The Aura princess


Adele Schultz


On Creon in the woron 260 Jaron (a high ranking L.E.A agent) was elected king when the old king died leaving no heir. In 265 Prince Avery was born. In 268 Prince Kowlis was born. Prince Kowlis was found to have powers and was apprenticed to a L.E.A. agent when he was seven. In 284 King Jaron was struck by a mysterious illness and power hungry ambitious Prince Kowlis seized the opportunity to try to overthrow the king. He was defeated and barely escaped into the mountains with his life. When the king banished him L.E.A. was outraged but said nothing, secretly helping Prince Kowlis gather forces.

Words to know

L.E.A. - Also known as the Law Enforcement Agency, is formed by a group of people who are blessed with the gift of magic. They are the highest ranking besides the king and answer only to him. Though lately, many have been more loyal to Prince Kowlis.

Woron - A period of time equal to a year

Maln - A period of time equal to two months.

Pav - A period of time equal to a week.

Aura A magical creature that is like a large lizard, but much more powerful. They come in a variety of colors, the most common being silver. Auras can change their color to express their mood or to camouflage. They are curious creatures, but not terribly friendly to strangers. They are very prideful and hate being made fun of. A teasing remark could lead to that person being turned into a slug, or worse.

Chapter I

" Just a bit closer," Kala's brow furrowed in concentration. Her hand slid around the plump round purse and stealthily undid the clasp holding it to the belt. Quietly she slipped it into the secret pocket in her tunic. Kala turned to leave, trying to get as far away as possible. She got about twenty paces away before the well known cry rang out " Stop thief! "

Kala glanced behind her and saw the overweight merchant waddling towards her as fast as his fat little legs would carry him. She quickened her speed to a sprint, racing down the main road ducking under arms and cursing under her breathe. She knew that she had been taking a risk since there were no alleyways or back streets to hide in. Unless.....Kala darted into the nearby bakery past the absentminded baker and his gaping seven year old son . She raced to the back of the shop through the storage room and out the back door. Yes, there in front of her was the alley. She slipped into it and hid behind a pile of old rags and waited. It wasn't long before the merchant and his helpers came out the door.

The merchant peered down the dark and sinister looking alley. At the sight of there not being a girl in the alley he seemed to become discouraged. Muttering to himself he turned back to the bakery. Kala waited about twenty minutes to be sure he was gone before emerging from her hiding spot. When she did she made straight for the middle part of the alleys where she would be safer. By the time Kala got there it was getting dark. She curled up on a makeshift straw mattress and was soon fast.

The next day Kala woke up with the birds. She yawned and went to her water bucket, which was full, thanks to the drizzle from the night before. She drank some and shook of her sleepiness. Then, still yawning a bit, headed towards a bread shop to buy her breakfast. Her stomach growled at her, reminding her that she hadn't eaten the day before.

"Don't worry, you'll be getting fed soon," she said. patting her stomach. "We'll have something to eat thanks to a very kind donor." While she was paying for the bread the baker stopped and squinted at her.

"Say, haven't I seen you before?" the baker inquired, "Because I'm pretty sure we have met."

At this Kala opened her green eyes wide and said innocently, "Who, me? Why I've never seen you before today. I'm new here and I live with my parents just a bit further down on this road. Oh, and could I please have my bread? I'm in a bit of a hurry, Sir." "Of course, Miss," the baker said, feeling a bit silly. "I didn't mean to detain you, and please give my best wishes to your parents."

"I will," she called, giving him her most charming smile. "Thank you."

And with that was out on the street headed towards the alley. Once in, she began tearing off chunks of the bread and cramming them into her mouth. Just as she finished the bread, Kala heard footsteps behind her. Scrambling up she turned just in time to see to two people standing in front of her. The two people she wanted to see the least.

"Hi, Mikkel. Hi, Petra," she grumbled.

"What's up, Kally?" Mikkel replied with a grin,. "We haven't seen you for about a maln. Where have ya been? 'Cause I sure hope you haven't been hiding."

"What do you guys want?" she asked, although she all ready knew exactly what they were here for.

"Just coming to pick up a payment that's overdue." Petra said smugly. "But don't worry, Scamp, we won't take all of it. Now hand it over."

