Adam Ostrander

As day dawned Morkthie was still trying to find a way out of the bombing of Glandis Citrom. It had started last night when the bomber planes of Wishwathe [wis hath] had surprise attached Glandis Citrom. Now Morkthie stumbled in the sunrise as flames started to surround him. Soon he would be burnt to death. Thinking only of escaping he jumped this way and that way. Running in all directions he was nearly surrounded.

Morkthie E. Markson

He has a lightly tanned skin and black hair. his eyes are a light brown. most of his family lives across the country in Dinfan Citrom . his closest friends are Dean (Den) Jacelsmit (Jage mit) and Sathen (sa heen).

Glandis citrom

Glandis Citrom (a citrom is similar to a city except larger) is a sunny western citrom just past hills of Rockel. Winter time there's no snow but plenty of rain. Spring and fall are similar to the climates of Florida. Summer is very hot and there's hardly any rain. Also there are many gold mines on the outskirts of the citrom. Many parks and condos are also included in glandis citrom.

Satheen (sa heen)

Satheen is a young man currently in training to be in the army and a close friend of Morkthie (mork tee). He is over six feet tall, has very light skin, brown hair and, blue eyes. He lives on the other side of the Rockel hills in Garnet Citrom.

Bishop's Ransom by Anthony Vanden Berk

About a week before the bombers of Wiswathe (wis-hath) attacked Glandis Citrom, in the outskirts Glandis Citrom at 13401 Pinston street about 11:30 Satheen was having a very strange dream. In his dream he and detective Andrew Fox had to battle a three headed dragon which was shooting fireballs all over Glandis Citrom. They were armed only with a small shield and detective Fox had a few potions in his jacket. As the battle waged on detective Fox snuck behind the dragon and threw a bottle full of purple liquid at the deadly beast causing it to shrink and shrink until it disappeared. Satheen then woke up got a drink and went back to bed.