Anna Martinson

My story is about a gorilla named Big Buck who wants to rescue his family that has been captured and put into a zoo.

Big Buck

Big Buck is the main character of my rescue story. He is thirteen years old and is the strongest gorilla in the jungle. He has a wife named Jill and a three year old daughter named Daisy. His best friend is a emperor tamarin named Mr. Stash. Big Buck lives in the Duckspring Jungle. There is a beautiful area in the jungle were Big Buck and his family live. It has tons of flowers and a little waterfall with a creek.

Duckspring Jungle

Big Buck and his family live in the Duckspring Jungle. Right where Big Buck's family lives there is a little waterfall with a creek. On all the bushes there a lot of flowers and on most of the trees there is a sweet kind of fruit that Big Buck's family mostly eats. There are colorful parrots that fly around everywhere and hummingbirds that are zipping around the flowers. There are butterflys that flutter around. Birds are always chirping. When it's too hot there is always the creek to swim in. But usually it is the perfect temperature. About a half a mile away lives Big Buck's best friend who is an emperor tamarin named Mr. Stash. Big Buck's wife, whose name is Jill, is best friends with Mr. Stash's wife, who is Mrs. Stash. Big Buck's daughter, Daisy, is best friends with Mr. Stashs daughter and son. His daughter's name is Pansy and his son's name is Billy. The Duckspring Jungle is beautiful. Sometimes, Big Buck's family goes on little walks around the jungle. Sometimes they visit the chimpanzees, but they mostly visit Mr. Stash's family. In the creek there are tiny little fish that swim around happily. Big Buck's family is even friends with a family of jaguars! Gorillas are so strong that nothing can hurt them except for humans. The jaguar family has three kittens, two boys and one girl. The girl's name is Spotty and the boys names are Mark and Spot. The mother jaguar is named Isabelle and the father's name is henry. The Duckspring Jungle sure is a nice place to live.

Fredrick Zoozinky

Fredrick Zoozinky is a zoo keeper. Every night he goes out to make sure that all of the animals in the zoo are safely locked up. Fredrick is a grumpy old man that works day and night at the zoo. The only time when he does not work is when he does not feel like it. He always wants to be alone. He has a small room were he lives at the zoo. It is very dark with a small dim light and his bed is just a small bed with a couple of patched up blankets because he thinks blankets cost too much money although he is a millionaire. All he eats are hot dogs and hamburgers and all he drinks is water and pop. His favorite animal is an aye aye, a small kind of animal that is nocturnal and lives in Madagascar.

Fredrick is very mean to the animals at the zoo. Sometimes he will bring out his big german shepherd and his collie and he makes them start attacking some of the animals. He is a fat short man with a huge nose and small beady eyes and he has long white hair which he always wears in a pony tail. He walks with a cane and he has a mustache. The zoo is called Zoozinky's Zoo because Fredrick's great great great grandfather started the zoo. All of the people who took care of the zoo before were very kind to the animals until Fredrick came.

Fredrick doesn't really like the people who come to the zoo, especially when they bring their cameras and they are taking pictures. Once somebody took a picture of the aye ayes (Fredricks favorite animals) and Fredrick screamed, "don't take pictures of those, they're my favorite animals and I own them! If somebody else sees that picture they might become their favorite animals!!!!".

Fredrick won't even have a vet come to the zoo because he thinks it would just be a waste of money and he thinks the animals can take care of themselves. He will not fill up their water basins until a day or two after they are empty and he will not give them fresh food.

Hammer the Pig

Big Buck had a dream. He dreamed he was in a farmyard. There was a pig in the yard with him. In his dream, Big Buck wasn't a gorilla, he was another pig. The other pig's name was Hammer. Then Hammer said to Big Buck, "Hey, do you want to go on an adventure? It wouldn't take very long and the farmer wouldn't even notice we left."

Big Buck said "Great! I always wanted to go on an adventure." So the two pigs started off through the forest.

After hours of exploring, Hammer suddenly said, "I think we are lost!"

Then Big Buck exclaimed, "I think you are right, I wasn't even keeping track of where we were going! But don't worry, I found some blueberries."

Then Hammer said, "Don't be silly, blueberries are not going to save us!"

They both argued until the sun set and then Big Buck ended the argument by saying "I'm tired, let's get some sleep." So they made two little beds on some soft leaves. The next couple of days, they searched for the edge of the forest next to the farm. The more they looked for it, the farther they got from it. After weeks of being in the forest, Hammer said, "I wish we would find the farm. The first few days in here were fun, but I am getting tired of eating raspberries and blueberries and I am getting tired of the dirty water we always have to drink."

"I am getting tired of berries, too," said Big Buck. "I hope we find the farm soon."

One night when Big Buck was sleeping, Hammer thought of a plan. The next day Big Buck woke up and Hammer bounded up to Big Buck and said, "Get ready Big Buck, this is the last day we are lost in this forest!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Big Buck.

"Last night I thought of a plan," said Hammer. Hammer then told him his plan. "I know the way back to the farm! All we have to do is pass under that big maple tree over there and then go through the crack in the oak tree and then we..."

Big Buck interrupted, "Wait! Why do we have to go through the crack in it? We could just walk right by it"

"It makes it all the more exciting. Now be quiet," answered Hammer. "We then go across the creek with the two trees that hang over it. After that, we burrow through that huge tunnel we saw a few days ago. After that, we follow the river that is at the end of the forest and then we go into the field that is at the end of the river and then, BAMMO! We will be at the farm!" They did everything that was in Hammer's plan and at last they were back at the cozy farm and the farmer made them warm slops.

Then Big Buck woke up.