"All right." Kala reached into her belt and took out a few coins and handed them to Petra, whose eyes narrowed at the sight of so few coins. She began to say something, when Mikkel put his hands on her to stop her.

"Mind if I check?" he asked with mock politeness.

"Go ahead, I've got nothing to hide," she said, matching his politeness and making a little bow. But instead of reaching into her purse, he reached into her secret pocket and withdrew the hidden purse.

Chapter 2

"Bravo, Bravo!" Petra cried, clapping her hands together. "Encore!" Kala glared daggers at her. Mikkel bowed to the imaginary audience.

"Thank you, thank you very much, and now the reward of our hard labor."

"You mean MY hard labor," Kala spat at him. "All you did was take it from me, you lousy rotten pig. You thieving fat walrus. You..."

"Tut tut. Such language."

He poured out all the coins into a small sack except for a few which he tossed to Kala.

"You'd best learn to hold your tongue Kally."

After this he nodded to Petra and with that they sauntered off down the alley, snickering. Kala sat down muttering under her breathe and looked at the coins in her palm. There were four of them, all small copper, worth nothing compared to the coins she had just ten minutes ago. She couldn't steal anything for another pav because people were on guard now. Kala heard a unusually loud rustle in the leaves behind her and whipped around, her knife already drawn, and came face to face with a boy looking to be slightly older than her.

He had blonde hair that was smeared with grime and deep blue eyes that widened with surprise as he realized that he had been discovered. His eyes went from her to the long dagger she was holding. The boy immediately dropped his tiny dagger and yelped.

"I surrender!" Kala lowered her dagger a bit but still had it pointed at him.

"Don't hurt me! My name is Zalon and I just need to ask a quick question," the boy pleaded. "Do you know anyone named Kala?"


"I still don't understand, you're saying that I have powers and this guardian of yours will help me learn how to use my powers?"

"That's right," replied Zalon evenly.

Kala's mind was still a blur from what had happened and she had to review what had happened. She had powers, Zalon had powers, they were going to go meet Zalon's guardian (who had also sent him to get her) who could train her to use her powers; they were now going in a wagon to where Zalon's guardian lived, and to top it off his friend had mentioned some sort of quest.

"Look," Zalon nudged her, "There it is, your new home."

Kala had never seen anything so beautiful in her whole life.

Chapter 3

As she watched, a small figure came out of the cottage accompanied by a larger, burlier person, and headed towards them. Zalon's face was wreathed in a huge grin, and without waiting for the carriage to fully stop, he jumped out, ran and embraced the larger figure who was also smiling at Zalon. Then, remembering his manners, he walked back to help her out of the wagon.

"Forgive me, it's just that I rarely get to see my brother any more and I'm so excited to see him."

"Really, I couldn't tell."

She rolled her eyes.

"Wait, you really couldn't tell?" Zalon said, a bit confused. "But anyway, this is Issac, my older brother, and this is Ankryn, my guardian. The smaller person stepped forward to greet her.

"So you're Kala," he mused. "I've been expecting you. Come in to the house and get warm, both of you."

Later, sitting in front of the roaring fire after Issac left, Zalon told and Ankryn about his trip to the city to fetch Kala.

Once he was finished he leaned foward and said, "You seem quiet Ankryn, did something bad happen while I was gone?"

"Something horrible, Zalon. As you may have been wondering why your brother was here, I will tell you. Your brother was here with bad news. The egg which contains the princess of the auras was stolen By Prince Kowlis."

At this Zalon gasped and Kala immediately inquired, "What are the Auras anyway?"

Zalon tried to explain,"They're a type of lizard that's really powerful and if you can get an one when it's little it will bond with you and live to serve you. A royal Aura is almost impossible to kill. But Ankryn, how do you know about this?"

" Issac told me," he said simply. "Since he is at court quite a lot he hears all the gossip. Also..."

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, Ankryn was cut short by a loud knocking sound at the door.

"Blast you people who go knocking at people's doors in the middle of the night. I'M COMING I'M COMING!"

When he opened the door his mood improved instantly.

"Please my lord, come in, make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back."

Ankryn walked into the room and told them in a hushed voice, "We have a very important guest. Please be on your best behavior and no matter what don't insult him. Come along now, I'll introduce you." As they walked in the room neither of them saw anything at first, then Kala saw a dim outline of a figure that was definitely not human against the wall. "Kala, Zalon this is Lord Dani, a member of the high council of the Auras."

