Bishop's Ransom


Anthony Vanden Berk

The large and notorious Blik crime organization is set on controlling all of Undemereth. The dangerous gang operates by hiring and paying criminals to commit crimes to advance the Bliks in money, power, or security. The money used to pay the criminals to do their dirty work comes primarily from robberies and ransoms. They particularly enjoyed collecting ransoms, then never returning the hostage. Eventually, the Bliks were outsmarted and their kidnappings could lead detectives to find their hideouts and secret agents, and thus harm the organization. All this, however, did not sway them from kidnapping Bishop Ropet. The Bliks had more for them than against them with this move; they knew that the government of South Daker would have to consider paying a ransom because the people would cause a great uproar if they made no attempt to save the bishop. Additionally, this would instill terror in the people of South Daker, who were rarely given trouble from the Bliks (this was due mainly to a strong police force, with highly trained officers). Also the Bliks had many a grudge against Bishop Ropet, who felt it his duty (as it was) to guide his flock away from corruption and immorality, and people all over Undemereth liked to listen to what he said. In this way, he prevented the corruption and division necessary to easily undermine South Daker's society, and at the same time, he kept anybody from his diocese from joining the Bliks.

To the Bliks this kidnapping would be a small undergoing, but they considered this their prime mission at the moment. They had planned their attempt in order that it would coincide with as much as possible, hopefully causing great distress. It was decided then, that at Christmastime, preceding a major election, a small squad of Bliks were to sneak into Hopeton in an anti-sensory, and semi-silent air transport. Then took Bishop Ropet, knock him out with a zapper, and carefully wrap him up in a cloth to diverge people's attention. All this succeeded, and soon the South Dakern Government would send for Detective Fox to stop the Bliks.

Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox is a very prominent detective who lives in Googokia, Undemereth. Detective Fox is average hight, and he is 67 years old (on Undemereth that is somewhat young). Detective Fox has a detective coat designed like Sherlock Holmes' which he wears on business. Andrew is one of the smartest detectives on Undemereth, but his work is mostly limited to the western hemisphere of Undemereth and especially Googokia. He has made international news many times. Andrew enjoys his job, but it is very mentally and sometimes even physically taxing, and he does like taking breaks, however rare. In the occurrence that he would have free time he tours old buildings in his town and other nearby towns. Andrew Fox works on many cases ranging from chicken thieves to grand theft, but there can be no doubt his worst enemy by far is the Blik gang. Andrew Fox seldom works with other detectives, usually because they're too busy as well as he is, but for a major case he prefers having help. He has many friends, most of which he met on cases. The greater part of his relatives live on Earth, but his parents, siblings and some of his cousins live on Undemereth. Now I hope you have an idea of what Andrew Fox is like.

Googokia, Undemereth

Googokia is a country on the planet Undemereth. The planet Undemereth was discovered in the year 3165 by a crew of well supplied astronauts who had gone off-course from their trip to Mars. The astronauts had a large cargo of crops, food, soil and life-dome supplies. A computer error caused the ship to go far off course and continue to utilize the Ultra-light drive unit (Which could go faster than the speed of light). When the crew was able to stop the ship they were far beyond Earth's solar system and there was not enough fuel to return to it either. After several months of trying to contact Earth or Mars (Mars had been inhabited by people living in life domes), decided to land on a nearby planet which the computers said may contain water. The planet did contain water, in fact, and it also had plants animals, clouds, and three moons. Ironically, the ship was called the S.S. Columbus.

When the crew was finally able to make contact with Earth they had already started the first civilization on the planet which they had called Undemereth. About a year later a spaceship came, with many eager scientists, to return the crew to Earth and make observations and studies. Undemereth's days are almost 36 hours long, and Undemereth is around twice the size of Earth's, and the gravity is stronger there too. Undemereth's most alluring trait, however, was that its plants produced a chemical, along with oxygen, that could enable you to live to be 200, but most people would only reach 150 years old. Eventually People would plant these on Earth and other planets as well.

Googokia was one of the earliest organized countries, originally a part of the USA, it is a little bit smaller than America was in the 2000's. Googokia started a persecution of Christians that lasted a few years, but the government collapsed due to poor support and the USA didn't help them. Eventually a new government was organized and Googokia was a country with freedom of religion, but obviously founded on Christianity. Its government style is much like America's with a president and congress and so on.

Googokia, like most of Undemereth's western hemisphere, uses road trains for transportation. Road trains are like car-sized trains which are computer navigated. Air travel was common as well and rather cheap. The planes could hold hundreds of passengers, and it would only take an hour to reach the opposite end of Undemereth. There are also a few organized space travel stations.

The biggest problem in Googokia is the Blik gang.

