The P.I.G.


Andrew Martinson

The sun was rising on the farm as Billy Carlson set out to feed his animals. Billy Carlson is a farmer. He has a round nose, a black thin mustache, and bushy eyebrows that cover his bright blue eyes. His face is always shaded because of his wide, floppy straw hat.

Billy entered the barn and climbed a ladder up into to the attic of the barn where he kept his bundles of hay. He started to stuff the hay into some bags, but he was alarmed by Snapper his dog. As he looked out the open window to see what the commotion was, he saw a figure in a black suit. Without hesitation, the figure took out a tranquilizer gun and shot Billy in the arm.

Billy felt queasy and then he fell to the floor unconscious. He woke up to find Coughy his Chihuahua licking his arm where the tranquilizer dart hit. He searched the barn to see if the crook took anything. Everything was exactly where it belonged except for Hammer his extraordinary pig and Snapper his Golden Retriever. They were nowhere to be seen. Billy called the police and a detective to investigate. They arrived to find nothing except for the paw prints of Snapper. After hours of searching, they found nothing new. As they left, Billy decided to set out and look for Hammer on his own.

Billy Carlson bolted into the house to grab Coughy to sniff out the trail of his lost friend, Snapper. He started up his motorcycle and plopped Coughy in a basket that he attached to the front of his motorcycle. Billy zoomed off following the foot prints.

After a while, the paw prints in the mud disappeared. That's why Billy brought Coughy. He parked his motorcycle and set the Chihuahua on the ground and slowly followed him, as Coughy sniffed out Snapper. Abruptly, Coughy pricked his pointy ears straight upwards and stood in a still position. He then lunged into the fog that had rolled in. Billy tried to follow Coughy. As he plunged into the fog, his boot sank into the ground and he felt water soak through. His boots became soggy.

Billy realized he was in a swamp and remembered Coughy couldn't swim! He headed toward the yipping and yapping of the Chihuahua. Billy dove into the dirty water. As he reached Coughy his foot got caught in the seaweed. He tripped and accidentally pushed a secret button. The sandy floor of the swamp opened up creating a whirlpool of mud that pulled Billy and Coughy into a cage. As the water drained, the door on the ceiling shut and Billy landed in a warehouse of experiments. He found himself in a cage right next to Hammer and Snapper!

Hammer! Snapper! Billy was going to shout out, but then he spotted a guard walk down, inspecting all of the cages. Quietly, Billy grabbed Coughy and stuffed him in his pocket and hid behind Hammer and Snapper. To Billy's surprise the guard stopped and looked into the cage. He opened the door and grunted, "Come on, pig." Just then, Billy pounced out and tackled the guard.

"Help! We have a crook! After him!" the guard shouted. Billy ran away followed by Hammer and Snapper.

As they ran, Billy peeked behind his shoulder and saw five security guards running after them. He dashed into a crate. "Come on, Hammer and Snapper!" he shouted. Before Hammer could reach him, a crane lifted the crate off the ground. Snapper leaped into it. Billy Carlson looked out and saw two of the security guards capture Hammer and take him away. Another security guard grabbed onto the bottom of the crate and started to climb up it. The guard started pulling himself up into the crate. Before he could get up, Billy snatched Snapper and jumped past the guard and landed onto a forklift that carried them away into a dark corner of the warehouse. The driver came out of the forklift. "What did you do to my pig?" Billy asked.

"You're here to rescue him, am I right?" asked the driver.

"Uh, yeah, why?"

"Great! That's also why I'm here! This is the top secret factory of Dr. Ebenezer Ugla that builds war machines. They have designed a super powerful machine called the P.I.G. to take over the whole world and they need your pig's brain waves to power it. By the way, my name's Flynn. I'm a secret agent."

"And I'm Billy. Why do they need Hammer to power the machine?"

"Hammer!? I said the pig."

"Hammer's the pig's name. You know, like Ham with an er at the end."

"Oh, yeah. Dr. Ugla designed the machine to run off of the brain waves of an animal, specifically, a pig. We believe he chose your pig because he's won so many contests at the county fair over the years. We have designed a defense to destroy the P.I.G. Follow me. I'll show you!"

