The Legend of the Vase


Annie Mateer

It was a beautiful day in New York City and the birds were singing. There were people running around on the street, except for two boys who were in the library reading. They were Quentin and his best friend, a boy named Anthony. Quentin loved to swim like Anthony, but he was in an accident when he was 13 and has a prosthetic leg now. Quentin has not been in the water swimming since then because he is afraid that he will drown with only one working leg. Quentin is the middle child; he has an older sister named Hazel and a younger brother named Trey. His mom and dad are nice Anthony and Quentin are the same age; they are both 15 years old.

One day, Anthony was in the library and found a newspaper clipping inside of a science-fiction book.

"Quentin, look at this," called Anthony.

"Coming," Quentin said. "What's up?"

"I found this in a book, it is a newspaper clipping," Anthony said while handing it to him. "It is an old article about a legend of a vase that if it falls over, a monster will roam the earth."

"Wow, let me see that."

Anthony points to the sentence in the article that gives the location of the vase as being in the old abandoned Crooked Caves Tavern. Quentin says, "Whoa, that is 5 blocks from here, we could be there by lunch."

"Quentin, do you still have the Quadruple S Kit?"

"Yeah, come to my house and we will grab it before we go to the Crooked Caves."

"Do you remember what the 4 S's stood for?"

"Of course, Anthony, Super Secret Scavenger Supplies. What should be in that dusty old backpack in the back of my closet is 2 flashlights, a compass, some climbing rope, duct tape, binoculars, hammer..."

"Oh yeah, your old water pistol that I shoved in there when your mom caught us squirting the cat in the house."

"Yeah, that too."

"Do you think we should pack some sandwiches and work gloves?" Anthony asked.

"Yes," Quentin answered. "Maybe we should also bring my lucky golf club."

Anthony says sarcastically, "Well, you never know when you might need a golf club in a tavern. We should also bring a box and bubble wrap to carry the vase in."

Quentin says, "This is getting to be a lot of stuff. We'd better grab my mom's folding shopping cart to put it all in."

As they arrive at the Tavern, Anthony and Quentin struggle to get their supplies down the flight of stairs and into the basement tavern. Quentin used his lucky golf club to break the rusty padlock on the tavern door. "See, I told you it was lucky."

Anthony said, "Wow, I guess you sometimes need a golf club in a tavern." They stepped inside into stinky water that was knee deep. Anthony plugged his nose from the powerful stench and asked, "Do you think there are any sharks in here?"

"Dude, we are in a stinky, flooded basement in the city. Do you think there is going to be a shark here?" Just ahead, they see a single stream of light hit a shimmering vase. Quentin says, "It is so beautiful." The vase is the only shiny thing in the room. The vase was so mesmerizing that they could not help themselves and they had to touch it. Quentin knocked the vase and Anthony screamed, "Nooo!" The vase fell off the table it was perched on and hit a chair that was floating by in the stinky water. The vase exploded upon impact with the chair.

"Oh no!" Quentin said with a quiver in his voice. Anthony's jaw dropped and his flashlight flickered. The pieces of the vase started to glow in the water. Quentin yelled, "Run!" The door slammed shut.

Anthony yelled, "The door is locked." They heard a shriek behind them. When they turned around, they saw a pair of red eyes, before the water in the tavern started to rise.

"Anthony! The water! Look! It's getting higher!" Quentin screamed.

Anthony reached down the in waist-deep water to grab the quadruple S kit. "Binoculars, rope, water gun, hammer...YES! Hammer! Okay, I'll boost you up and you'll break the window," Anthony said feeling very anxious. "On!" Shatter. The glass breaks. They climb out of the tavern and Quentin grabs the newspaper clipping from the quadruple S kit and takes a closer look at the date. It is 1962. "We need to go to the library and check this out."

Quentin looks behind him. Anthony isn't there. "Anthony!" Quentin called. Quentin sees red eyes right in front of him.

"Quentin should be back by now, it is lunch time," said Quentin's mom in her kitchen. "I'm going to call him."

Ring ring ring.

"I couldn't make it to the phone, please call later," answers Quentin's voice mail.

"He did not answer his phone," says his mother.

"Alexandria, it is fine, okay? He is with Anthony. If he was in trouble, Anthony would notify us on our beeper." said Quentin's dad.