Lord Dani stepped away from the wall. Kala inhaled sharply, he was simply beautiful. He was about ten feet long (including tail), a glossy iridescent black and had pale green eyes that seemed to bore right through you.

"Greetings Kala, Greetings Zalon,"

His voice was rich and deep "As I was telling Ankryn, I bring urgent news from his majesty King Irak III, may he live forever. Our patrols have detected movement in Kowlis' troops. It looks as though he planning a big attack on our northern borders."

But why not Creon? Why Casteron? It's so much stronger, Ankryn mused.

"We're not sure, but we believe he is trying to get to Mt. Jospindon to speed up hatching the egg of the princess. That's why I'm here." Lord Dani replied smoothly. "I was sent to ask you to rescue the egg."

Chapter 4

"Sword, spear, food, blankets, canteens, looks like we've got everything." Zalon surveyed the packs which they would be carrying. "But they look too heavy."

"Get used to it, it's not like they're going to get any lighter," Kala snapped back. "And besides, I have a bigger pack than you do and it'll be much heavier."

"I have the bigger pack!"

"No, I do!"

"Do not!"

"Do to!"

"Stop it both of you. I made sure the weight was divided equally, and Zalon don't you remember the trick I taught you? Kala, I'm sure Zalon will teach you the trick while you travel. The traveling should take about 3 days if you travel fast and watch out for L.E.A."

"Oh, Ankryn, don't you worry. We'll be careful. I'll miss you." Zalon embraced his guardian in a big bear hug. "Goodbye!"

After this he and Kala stepped into the portal that Lord Dani had made to give them a headstart.


"Wow, remind me never to use a portal made by a griffin unless necessary." Kala groaned. "I never want to eat again. Magic is so horrible."

"Oh, stop bellyaching. You'll probably love magic once you learn how to use it," Zalon said, a bit tired of her complaints. "Besides, it got us even farther. It'll only take us one more day if we travel fast. I admit, that griffin could have been alot nicer, but I'm sick of your moaning and groaning all the time.

"But your pack is lighter than mine because you know magic," Kala pointed out. "So I have more to complain about."

Zalon slapped his forehead. "I knew I was forgetting something. Ankryn asked me to show you how to do this trick." He muttered something and pointed his fingertips at a nearby log. His hand glowed for a second and then all seemed normal again. He gestured for her to pick up the log.

Kala eyed it doubtfully, "You seriously expect me to be able to pick that up? It probably weighs 3OOlbs easily. "Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

"'Course I do. I've been doing this trick for ages."

One of Kala's eyebrows shot up. "Well of course you have, Mr. Fancy-pants, cause you know everything," she muttered.

"What was that?" Zalon called cheerfully. "Just lift the log please, no comments necessary."

Kala walked over to the log. She stood by it and pretended to lift it up.

"See, can't, pant, lift it." Kala gasped.

" Oh stop it you faker, move aside and let me show you," Zalon said in an exasperated tone. " See, it's easy to do." He hefted the log above his head as if it was a twig. Kala looked at him with disbelief written all over her face. She started to speak but was interrupted by a loud noise from the bush next to her. Kala crouched downed with her dagger ready. Zalon put the log down softy, unsheathed his sword and crept towards the bush silently.

"Caw, Caw, Caw!!! Several crows burst out from the bush, startling Zalon who swung his sword wildly, tripped over a rock and fell straight onto Kala.

" Get off of me" Kala said, roughly shoving Zalon away from her. She sat up, rubbing the spot where he had fallen on her. "What were you doing Zalon, trying to kill birds for us to eat? Oh and by the way, birds are the one thing I refuse to eat, she said sarcasticly

" Well, at least I actually reacted. You just sat there. What if it had been something horrible, he shot back. You would have sat there, doing nothing.

" No, I wouldn't have. I saw that it was crows so I didn't bother to attack. At last after a long argument they came to an agreement.

Chapter 5


Kala sat up suddenly. She was sure she had heard something in the forest. Zalon sat up groggily beside her.

" Huh? What's going on Kala, Why'd you wake me up?"

