Andrew Martinson

A pig named Hammer is captured by a group of crooks who need the little pig's talents to power a machine to rob banks and houses so they can rule the world. Hammer needs to be rescued by his friend the farmer.

Billy Carlson

Billy Carlson is a farmer. He has a round nose, a thin black mustache, and black bushy eyebrows above his bright blue shiny eyes. His face is always shaded because he likes to wear his wide straw hat. He is tremendously full of energy. He loves to hang out on his farm and play with his animals. He is super sneaky.

Billy Carlson's Farm

Billy Carlson owns a farm. The barn perches on the top of a hill in a field full of flowers. The field is about fifteen acres away from a forest called Rhymewood Forest. Sometimes Billy walks in the forest with Hammer his talented pig, or his dogs, Snapper the golden retriever and Coughy the chihuahua who looks more like a weasel. Billy's house is in the field on a little hill so he can look over the field and keep an eye on his whole farm.


Hammer the pig is the nicest little piggy in the world. He's like a fat sausage with legs. Unlike every other pig, Hammer can do many things. He understands the feelings of other creatures. He knows if someone is gleeful or jolly. If they're frustrated, blue, or sad he will try his hardest to cheer him or her up. But that's not all this talented rascal can do. He can do flips. He always plays hide and seek. This pig is crazy!

Everywhere he goes Hammer keeps his chin high up in the air and looks proud. His skin is as shiny as gold. When he goes on walks, this piggy does not look like a normal hog. He frolics and does weird things. He flips and rolls down the sidewalk and when another animal walks by he always smiles and shows his teeth as he does a flip and lands on his front legs then somersaults back onto his feet to make the other pets jealous. Sometimes this swine hides for hours in one spot until Billy finds him. But the best trick Hammer has is he can talk to Billy Carlson. Billy taught Hammer a couple of actions to use if he wants something. If Hammer snorts twice then squeals, that means he's hungry. If Hammer does a flip then stomps the ground twice, that means he wants to play. Since Hammer stays in Billy's house, if he squeals three times and then trots in a circle it means he wants to go outside. Hammer the pig is best pig in the world.

Rolf Lang Denman

In the meadows, Hammer was frolicing, sniffing the flowers. Bang! Suddenly, he tripped on a stone. Instead of just falling to the ground, he started falling for seconds. He opened his eyes and saw he was falling through a portal. Purple, white, green and gold gracefully sparkled as he fell through the earth. After a few minutes the clouds in the sky parted and he fell right in between them. There was a huge ocean below. Splash! He sank in the water. He couldn't swim. Deeper and deeper he went. He thought it was the end. Abruptly, a huge anchor came down. Quickly, he grabbed onto it. The anchor pulled Hammer out of the water to a tremendous pirate ship. Hammer climbed on board and fell to the ground in exhaustion. "Look at this," a pirate called out, "it's a little hog!"

Just then, Rolf Lang Denman, the captain, plunged through the crowd of pirates to see what they had caught. "Hello there little piggy welcome to the SKELETON!'' Rolf grunted. "You look tasty and much more delicious then all the fish we've been eating!"

"Throw him in the cellar!" called out a pirate. "We shall eat him tomorrow." Hammer sat in the corner of the cellar knowing there was no escape. He noticed a barrel of gunpowder. Suddenly, he smashed into it. After several times of smashing, the barrel broke. Gunpowder poured all over the floor. Hammer knew he could escape, so he bolted to the other side of the cellar and he flipped, squealed, grunted, whined, somersaulted and created a whole bunch of noise. A pirate heard all the noise from the cold, dark, damp, cellar. The pirate lit a torch and marched into the cellar. Quickly, Hammer hid behind loads of hay and braced himself. The foolish pirate slipped on the gunpowder and dropped his torch which landed and ignited the gunpowder. BANG! The explosion blew Hammer sky high right through the ship and back through the clouds

"Are you OK?" a voice asked. It was Billy. "Why Hammer, you tripped and hit your head!'' So it was just a dream after all.