Anna Mae Hinkle

Two girls accidentally discover a cave, inhabited by a dragon, and must rescue the captive within.

Clarissa Geneva

Clarissa is fourteen years old. Her hair is dark brown, and is very long and wavy. She has long eyelashes showing off her starry hazel eyes. Her mouth is delicately curved, and her nose turned down. She is tall and slender. Overall she is a very pretty young girl. Her personality is timid, caring, and protective. She lives with her Ma, her Pa, and her younger sister Amelia. She has no other siblings. She enjoys sewing and embroidering, along with horseback riding.


The story takes place in medieval times, with an olden time setting. It is a five mile diameter area called Larynia. The majority of the land is grassy plains, but there is a small village with a population of one hundred and twenty. About a half of a mile west is a rather large and dark forest which is said to be inhabited by goblins. Inside the forest is the cave. The cave is very large and spacious, dug into the side of a cliff by the dragon himself. The inside of the cave is bright, most of the time, thanks to the dragon's self-made torches. It was smoothed out very conscientiously, and the ground was covered by large stone slabs. In the back of the cave, guarded by the dragon constantly, there is a sturdy cage made of thick tree limbs, fashioned together by the dragon to shape a large upside-down bowl. What is in that cage... well, we shall see.

Amelia Geneva

Amelia is nine years old. Her hair is an abundance of golden honey-blonde curls. She has mischievous brown eyes, freckles and a mouth that is often grinning. She looks so different from her sister, Clarissa, that people can hardly tell that they are related. The only thing she has in common with her older sister is that she is tall and slim, though somewhat shorter then Clarissa. Her personality is: Brave, jolly, and sneaky. She lives with her Ma, her Pa, and her older sister Clarissa. She has no other siblings. She is quite the tomboy, and spends most of her time outside. Clarissa and Amelia often go horseback riding together.

St. Ninian's Isle in Pirates by Faustina Arsenault

Clarissa was having a good dream.

She was flying high in the sky, looking down on the most beautiful island she had ever known. There were two parts of land connected by a sandbar. The hills lapped the land like delicate ripples of water. Lush green grass danced with the fragrant breeze which smelled of passion fruit. The edges of the plains were delicately carved by the ocean, giving the cliffs swirls and indentations as only the ocean can. The plain soon turned into the sandbar which greeted the ocean on either side of it. The sun shone so white on the sand that it looked almost white. The ocean was so blue. Crystal clear water slapped at the sandbar playfully, unwittingly eroding it narrower all the time.

Clarissa gave a laugh of pleasure as she landed in the center of the sandbar, allowing the salty water to lave her bare feet. The girl squished the hot sand under her feet and made off to the island to her left, dancing merrily along the way. She drank in the warm air as the rays of the sun caught in her long brown hair. Clarissa burst into a run of sheer bliss.

When she felt the tickle of the meadow's grass, she lay on the blanket of grass and sighed deeply. She was reluctant to pinch herself to assure that this was simply a dream, but she didn't want to take the risk of being awaken. She decided to enjoy it while it lasted.

Somewhere, far off in the distance, a faint voice called, "Clarissa!"

Clarissa didn't reply.

"Clarissa!" the voice called louder.

Clarissa's eyes fluttered open. In an instant, her dream vanished.

Amelia was at her bedside. "Are you awake?" she asked cautiously.

Clarissa rubbed her eyes. "No, I'm still sleeping."

"Come on, Clarissa! Let's go for a horseback ride!" Amelia said, shaking Clarissa's arm.

Clarissa sighed, wishing for her dream, as she watched Amelia's blonde curls dance up and down as the little girl nodded expectantly.

"Alright. Saddle up the two mares."