" Sorry. I didn't mean to. I'll be right back, Okay? I just want to check on something. Kala whispered. But he didn't hear her. He was already fast asleep again. She crawled out of her sleeping roll and tiptoed into the woods. The air was cool and there was a slight breeze. An owl hooted in the distance. Kala scanned the forest but didn't see anything unusual. Then she heard a noise behind her. She slowly turned around. Nothing, then she heard the sound again. She looked down at her feet. A small dark green lizard was standing beside her, perched on its hind legs. Kala gave a small sigh of relief and smiled at the lizard. " Hey little guy, How'd you sneak up on me? You look really handsome looking little fellow." She studied it closer. It had glowing amber eyes and was as tall as her knee. She stretched her hand out towards it and said softly " Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I just want to get a closer look at you." The lizard stepped back. Then in perfect Creonian spoke.

" Get your dirty hands away from me you disrespectful scum." The lizard turned a bright red and planted its little hands on its hips. " And just why do you think I'm a boy, because I'm not, I'm a girl. Also stop speaking in that babyish tone. Why would I be scared of you? You don't even know how to use your powers yet."

Kala stepped back in astonishment. " How did you learn how to speak?" The lizard seemed very exasperated. " Duh, all Aura know how to." She seemed a bit calmer now but Kala knew that her mood could change in a moment. She remembered what Ankryn had said, Aura are extremely prideful. So if you value your life, don't insult them.

"Wish I'd remembered that sooner," She muttered. She had obviously insulted her and was lucky to be alive. Kala decided to try make peace with the Aura.

She crouched down beside her." Sorry for treating you like a helpless animal. I'm Kala. I didn't know you were an Aura. " She held out her hand. The Aura's color slowly faded to a dull gold.

" Erma, she said, shaking Kala's hand firmly.

Zalon woke up smelling bacon cooking and heard Kala speaking. He smiled sleepily then opened his eyes. First thing he saw was a lizard hovering above his chest, it's head cocked to one side. He was about to scream when it spoke.

" Wake up you sleepyhead. Kala says it's almost time to eat and sent me to wake you up. So now that you're up we can eat." She spoke so fast, Zalon barely understood her. He rubbed his eyes and watched as she flew over to the fire where Kala was cooking breakfast.

" Where in the world did she find that Aura? He muttered to himself as he rolled off of his bedroll.

Kala looked up as he approached the fire.

" Morning Zalon. I suppose you like to know how she got here. He nodded. " Why don't we discuss it while we're eating." The breakfast was delicious. There was bread, bacon and

" Coffee?" Zalon said, puzzled. " I thought we ran out a day ago. Where did you get it?" He poured himself a large cup. Kala's eyes danced.

" It was Erma's doing. When I was preparing breakfast I was wishing we hadn't finished the coffee. Erma heard me and decided to start teaching me magic." Zalon held his hands up to stop her.

"Just a sec. Slow down. First off, is that Erma?" He jerked his head towards Erma, who was happily demolishing her breakfast. "And second, you still haven't told me how you got her yet." Kala made a dismissive gesture with her hand.

"Oh, that story is simple. When I went out in the woods last night Erma found me.

Zalon frowned. "She was just wandering around? That's not normal." Then a voice piped up.

"What's not normal?"

Chapter 6

Erma had snuck up on them while they had been talking and was now standing there tapping her foot impatiently.

" Well, I'm waiting."

Zalon coughed nervously. " Um, you see, we were just wondering." Kala shot him a glare. He corrected himself. " I mean, I was wondering, Uh, how you came here." Erma turned a pale blue in embarrassment. She sighed and then said

"Do you really want to know?" Zalon nodded. Then she proceeded in telling them how she had been captured by a group of L.E.A agents a week ago. She had escaped yesterday and headed back towards Casteron. She had seen their campfire and being curious, had headed towards it. Then, Kala had come out. Seeing that Kala posed no threat to her, had mad a noise to attract Kala's attention. " Then, after being introduced, Kala took me back to your campsight." She finished. Zalon blurted out a question he had been wanting to ask.

"But is L.E.A tracking you? I mean, they know magic!" Erma sniffed disdainfully.

"Have you ever tried to track an Aura?" Zalon shook his head. "Well we're untraceable. But that doesn't mean they won't be looking for me. We'd better keep our guard up."