Billy and Flynn walked to a jet. "This is another machine created by Dr. Ugla. It's a very fast jet that's easy to use and it's silent. This is what they used to steal your pig. Come on in, it's comfortable. If you want to save Hammer then we're going to have to go out to space."


"There's a high powered laser gun up there that targets the P.I.G. It's ready to use if needed and now is the time. But we have to go now. It takes about twenty-nine hours to get there."

"Well, what are we waiting for!" yelled Billy. " Boy! I'm glad this factory doesn't have better security."

Without hesitation, Flynn started up the jet. The ceiling opened up as they flew out. Billy could see the swamp where he fell into the cage. The sun started to set and Coughy and Snapper became hungry. "Do you have any food in here?" Billy asked. "My dogs are getting hungry and so am I."

"There's a cabinet in the back. There should be some food in there," Flynn answered.

Billy grabbed some beef jerky for the dogs and a handful for him and Flynn. "Do you have anything to drink?" Billy inquired.

"There's a blender back there and a some fruit! Why don't you make a smoothy?"

"I love this jet!" Billy exclaimed.

In the factory, a mechanic saw a cloud of helicopters coming to stop the P.I.G. "Doctor, the police are coming! Someone told them about us!"

Dr. Ugla shouted, "Hurry up! Put the pig in the machine! We need to get it launched!"

The mechanic nodded and said,"Yes, sir, of course." Hammer was let out of a cage and hooked into the P.I.G. "The P.I.G is launching in 10, 9, 8...!" the speakers announced, as the police helicopters and SWAT cars approached. "...3, 2, 1, ignition! The P.I.G shot out of the ground and flung up into the sky as arms and legs popped out of it. The machine grabbed onto a helicopter and swung off and landed on another one, sending the two helicopters to the ground. The P.I.G. fell toward the ground and crushed a SWAT car. It escaped the police and now it was on its the way to the city.

"Hey! Billy!" Flynn yelled. "There it is!"

In the distance they could see the space station that held the laser gun. "Billy, we're here!" Flynn sang out as they arrived. They parked the jet and left Coughy and Snapper inside while they put on space suits and went out. "Oh no, do you know the password?!" Billy shouted. Flynn needed to type in the password. "Yeah, of course I know the password!" Flynn said as he typed in "JELLYBEANS4US"

"Seriously, jellybeans4us?"

"Yep, that's it," Flynn answered. A door opened up and the controls for the gun were behind it. Flynn looked through a powerful telescope and aimed the target right at the P.I.G. "Hurry, Billy! Pull the lever and blast that thing!"

"But what about Hammer!?"

"I know you want your pig, but what about the people!?"

Billy came out to rescue his pig. He never thought that he would have to rescue the world from his pig. He grabbed the huge lever and pulled. Zap! There was nothing left of the P.I.G. but a big cloud of smoke. Billy and Flynn jumped back into the jet and flew back to earth. When they finally landed, Billy ran to see if there was any chance to find his old friend Hammer. The city was already being reconstructed. Billy grabbed Coughy and Flynn held onto Snapper as they came across a huge crater in the street. "This is where the machine got shot down," Flynn remarked.

"Where's Hammer?" Billy asked.

"The poor pig was probably blown sky high," Flynn answered. "Guess he's gone. Do you want a ride home?" Billy didn't answer. "Well, come on. I'm bringing you back home, so come on." They took off with the jet and soon they were back at Billy's old farm. Flynn and Billy Carlson sadly got out. There were policemen swarming around the house. "Why are they here?" Flynn asked.

"I don't know!" Billy exclaimed. He pushed his way through the crowd and asked a cop, "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, excuse me, sir" a cop said as he moved to the side. "I believe this pig belongs to you!"

Hammer was sitting in the barn still trying to figure out what happened in the past couple of days. "Hammer!" Billy shouted as he picked him up. Hammer licked Billy on the face. "Thank you for bringing Hammer back" Billy exclaimed.

"That was nothing. After the machine blew up we ran to inspect it and we found him there. We would like to thank you for saving the world! We have shut down the secret factory and arrested Dr. Ebenezer Ugla. Because you saved us, you and your friend get to keep the jet."

"Sweet!" Billy and Flynn both shouted out at the same time.

After the police left, Billy, Flynn, Hammer, Snapper and Coughy all went on a ride in the jet and it sped off into the clouds.

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