Annie Mateer

My rescue story will be about a vase falling off of a table. If the vase falls over, it will awaken a monster.


Quentin is 15 years old and 5 feet 9 inches tall. He has blue eyes and black hair. His family is nice. He has a mom and dad and a little brother and an older sister. His best friend is named Anthony. Quentin was in an accident and has a prosthetic leg. He wants to be a swimmer but cannot because of his missing leg. He is a friendly person, a tad shy. He has accepted the loss of his leg. He likes to hang out with Anthony and they collect stories about weird and unusual things. He likes to read science fiction. They also like to read myths in the library.

Astoria, Queens (NYC)

There are a lot of pizza places around the block. Lots of laundromats and grocery stores, squirrels, trees and it is a family neighborhood. The area is very friendly. It is not always quiet there because there are numerous cars because it is a neighborhood in NYC. The houses are touching each other. They are so close that if you sneeze, your neighbor will say, "bless you." There is a house that has trees on the roof. It is chilly in the winter, but there is not so much snow because it is the big city. Winter in the city is a mess because there are so many cars it makes it hard to clear the streets properly. There are parks. In Queens, instead of the subway being underground, they are above the streets. On special holidays, they decorate the streets and houses.


Anthony is Quentin's best friend and they like doing basically the same things. Anthony has no physical injuries like Quentin. They are the same age, 15 years old. Anthony is 2 inches shorter than Quentin. Anthony is 2 inches shorter than Quentin. Anthony has green eyes, dark blonde hair which is curly and short. He likes to watch sports. Olympic swimming in particular. He has a balanced personality, he is not exactly cheerful, neither is he miserable. Most of the time Anthony is with Quentin. He spends so much time with Quentin that Quentin's parents are like a second family to him. Anthony has a fear of birds because he was once attacked by a pigeon when he was little.

The Woods

Quentin was in the woods and heard a rustling noise in the bush behind him. In the moonlight, he noticed the red eyes and broad shoulders of a bear. He runs down a ravine and bumps into a little girl knocking her flat on the ground.

"Are you okay?" asked Quentin.

"Yeah, I'm okay." Lucy replied as the bear jumped and Quentin woke with a start. He looked over at Lucy who is a blonde-haired girl right beside him. Lucy woke up and they smelled something delicious.

They looked straight ahead and in front of them is a mushroom with a red top with blue polka dots.

"Do you smell that?" Lucy wondered to Quentin.

"Yes, it smells like cinnamon buns, fresh from the oven."

Lucy points to the mushroom and says, "It is coming from the mushroom!"

Lucy's stomach grows, she jumps up and starts walking toward the mushroom and says to Quentin, "Let's eat it."

Quentin stops her and warns her, "We should not just eat random mushrooms in the woods."

Lucy, angry that Quentin was standing between her and her mushroom, sarcastically says, "Any mushroom that smells that good is not going to do anything." Lucy convinced Quentin to share the mushroom with her. It makes them smell like cinnamon buns too. All of the animals in the woods were attracted to their smell. Deer, foxes, skunks, chipmunks, turkeys and frogs surrounded them. Lucy is enjoying all of the attention from the animals. Quentin, who grew up in New York City, has not had much experience with animals in the woods.

Anxiously, Quentin whispered, "This is like my worst nightmare. It makes me think of my sci-fi stories back in the library at home." Before Lucy had a chance to reply, a turkey walked up to Quentin and pecked at his shoe. Quentin jumped back and almost landed on a frog which scared a fox, who jumped on Quentin's back making Quentin fall over on a squirrel's tail. The squirrel scratched his arm and Quentin jumped up with a ginormous fright. Grabbing Lucy's hand, Quentin screams, "Come on!" and starts running. They jump over frogs and squirrels and run smack into a pine tree because they were looking behind them at the mayhem to see if the animals were chasing them instead of looking in front of them. A skunk had grabbed onto Quentin's prosthetic leg, so he was unaware, and when he hit the tree the skunk sprayed them in fright. Because of the foul odor Quentin fell over. Lucy was gagging and fanning her face with her hands when Quentin was alarmed to see a buck heading towards them at a run. Quentin points at the buck in terror and says, "Omigosh!" while Lucy grabs his hand and starts running, with the skunk still attached to Quentin's prosthetic leg.

Up ahead, they see a shimmering lake. The skunk let go as they jumped into the lake. As they land with a splash, Lucy yells, "This isn't water; it's tomato juice!" The tomato juice got rid of the skunk smell as well as the cinnamon bun smell. Quentin yells, "Ow, my arm!" and Lucy screams, "Your scratch! Are you okay?" Quentin screams, "Help, I cannot swim!" Lucy grabbed at him to try to save him, but sadly it was his prosthetic leg that she grabbed, which came off in her hand. Quentin was freaking out because he was drowning. He was in such a state of fright from his nightmare, he woke up screaming because he almost drowned in tomato juice.