Aura egg


Adele Schultz

In the rescue, the main characters have to rescue an Aura egg from the evil Prince Kowlis's Fortress. An Aura is a magical type of lizard that is roughly 10 feet long, including tail, flies without wings, has many magical abilities like breathing lightning, can control the weather, can only be killed by magic and are extremely hard to kill even with magic. The main characters have to rescue the Aura egg because it contains the unborn princess of the Auras. The egg is kept in a secret chamber under the fortress and nobody but Prince Kowlis knows about it.


My main character's name is Kala. Kala is a pickpocket who lives on the street and relies on her wits to survive. She is 5 feet tall, is 13, has ragged black hair, and brilliant green eyes. Her mother died from sickness when she was 2 and her father died serving in the army when she was 11. Knowing she had no living family, a farmer wanted to take her in, but Kala knew that he was a cruel man so she ran away to the nearest town. She has lived there since.


My story takes place in Creon (pronounced CREE on) in the woron 287 (a woron is equal to a year, a maln is equal to 2 months, a pav is equal to a week and a day is equal to a day.) Creon is a world full of magical beings, Auras being one of the most powerful. There is also a group of people who are blessed with the power of magic. These people form the Law Enforcement Agency also known as L.E.A. L.E.A is highly trusted by the king and answer only to him. Any kid found to have powers is apprenticed to an experienced L.E.A. agent, and every year L.E.A. searches every village for kids with powers.

Creon's climate varies from freezing cold to burning hot. It has several major cities but it is mostly farmland. Pegasi are frequently used as transportation and Unicorns are used for advanced medical reasons. It is ruled by King Jaron, who has two sons, Prince Avery and Prince Kowlis. A year ago, Prince Kowlis revolted and after a fierce battle, was beaten and forced to flee to the mountains where he built his fortress and began making an even bigger army.

Zalon, Prince Kowlis, and Erma


Zalon (pronounced ZAY-lon) is a noble's son who is being raised by hermit who lives on a mountain. He is 14, has short golden hair, is 5'9", and has deep blue eyes. He is very gullible and unlike Kala he is very honest, trusting and unsuspicious of anyone. His mother and father were killed by a pack of wild chimeras when he was 12. His older brother, Isaac, inherited the vast fortune. Isaac gave Zalon to the hermit, Ankyrn, after discovering that he had powers to be protected from L.E.A. Though not quick witted, Zalon is very good with the spear, bow, sword, tracking and is not plain dumb.

Prince Kowlis

Prince Kowlis is the younger son of King Jaron and Queen Isanda, king and queen of Creon. He is an expert swordsman and has never been beaten in single combat. Prince Kowlis is very crafty and is very hard to trick. He despises his older brother Prince Avery because he thinks he should have been the heir to the throne. He has the power of magic and is actually a former L.E.A agent. He has a seemingly charming personality and is a great orator. Lately, L.E.A has been more loyal to him then the king.


Erma is a hatchling Aura who is to aid Kala on her quest to save the princess of the Auras. She is very fond of humans and is always trying to help them. She is very brave and is very smart.

Pirates by Fastina Aresnault

The Dream

Kala yawned, after another long day of slipping bread and cheese into her ragged satchel along with a bulging purse, getting chased by two fat merchants roaring at her to come back and calling her unflattering names, she was ready to hit the sack. Kala found a pile of nice dry leaves and curled up on them. She was so tired she fell asleep within a minute. Kala opened her eyes, sat up and looked at her surroundings. She was in a wooden room that was that was completely bare except for a window on the wall on the other side of the room. Kala tried to stand up and promptly fell over. It felt like the room was tilting. She tried to stand up again and this time she succeeded. Kala staggered across the room to the window and looked out. She was very surprised with what she saw, The blue ocean. A door creaked behind her and she spun around to face it. A man looking to be in his twenties was looking at her with calculating eyes.

Finally he said, "Penelope's ben waitin to see ya. Falla me."

Then he turned and left, apparently thinking she was going to follow him and she did, pestering him with questions which to all he said, "Penelope will explain."

Finally they reached a cabin at the other side of the ship the man hustled her inside and left. A voice rang out, "What are you doing in here?"

Out of the darkness strode a tall young woman with a mass of curly blonde hair and piercing turquoise eyes.

Kala looked her straight in the eyes and said "I'd like to know that too."

"Where am I? What am I doing here? What do you want?" The questions burst out of Kala like a turrent.

The woman took a deep breathe and sat down.

She looked at her and said "First off I am Penelope. You are on the pirate ship Skeleton. You are here because I have somthing to give you, and I don't want anything, here."

Penelope shoved what looked like a large dagger into her hand. Kala looked at the dagger, at first she saw nothing but then across the blade she saw dozens of tiny images then they faded. Kala had not gotten to see them but she remembered one. A evil looking man surrounded by thousands of goblins, giant bats and many other evil things. Kala looked up at Penelope but she had changed into the evil man and stood laughing hysterically at her. He snapped his fingers and a dozen goblins that had come out of no were sprang at her with the man still laughing. Suddenly the laughing stopped the goblins faded. Kala sat up breathing hard. It took her a moment to realize that it had been a dream. Kala stood up and looked around her. She was still in the alley and nothing was different. She would always remember that dream.