Gorilla Getaway


Anna Martinson

Big Buck the gorilla has been living in the Duckspring Jungle all of his life. He is very handsome and has dark brown eyes. Big Buck has a wife named Jill and a daughter whose name is Daisy. He lives in an opening in the jungle surrounded by trees and bushes. There is a little waterfall with a creek were Big Buck lives so there is plenty of fresh water. On the bushes there are beautiful tropical flowers. The trees are filled with all sorts of delicious fruits. Many kinds of birds live around Big Buck's home like nightingales, hummingbirds, and all different kinds of parrots. Butterflies are always flying around the flowers drinking the sweet nectar. The Duckspring Jungle is paradise.

There is only one thing that all of the animals fear - people. People would hunt down animals like leopards, jaguars, and tigers for their fur and they would hunt down rhinos for their horns. They would also capture all sorts of animals to put in zoos.

Big Buck's best friend lives about a mile away from were Big Buck lives. He is an emperor tamarin named Mr. Stash. He has a wife named Mrs. Stash and two children named Billy and Pansy. One evening after visiting Mr. Stash and his family, Big Buck's family went home and had a dinner of delicious fruit and went to bed. The next morning Big Buck woke up and saw that his family was gone. He decided to go to Mr. Stash's home to see if they went to visit them. When he arrived, Mr. Stash's family was missing too. Big Buck saw pair of binoculars with one lens broken and he thought somebody must have captured them. After more investigating Big Buck found tire tracks that came from his home to Mr. Stash's home. Then Big Buck decided he had to go rescue them.

Big Buck traveled through many forests and jungles He swam through lots of rivers.

One day after passing through a forest, Big Buck came upon a field. In the field there was a deer and a fox. They were running around each other and playing. He decided to ask them if they saw a truck. As he started to walk over to them the deer and the fox spotted him. They walked over to him. Big Buck asked them if they saw a truck. The fox said that she saw a truck a few days ago. She also said she saw a name on the truck - Zoozinky's Zoo.

The deer said, "My name is Dot and the fox's name is Ferdi. What's yours?"

"My name is Big Buck and thank you for telling me about the name of the zoo."

Ferdi asked, "Why did you need the name of the zoo?"

"My family was captured so I'm going to rescue them," Big Buck answered.

"Can I go with you?" asked Ferdi. "When I was a puppy my parents were taken by the same zoo and they also took my seven brothers and sisters."

"Of course you can come along," answered Big Buck. "I would like some company."

Then Dot said, "I'll come with you because I get lonely without Ferdi."

So the three started off through the forest. After a while they found tire tracks and after following them for a few days they found the zoo. When they arrived, the zoo was closed. It was just before dark. Big Buck quietly crept over the gates and whispered to Dot and Ferdi, "I have to go get my family. Then I will try to find a way to open the gates."

"Okay," said Ferdi.

Big Buck went straight to where they kept the monkeys and apes. He found the keys and started to unlock the cage to the gorillas. He heard somebody behind him saying, "Big Buck? What are you doing here?" Big Buck turned around and saw Mr. Stash in a cage. Suddenly, the owner of the zoo, Fredrick Zoozinky appeared followed by his collie and german shepherd.

When Fredrick Zoozinky saw the gorillas he screamed, "WHO LET THE GORILLAS OUT!!!" Right after he said that he saw Big Buck and he knew that he was not one of the gorillas that he had in the zoo. Fredrick quickly looked around for something he could use. He found an old sword in a frame hanging on the wall. He grabbed the sword and swung it at Big Buck. Fredrick wasn't a very good swordsman and swung the sword around trying to strike at Big Buck who had grabbed a metal bar and was using it as a shield to block Fredrick's strikes. Big Buck swung the bar so hard that it knocked the sword right out Fredrick's grasp and broke the blade in two.

While Fredrick was looking for something to use and trying to keep Big Buck away from him with the half of the sword with the handle Big Buck noticed that some keys had fallen out of Fredrick's pocket. Big Buck left Fredrick alone and grabbed the keys. He saw that the keys were to all of the other cages and the gates so Big Buck took off to the gates and let Ferdi and Dot in. Big Buck returned with Dot and Ferdi. Fredrick soon saw that there was a deer and a fox and knew that he did not have anything that he could fight all three of them with. Suddenly, Fredrick remembered his two dogs and sent them after Big Buck. While the collie and German shepherd were fighting Big Buck, Fredrick left the area were the dogs were fighting and called 911. Fredrick told the operator that a deer a fox and a gorilla had come to his zoo and let all of the gorillas out and were now attacking him. The police didn't believe him refused to come.

While Fredrick was gone the dogs stopped fighting Big Buck for they did not like Fredrick and knew Big Buck was trying to let the animals loose. Big Buck thought of a plan and told it to everybody. When Fredrick returned he found that all of the animals were gone because they were hiding, except for Big Buck, who was sitting in the middle of the gorilla cage. Fredrick thought of shutting the door to the cage, but thought that was too simple. He thought how great it would be if he could tell everybody who came to the zoo how he bravely caught a strong gorilla. He ran in to wrestle with Big Buck. When Fredrick reached Big Buck, right away Big Buck knocked him down and left the cage. Big Buck shut the door to the cage and locked Fredrick in. While Fredrick was stuck, Big Buck released all of the animals and went over to where Fredrick was and threw the keys to the gorillas cage into a muddy pond in the far corner in the cage. Fredrick had to walk into the freezing water of the pond and search through the mud for the keys. By the time Fredrick got out of the cage, all of the animals were gone.

Most of the animals traveled to the Duckspring Jungle with Big Buck because they were jaguars, rhinos, elephants, and jungle animals of all sorts. The collie, Cora, and the German shepherd, Steve, had nowhere to live so Big Buck and his family let them stay with them. Ferdi and Dot moved to a field closer to the Duckspring Jungle so they could visit Big Buck more often.

One night, a few days after the animals arrived, Big Buck lay in his bed and thought how good it was to be home.

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