Pete Bartholomew

Pete Bartholomew has brown eyes, and brown hair. He usually wears a tan jacket with a matching tan hat. Pete is cheery, friendly, and seldom angry. Pete Bartholomew is an author of books about true and recent adventures. His most famous book was about The Star Sailor and how it was shipwrecked and how Fr. Ropet figured out that three villains (one a former U.S. president) had sent the ship to their secret planet to find a long-lost treasure that had been hidden inside the ship. But one villain repented and helped catch the other two, and the passengers of the Star Sailor were soon rescued by another ship. He was present at this event. He also wrote about one of Andrew Fox's cases which led to a search for another long-lost treasure, which the infamous Blik gang wanted as well. Pete Bartholomew is middle aged. He always wears a tan jacket with a matching tan hat. He is quiet and doesn't like to be in the same room with many people, unless he is reporting for the newspaper. He lives in Hopeton, South Daker, the town where the first people landed on Undemereth.

Pete also writes a column in his town newspaper about local going-ons, and he tries to be where the action happens to report it the best. Pete has a dog-like species of animal that originates from Undemereth. He also has a parrot that has a very keen memory (but it is very excitable, especially when there are crackers present). Pete was married, but his wife died in a fire that was probably started on pupose. Pete has several children, but they all grew up and moved away, but they visit Pete often.

Another important character is Bishop Ropet. Bishop Ropet lives in Hopeton, South Daker, where the International Undemerethian Space Station is located. Bishop Ropet is a very wise man who is almost always smiling. He knows Pete quite well. Bishop Ropet has never met Detective Fox, but he has read about many of his cases.

That night Andrew Fox had a strange dream. He was in his house bracing himself for a call. Then the communicator beeped and informed him that a certain Billy Carlson was calling. Andrew ordered the device, "Open call." Then Billy spoke, "S'cuse me is this Mister Foxish?"

"Yes-ah, Mr. Fox."

"Oh, glad yer there Mr. Foxish. I've had my pig a'stolen! Could you come right over." "Ye-" Then the communicator interrupted him, "Call closed." So Mr. Fox headed over to Farmer Carlson's Farm.

"Ah, Mr. Foxish! Ya made it. Well, let me take ya to t'crime scene." Then he took him to a barn.

"In 'ere. It was my prize pig. I tell ya, there ain't no pig like 'im. He can do flips, communeecate an' he hides, he's got shiny skin. And it's not the show money, it's the pig I care about. Can ya please find him?"

"I'll do my best." He said. The pig, if it was only lost would not be hard to spot. So he began his investigation.

Andrew pulled out an advanced detective tool that could identify foreign minerals and trace tracks and even test DNA samples. The only setback was that if the villain was smart he could create a false trail. Andrew pulled out his tool and easily identified pig tracks alongside human tracks and car tire-marks. He would pursue them, he decided. After a long ride in an off-road transport vehicle (very similar to a car), he came upon a large, forbidding building. His device confirmed that this was where the pig had been taken. He sneaked up to the building and surprisingly it had no cameras or lock. He walked right inside. There was a long corridor of closed doors which lined the dim hallway. He crept down the eerie hall as quietly as a mouse. He found the pig's confinement space with ease because he could hear its squealing, flipping, and stomps. Slowly, very slowly, he opened the door. The animal was unmistakable. It could only be the shiny, jumping, stomping pig that had been described to him. The pig immediately trotted out of the door making an audible clack-a clack-a with its hoofed feet. Andrew held his breath.

"What the pig's tail is that?!" A voice hollered out,"Jack, you were supposed to have locked the door!"

"I did!" Another voice from a different room retorted.

Then several doors flew open and the villain guards ran after the pig, but Andrew had slipped back into the pig's room. Then, when the villains had the pig back in their possession, most of them returned to their rooms. The remaining three villains marched the pig back to its room, and they were under the impression that the pig had gotten out by itself. They realized that they were wrong when Andrew lunged out of his hiding place at them and unloaded his zapper on two of them, leaving them unconscious on the floor. The third one dodged a third shot, and he was enraged. He was ready to pounce when a pig's hoof hit him in the forehead.

"Good boy." Andrew said. And they both made a mad dash for the door and barely dodged their enemies' zapper fire. The two sprinted across the dirt to Andrew's off-road transport and began driving away. They were followed, however, by seven, armed motorcycling villains. Andrew swerved his vehicle back and forth to make himself a harder target. He plowed through the rough path in the woods like this until suddenly he heard an explosion to his left. One of his tires had been popped, and he skidded to a stop and was lurched to one side and found that he was in his bed with his alarm beeping. Disappointed, he got out of bed and began his usual morning routine. Oh well, he thought, it was only a dream.