" Erma, I don't think we're being followed." Zalon panted as he, Erma and Kala climbed up a tall tree again to check and see if they were being followed.

"Guys, I think you might want to see this." Kala whispered urgently as they got to the top and began to survey the land below them. " Look at that." There, about a

300 yards away from them was a camp. " Is it L.E.A?" She whispered to Erma, whose eyesight was better than hers and Zalon's. Erma nodded.

"I can see the uniforms of the officers." Erma whispered. Zalon moved over to them

"I counted 75 people at least." He muttered.

" It's a large group. I'd say it's their main camp. Erma said in a low voice. "We'd better take a long detour around it to make sure that they don't see us."

"But that will take so much longer." Zalon grumbled."

"Well, better to be safe than sorry." She whispered. "If we go far around the camp it will be much faster than if we're prisoners inside their camp." Zalon shrugged. "I guess. We'd better get started." He began climbing down the tree.

Chapter 7


"Stop in the name of the king!" Kala looked over her shoulder as she, Erma and Zalon raced thru the forest with 4 L.E.A agents hot on their trail.

"I thought, we, made, a, far enough, arch around, them." Zalon panted as they ran along. "Sorry!" Kala gasped. "I'm not very good with judging distances."

"That would have been good to know before this." He groaned. "Erma, can you do that magic thing again?"

"I could try but they probably have a defense for that now." She said grimly. She muttered words. A shockwave shot towards the agents. One of them saw it and shouted a word. The shockwave seemed to dissipate and by the time it reached the agents it was completely gone. Suddenly, out of the trees in front of them came 5 more agents. Almost instantly they were surrounded. One of the agents stepped forward and said in a harsh voice,

"Surrender now or we won't be so merciful later." The answer he got was a dagger in his chest.

"That wasn't a very nice thing to do. Especially since he was unarmed. Zalon said to Kala frowning. Kala shrugged. She didn't care whether an agent was killed unarmed or armed. He was still dead either way. They fought on grimly.Erma managed to kill two. Kala killed one and Zalon wounded another. But there was too many. They were fast becoming tired and would soon be overwhelmed. Then, Kala heard the sound of wings beating overhead. She looked up just in time to see Four dragons land, squashing the agents. The biggest began speaking in the ancient dragon language to them. Erma translated to them.

" They want to carry us the rest of the way to Prince Kowlis's castle out of danger." Kala and Zalon agreed instantly. They climbed on to the largest back and it got them there in a mere hour. It circled to the ground about a mile away. Erma translated to the dragon that they were very thankful for the ride. The dragon flew of and they headed towards the castle.


Zalon peered through the bushes at the castle. "I don't think that it will work," he said skeptically. "Are you sure about this?" Kala nodded confidently.

"I've thought it all through. It almost definitely will work. And if it doesn't, well, it was nice knowing you."

He decided to try and get Erma to side with him. "Erma, please tell me that you think this idea is harebrained and will never work." Erma shrugged.

"It's our best option," she said, "unless you have a better idea." Besides," she added, "you just don't like it because you're the distraction."

"But why can't Kala be the distraction? I could do what she has to do," he pleaded. Kala shook her head. "Or how about Erma? She could keep them busy. Plus, she is more powerful than me," he continued.

"But you know I need her to be with me to help me find the egg. You're the only one that we can spare," Kala said firmly. "Erma, how long until we're ready?" she whispered.

Erma moved over to them from her lookout position. "Whenever you're ready."

Kala looked at Zalon. "Are you ready? He nodded. "Then let's go get that egg back."

Chapter 8

It had been an unexciting night for Horatio, a foot soldier in Prince Kowlis's army. He was medium height and heavily built with thick, greasy black hair. As he paced along the ramparts of Kowlis's fortress, he stopped to talk to Bart, another sentry who was standing, inspecting his spearhead carefully for nicks and rust .

"Why we got to keep such a heav'ey guard the last cuple days," he grumbled, speaking with a heavy accent. "It's like Kow'lis is 'specting somune to tri an break in. But Pe'pole are smart'nuf to see tat theres no'way tat they could git in with'out us see'in em." Bart grunted, not really listening, he heard enough of Horatio's grumbling to know not to encourage him to continue.

