balance and flipped backwards, cut her arm, and fell over the side into the ocean.

Her friend, Al, the gator, was coming towards her, when he saw his friend flip into the ocean. First, he pulled the emergency alarm cord on the wall. Then he ran back to his family's cabin and told his parents that Hippy had fallen overboard. Al grabbed his swim gear which included: goggles, a body glove swimsuit, flippers, an air tank, a snorkel and a waterproof cell phone.

Meanwhile, Hippy was being tossed around in the wake of the ship. She screamed, "Help, help." She gulped a mouthful of saltwater. She had never learned how to swim. She was terrified.

Hippy Pizza

Hippy Pizza is a hippopotamus who is eight years old and four feet tall. She has a one brother named Micah, who is ten years old. Mr. and Mrs. Pizza are the nicest parents. Hippy's favorite outfit is her gold t-shirt, purple skort and blue headband. She plays the piano and the violin. Her favorite hobby is baking. She usually bakes cookies with her BFF, Victoria.

Hippy's family took a pilgrimage to Rome to meet the Holy Father. After their visit to the Vatican, they went to a bakery and she ate some baklava and loved it. Her parents asked the bakery for the recipe and they gave it to them. She likes to bake baklava with her favorite fifteen year old cousin, April.

Hippy is always having accidents, which she calls mishaps. Because of her mishaps, her nickname is "Klutzy". One time Hippy wasn't watching where she was going and she crashed into a wall and had a headache for a month. When she has mishaps, she is sad, but, most of the time, Hippy is happy and smiles and laughs a lot.

The Hippodile Ship

Hippy's family lives in a big house with granite countertops everywhere. But, most of the story takes place on the Hippodile, a ship with the Noah's Ark Animal Cruise Line. On the cruise ship there are 10 restaurants, 13 swimming pools, 11 movie theaters, 9 inflatable bounce rooms one library and one Mother-Daughter spa. Since Hippy liked to eat she spent a lot of time at the restaurants. They were named: The Spaghetti String, The Pepper Pizza, The Dog's Hot, The Flying Wings, The Big Dipper Ice Cream, Dying for Smoothies, Pop your Eyes out Popcorn, Butterfly Pretzels, Mom and Dad's Meatloaf and Hippy's favorite one Smokey the Bear's Burger Place.

Her favorite swimming pool was called "Don't Get Dunked". One area in it had steps leading up to a platform. Over the platform hung a huge bucket of water that filled up over and over again. When it was full, it would dump out on your head. It had tube slides, a whirlpool and a lazy river that went all around the ship.

Her favorite movie theatre was called "Disney's Castle". It featured all Disney movies with castles in them. The movies were running all day long.

The library was called "The History of Benjamin Flamingo". It had a big section of history books and any book you ever wanted to read. It had a cozy quiet reading area where you could lay down in a hammock or sit in a bean bag chair or sit in a bouncy chair that hung from the ceiling.

The Mother-Daughter spa was called "Pet-a-Cures". You and your Mom could get a manicure, a pedicure, sip cold lemonade or a mint julep while soaking in a hot tub with bubbles. When you finished at the Spa you could go into the shop next door where you could buy matching dresses and shoes.

But her favorite place on the cruise ship was an area called "Manning the Obstacle Course". This place had five different obstacle courses that changed every day.

You could do just about anything you wanted on the ship.

Micah Pizza

Micah is ten and is Hippy's older brother. He is five feet tall and has black hair. He plays the violin and she loves it when they play duets together. His favorite dessert is Hippy's homemade Baklava.

He always holds her hand when he walks to school with her. He helps her with her homework and he always has time for giving her piggy back rides. In the winter, they have snowball fights, build snowmen and go sledding together. He is reading The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis to her. He has taken many speech classes and uses different voices for all the characters.

On the cruise ship, he takes her to the Disney's Castle movie theater every night.

At Christmas time, they always build the manger scene, decorate the Christmas tree and the house together. He also helps her write a letter to Santa Claus.

He is the captain on his soccer team. But, he is the nicest brother of all because he lets Hippy play soccer with him and his friends.

Aura Egg & Job

During dinner Mr. and Mrs. Pizza told Hippy and Micah they had a surprise for them, but they would have to wait until they had finished their after dinner chores. They did their chores in record time. Then, Mr. and Mrs. Pizza spilled the baked beans that this year they were going to take a cruise for their family vacation.

Hippy was so excited, she didn't think she would ever get to sleep that night, but eventually she drifted off and had the strangest dream.

Hippy was on the deck of the cruise ship, when she saw a young boy and girl playing shuffle board. All of a sudden June bugs were popping out of nowhere. They covered the shuffle board court. The girl started screaming at the top of her lungs. The boy ran to her aid, trying to calm her down. "It's okay Gerri, they are only harmless June bugs," said her friend.

"Patch, you don't understand," said Gerri. Then she fainted.

A small lizard who heard Gerri screaming came out of a door which said "Employees Only". The lizard's name tag said "Erma".

"Hello, hello, what do you want?" said Erma.

"What do you see here?" said Patch.

"Excuse me?" replied Erma.

"Could you please do something about the June bugs?" said Patch in an annoyed tone.

"What June bugs?" said Erma.

"The bugs surrounding us," replied Patch getting more annoyed.

"Oh, those June bugs. In a jiffy," said Erma. The small lizard pushed a button on the wall that said "June Bug Remover". The floor flipped upside down under the section where the June bugs were and they disappeared.

Gerri woke up immediately and proceeded to win the shuffle board match.

In the morning when Hippy woke up, she asked her mother to make sure they packed bug spray for the cruise.