Evil Guys Prison


Aidan Coulter

The Evil Guys Prison
The prison consists of row upon row of strong stone doors, each with a number painted on in red, each door leads into a circular room of blackest obsidian. On the walls are ropes and chains to hold the unfortunate prisoners, in the center of the room is a raised dais with chains running down from the ceiling to chain prisoners arms and cuffs to hold their feet, whilst they are whipped with an electrical cat o' nine tails. Also hanging down from the ceiling are glaring bright lights. Beside the door is a small intercom speaker.

Mousey Little

Main Character Mousey

Mousey Little (Mousey to his friends) is a small gray toy mouse belonging to a young giant. Giants are mysterious creatures, who buy, sell, and make Fluffy-Toys (the official name for toys like Mousey). As everybody knows, Fluffy-Toys come alive at night, and there are myriads of portals between houses and rooms, as well as the legendary Fluffy-Toy Land, where magical things happen. Mousey lives with his family on the giant's bunk-bed, and he is a mischievous mouse with an eye for adventure. Unlike other toys, Mousey can't fly or lift things with his mind, so he relies on his wit. He is desperately afraid of heights. Mousey is best friends with a strong and sleepy-headed toy bear named Softy. With Mousey's brain and Softy's strength, they make the perfect team.

The Gants' World and Fluffy-Toy Land

The story takes place in two worlds. The present day world of the giants, and Fluffy-Toy Land. The giants' world is just like our normal world, and Fluffy-Toy Land is a place of uncountable possibilities, completely inhabited by fluffy-toys, and mostly filled with woods. Fluffy-Toy Land is also divided roughly into sections for different inanimate objects from the giants' world, like shoes (to the east) and mirrors (to the north-west).