The Bombing of Glandis Citrom


Adam Ostrander

"What a lovely day it has been," thought Morkthie (Mork - tee) a light brown skinned, black haired, and browned eyed twenty year old fruit seller citizen of Glandis Citrom, as he walked home. When he got home he had dinner and went to bed.

Far off in the country of Wiswathe, at the nation's capital, the General called his sergent to his office. "Sergeant!" called General Maxhian (Ma-hi-on).

"Yes General?" the sergeant replied.

"Gather the bomber planes, we are attacking Glandis Citrom tonight as the army of Jangltin (Jan-ton) is away." So the sergeant carried out the general's orders.

In the country Wiswathe's attempt to conquer the country Jangltin, the air force is trying to capture Glandis Citrom because it would serve as a launching point for an assault. Glandis Citrom is the second largest city in Jangltin, and the largest one on the east side of the Rockel Hills.

Morkthie was in a deep sleep, when all the sudden he was awakened by a huge crash! "What is it?" Morkthie wondered. Then he heard more crashes . He looked out his window, and he saw the bomber planes of Wiswathe dropping more and more bombs! "Oh, uh," thought Morkthie. He then heard a large kaboom!! behind him. And then another one and another! "I'd better get out of here," Morkthie said to himself. He jumped out the window, but then the telephone phone fell before him making a fiery wall in his path. He then ran in another direction but more bombs fell causing flames to surround him rapidly. As he stumbled around trying to escape, the bombs grew heavier and higher the flames soared. If he didn't escape soon he would be burnt to death.

In another part town two citizens, Dean (Den) and Jacelsmit (Jase-mitt), were trying to think of a way out of the bombing and alert the Jangltin (Janton)army. "I know what we could do!" Dean slightly yelled.

"What?" asked Jacelsmit.

Dean answered, "what we will do first is go to the old emergency code house and then said an alert to the army of Jangltin" .

"What next?" questioned Jacelsmit.

"We will hide there in till the Jangltin army gets here," replied Dean.

"Okay, let's go" Jacelsmit said. So they headed to the emergency codehouse and along the way they dodged several bombs and falling buildings. When they arrived they were upset to see what had happened. "Oh, no!" cried Jacelsmit "The code sender is bunt all up!". Then several bombs came through roof causing several explosions as close as 10yd to the two friends. Then the roof fell through practically crushing Dean and Jacelsmit. A few minutes later they emerged from the destruction groaning with pain "Ow , my legs hurt so bad!" cried Jacelsmit .

"I'm hurt too but instead of crying lets go hide in that house and rest," Dean said. And so they went to the house and sat down to rest.

In the outskirts of town Satheen had thought up a plan which was to dress up like a Wiswathe patrolman and sneak into their basecamp and used their flicklan (fick-an) to alert the army of Jangltin. (a flicklan is a high tech phone that shows holographics images instead of talking.) Anyhow Satheen (Sa-heen) a tall, young soldier in training with light brown eyes, light skin and black hair, was now dressed and heading towards the wiswathe basecamp. "Name" asked the guard at the wiswathe basecamp.

"Ramon Monde," stated Satheen,

"There is no Ramon Monde," the guard replied.

"Oh, uh," thought Satheen "the fake name didn't work." "I know! I tell him I'm new here," Satheen thought to himself. "I'm new here sir," Satheen told the guard.

"Well, okay go in Ramon," the guard replied.

"Yes it worked," thought Satheen. He then saw a passerby soldier and asked him were the flicklan was.

"Right down the hall," the soldier told him. Satheen then thanked the soldier and headed down the hall. He turned the flicklan on and called the Jangltin army. After telling the general the problem the general answered "We'll be here soon." Then Satheen turned it off erased the general's message and left the basecamp telling the guard he had orders to hunt down any men trying to escape. As he headed back to his house he told himself "mission accomplished."

As the fire grew higher and death seemed near for Morkthie he saw a quick escape. He would climb on a building over the fire. He then began his climb.

On the Northern part of Town, the air force of Jangltin (Jan-ton) was just arriving and now firing bullets at the wiswathe planes. Seeing their planes fall down in flames the fighter planes of Wiswathe were firing back. First a Jangltin plane would fall then a wiswathe plane would fall. But there was to many Jangltin planes, so soon all the planes of Wiswathe had crashed and their camp was in flames. Ground troops of Jangltin arrested any Wiswatheins left. They then sent out several rescue helicopters and fire trucks.

Back at the south western part of town Morkthie was in a pickle. He had started to climb away from the fire but then the building went up in flames! The fire caused the building to begin to crash! Just as Morkthie was about to go down with the building to his death a rescue helicopter sent down a line. He was saved! The driver then explained how the attack had begun and a man by the name Satheen had infiltrated wiswathes camp, called Jangltin troops and saved probably the entire country! "I should thank him when I see him again," thought Morkthie. The helicopter then landed in the next town over.

When they landed in Jacobsville, Morkthie said thank-you, then he headed to a phone booth and called up some of his friends, planning to meet them at the Triangle hotel. About an hour later he arrived at the hotel along with Dean, Jacelsmit, and Satheen. "What should we do now?" asked Dean.

"Why don't we have a little celebration at the diner across the street?" suggested Jacelsmit.

"Sure," they all said. So they headed to the diner and they got a booth.

"Great job saving us, Satheen." Morkthie said.

"It wasn't much," Satheen said modestly. After having something to eat they left. As Morkthie headed back to the hotel afterwards he thought himself, "What an exciting adventure." Boy was he right, and though it would take some time, soon Glandis Citrom would be bustling again. With most of the Wiswatheins behind bars soon Jangltin would win back many strongholds. So that will conclude this adventure.

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