Beep beep beep.

"Three beeps means help. Oh no!" said Quentin's dad.

"Look at their location. I have to go grab the emergency bag," Alexandria said." She runs to the living room and hits a button under the table. She grabs the bag from its secret hiding place. "Come on, let's go. Where are they?" said Alexandria.

"It says they're in the Hudson river."

"What?" said Alexandria. They get in the car and drive to the dock. They see right in front of them a platform floating in the water, not far from the dock. She sees red eyes, Quentin and Anthony floating on the platform. They get out of the car, and Alexandria grabs a box from inside of her emergency bag, pulls the string attached to the box. It is an inflatable boat. "Come on! We have to save them!" screamed Alexandria.

Dimitri, Quentin's father, was frantically paddling. They slipped off the boat and into the water so the red-eyed creature did not see them.

"What are you going to do with us?" asked Anthony, trying to stall for time. The monster looked at Quentin and shoots dark matter at him, knocking him out cold, making him fall into the water. Anthony screams, "Nooo! Quentin!" and jumps in after him leaving the monster alone on the platform. He cackled with satisfaction because he had served his purpose of making people's worst fears come true. Meanwhile, under the water, Quentin's parents are rescuing Anthony and Quentin from the murky waters of the Hudson river.

Alexandria reaches into her emergency bag and pulled out a small breathing device and put it over Quentin's nose and mouth. Dmitiri gave one to Anthony on the way back to the boat. Dmitri and Anthony got on the boat first so they could pull Anthony up. They pulled him up and Dmitri and Anthony rowed to the dock. Dmitri throws Quentin over his shoulder to climb up on to the dock. When he got on the dock, he gently put Quentin down. Alexandria and Anthony were right behind Dmitri.

Anthony asked, "Is Quentin going to be okay?" with a concerned look on his face.

"Anthony," Quentin mumbled.

"Quentin, are you okay?" Anthony asked with relief.

When Quentin opened his eyes, they were red. Anthony jumped back in fear. "What is wrong," Quentin asked, feeling very curious.

Alexandria shined a small light in Quentin's eyes to look at his pupils. They were equal and reacted to the light. "He's good," Alexandria said.

"What is wrong with him then?" Dmitri asked.

"I don't know yet," Alexandria answered. "Quentin, how do you feel?"

"I feel okay, but my leg hurts. Is there something wrong with me?"

"Your eye color is red," Alexandria said. Quentin's mouth dropped open.

"The monster," Anthony interrupted. "Oh no!" Quentin said feeling very anxious.

Alexandria stepped in front of Quentin and grabbed 2 guns from her emergency bag, and quickly handed one to Dmitri. They fired the guns at the monster but it was not doing anything. Alexandria said to Anthony, "Get Quentin out of here."

The monster teleported right in front of Quentin and said in a haunting voice, "You will die!"

Anthony said, "Not today!" and starts beating the monster to a pulp with a board he grabbed from the dock floor. The monster is getting hit hard but Anthony was not fast enough and the monster grabbed him and teleported him into the car.

The monster grabbed Quentin and Quentin said, "I wish I had my lucky golf club with me," and it instantly appeared in Quentin's hand. "I wish the monster would let me go" and the monster dropped Quentin onto the dock. Quentin immediately said, "I wish the monster would trip" and he did. Quentin realized that his wishes were coming true, so his next wish was that vase had never broken, and it appeared in his hand. The monster started creeping towards him and Quentin pointed the vase at the monster to keep him away, and the monster flew into the vase and was trapped once again.

Anthony got out of the car as this was happening, picked up the board that he had dropped and hit Quentin up the side of the head with it making him fall over. Anthony caught the vase before it hit the ground.

Alexandria and Dmitri ran over and just before Quentin's head hit the ground Quentin woke up in the library with his face pressed into a book about the vase and the monster. Quentin asked the lady sitting across from him if she had a mirror. When Quentin looked into the mirror his eyes were not red, they were blue as always. His dream felt so real, Quentin sighed with relief.

A week later, Quentin decided to try swimming, he felt like he could do anything. It may be a kiddie pool, but he is working on it.

But what he didn't know is that it wasn't a dream.

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