Not caring whether Bart was listening or not, Horatio went on for a minute or so more and was in the middle of a sentence when all of a sudden he stopped. Bart paid little attention to the silence for a while, relieved that Horatio had tired of talking. But, as the minutes wore on he realized that he hadn't heard Horatio's footsteps or his usual muttering. Bart looked up.

"Horatio?" he scanned the ramparts for him, expecting him to be hiding, trying to spook him. He spotted a dark, crumpled shape in the shadows about twenty meters from him. Bart rushed towards it and knelt beside it. It was Horatio! He felt for a pulse and breathed a sigh of relief when he felt one. Someone rose up behind him and as Bart turned to face it, something heavy fell right on his head. He gave a strangled grunt before falling down beside Horatio.

Zalon gave a small sigh of relief that nothing had gone wrong. He then climbed down the ladder to the ground. He hid in a corner and waited. It wasn't long before the two sentries stirred and groggily stood up. Zalon stood up and began stealthily approaching the Prince's apartments. He made sure to not really be stealthy so that the sentries could see him.

"Look, Horatio." Bart whispered, pointing towards the ground. "I see som'un movin down there. I think we'd better sound the 'larm." Horatio nodded his agreement.

"I'll di'stract im while you git to the 'larm system," Horatio muttered.

Zalon watched the two of them while continuing to move slowly. He saw the first point at him and say something in a low voice to the other. The second nodded, whispered a few words to the other, and began climbing down the ladder. The other was trying to quietly sneak over to the alarm system. His stealth skills were quite horrible, Zalon noted. Of course, he added, this was all part of Kala's master plan that took about five minutes to think of. Then he turned his attention back to the approaching man. The soldier was armed with a spear and was obviously familiar with the weapon. He and Zalon began circling each other. The sentry lunged with his spear and Zalon jumped backwards. Then he feinted a thrust and at the last second turned it in to a sidestroke. The guard parried, and swiped at Zalon with his weapon in turn. The pattern went on for awhile,: swipe, parry, thrust, parry, lunge, parry. Zalon was beginning to tire; he needed something to distract the guard and fast.

Suddenly a piercing sound rent the night air, the guard was distracted for a moment and Zalon used that moment. His blade slipped through the man's guard and he collapsed. But Zalon's troubles were not over. Out of the main building swarmed dozens more soldiers and they quickly surrounded him, forcing him against the wall.

"I hope Kala gets the egg quick," he said through gritted teeth. "Cause I can't hold these guys off forever."

Chapter 9

The moment that Kala heard the alarm, she climbed over the castle wall and slipped into the main building. She wished that there had been another way to get the alarm sounded but, unfortunately, there was not. The alarm system had several guards and you had to have a very good reason for them to let you sound it. Either that, or by walking into one of the buildings. She met up with Erma several hundred meters into the building.

"Have you located it?" She asked her. Erma nodded.

"It's in a room about two yards below here," She answered. "Funny thing is, I've detected no guards down there."

"Well, thanks to your cloaking spell and Zalon we don't have to fight anyone, Kala said, grinning. "Now I think I've got enough energy to transport us to the room," Erma continued.

And as it turned out, she did have just enough to get them there. The egg was lying on a pillow on a pedestal in the middle of the room. It was a glittery gold color and seemed to pulse with light. Kala gingerly picked it up and placed it in her satchel. Suddenly the door to the room burst open and Prince Kowlis walked in. He was tall, walked with a swagger, and had black hair and eyes. He smiled cruelly as he shut the door behind him.

"Don't think that I'm surprised to see you. I've been waiting and knew the moment you were here. Now please, just hand over the egg before things get ugly."

"Kala, now!" Erma yelled as she shot a bolt of energy that distracted the prince for a moment. Kala muttered a few words and they were instantly transported to Casteron. The last thing she saw was the prince's horror stricken face as he realized that they were going to escape.

Kala breathed a sigh of relief as she opened her eyes and saw a landscape different than the castles. She saw Zalon and Erma open their eyes and also breathe a sigh of relief. She felt the satchel and smiled as she felt the egg. She knew that Prince Kowlis would keep trying to take over Creon and that there would not be peace for along time. But what mattered right now was that they had rescued the egg from Prince Kowlis. And that now the egg was safe from him.


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