Evil Guys Prison


Aidan Coulter

In the middle of a warm summer's night, a young boy slept. At the end of his bed lay his toys, asleep in their places. The night was dark, but suddenly the beam of a flashlight pierced the darkness. It traversed the room, searching like a lighthouse searches for helpless ships. The beam of light stopped when it came to the pile of toys. It focused on one toy in particular: a small grey striped mouse. This was strange, no thief would have bothered with a toy, let alone that tiny one, but what was stranger still was that the carrier of the flashlight was not a human thief, but a squad of tiny moles from Texas.

With a thick cowboy accent, the lead mole spoke. "That there mouse is in sight. Jerry, get the rope!"

"Aye aye, cap'n!" Jerry the mole heaved a spool of cream-coloured string towards the mouse.

The leader frowned. "We're not sailors, Jerry! Now get on with it!"

"The rope is in position, sir." Another mole (his name was Bobby Mole) took a pair of scissors and cut a length off the spool of string.

"Operation kidnap-mouse is go go go!" yelled another mole, who wore a black ninja suit and had spy gadgets strapped all over him.

"Wait a minute, isn't kidnapping wrong?" Bobby Mole scratched his head. "We can't kidnap that mouse!"

"Yes, we can! We're evil moles, so of course we're going to kidnap him!" The leader mole snapped at Bobby. "You should know that already!"

The mole with spy gadgets ran towards the boy's bed, jumped, and flew up in the air with a toy helicopter attached to his back. "Target sighted and ready for landing, sir!" He pushed a button on his ninja suit, and the helicopter blew up with a small bang. "Oops, wrong button!"

The leader yelled, "Duck for cover, the boy's waking up!"

The young boy's eyes fluttered open. He looked around the dark room, but saw nothing unusual. In a few seconds he was asleep again. The cabinet door swung slowly open, and the moles heaved a collective sigh.

The leader mole whispered angrily at the spy mole, "You nearly jeopardized our mission! Jerry, tie 'im up!"

Jerry tied up the spy mole, and the rest of the moles jumped up onto the bed. They quickly tied up the mouse, muffed him so he wouldn't yell for help, and shoved him into a red wicker basket. They carried the basket to the edge of the bed.

The leader whispered the word that would open the portal, "Onomatapoeia!"

A glowing portal appeared in the air, and the moles heaved the basket into it, then jumped in after. The portal disappeared, and the night was silent. The night was silent for a moment, and then the boy began to snore.