The Gravity Games: The Inside Story


Max Kaplan

A black car drove silently through the wet, dark streets of 1925 Chicago. The car had two men in it, both dressed in black fedoras, black sports jackets, and a big silver suitcase filled with $100 bills. The black car drove into an alleyway between a coffee shop and a bicycle store on 4th street at exactly 2:14 AM. The two parked the car by a dumpster and waited. 2:21 AM. 2:22 AM. At 2:23 AM a small moped pulled into the other side of the alleyway. The driver flicked his light three times.

"Let's roll." The driver said to the passenger when they got out of the car.

The two men walked out to the middle of the alley where the driver of the moped was standing. The moped driver was a short, fat man, who was currently smoking a cigar. He wore a U.S. army jacket under his raincoat, and had a dark brown leather tube strapped to his back.

"You got the plans?" Asked the driver.

"No money, no planz." The moped driver said in defiance. He had a slight Austrian accent.

"Charlie, show him the cash."

The other man who was holding the silver suitcase, held it out and opened it, there were hundred dollar bills separated into thousands, three deep, seven across, four down.

"$84,000, just like you asked."

The little man nodded his head.

"Em, vat I 'ave to ask you, vhere did you acquire, such an amount of... er, cash."

"That's none of your business, egghead." The driver snapped back.

"Right right. Here are the planz." He pulled the leather tube off of his shoulder and handed it to the driver.

"And here's your... cash." Charlie gave the suitcase to the man.

"Vell, danke and, guten morgan." (Thank you, and good morning)

"Hehe, guten morgan to you too!" The driver waved to the man, then whispered over to Charlie, "Get him."

Charlie pulled out a pistol from his shoulder holster under his jacket and shot the little man in the back.

"Good. Now get the cash and let's get the heck outta here!"

"Sure thing, Al!"



A short man with a couriers cap and a red swastika armband walked through an empty hallway. At the end of the hallway were two large doors about twenty or so feet tall. There were two guards at the doors that quickly let him through. Obviously he was expected.

"Ah, Heinz! What do you have for me today?" Hitler exclaimed. He was sitting behind his desk in a very large rectangular room with all sorts of artistic masterpieces. At the end of the room was a large Nazi flag the size of the wall. Hitler was eating his lunch, a bratwurst with mashed potatoes, but seemed eager to forget it.

"Well sir, you have heard of American legend, Alfhonse Capone? Have you not?" replied the courier.

"Yes, yes, I know him."

"It seems that our spies have heard of a new superweapon he has acquired, at least, the plans to it." Heinz handed an envelope to him. Hitler opened it, and, after he had read it, called his secretary and asked if she could have someone contact Al immediately.


Al and some men looked over the plans to the superweapon.

Max_Kaplan_The_Gravity_Games (79K)

"What is it again, Al?"

"It is a Gravity Gun, a weapon that can fire a beam that can hold things, it stops movement, and, once you have hold of the object, can move it wherever you want. Once you let go of the trigger, gravity and inertia will take effect and so on and so forth. Understand now Lewis?"

"Yeah, it makes sense now."

"The only problem is the crystal."

"What crystal?" one of the other men asked.

"Well, if you see right here," he pointed to the blueprints, "This is a crystal, it is needed to power the gun you see? It goes in between the copper coil which has a different magnetic charge than the crystal, so it will be suspended in the magnetic field of the coil."


"The only problem, as I said, is getting the crystal."



Al was sleeping in his California King bed at 4:40 in the morning the next day when the phone on his nightstand rang. He picked it up.

"Hello?" He answered in a groggy voice.

"Al! It's Charlie here, we found the crystal!"

"What are you talking about?"

"The crystal for the gun, Al!"


"Yes, it was found in Africa not too long ago, it's called the Cullinan diamond."

"Swell, call together a meeting of the gang Charlie."

"Can do."

They hung up.


About a hundred men stood in the middle of the factory. Al was standing on a table in the middle of the group.

"Everybody listen up! We have had a major break here fellas, we can finally continue our progress on the Gravity Gun!"

The men cheered.

"In exactly one week from today, the Cullinan diamond will be in England to be cut. Me and a group of safe crackers, gunmen, and drivers will be there for it. Once they cut it. We will break in and steal one of the cuts."

A man in the crowd interrupted him, "Why not take all of the cuts?" The crowd murmured their agreement on his question.

"Because gentlemen, they don't realize that the only thing it's worth for is its gross carat. Once they cut it, it won't be worth anything. But we need it to be cut down to size first in order for it to be usable in the gun. This means that I need Fredrick and his group to begin making the rest of the gun right away."


Al and a group of five other men, a safe cracker, driver, and three gunmen, boarded a Ford tri-motor to England. There were only four other people on the plane, but they still took the precaution of sitting in the back. After the fifteen hour flight they finally landed in London and got a hotel. The diamond cutting ceremony would be tomorrow at 2:00 PM at a castle on the outskirts of London city. After they went over the plan one more time, they went to their respective quarters until the next morning.


At 5:00 AM the team got up and packed. They drove out to the castle and set up a meeting point in the forest surrounding it. They first checked out the castle for possible entrances, they found a window to an office that was unlatched. Then they went back to their hideout in the woods and waited...

At exactly 2:15 the team broke back in. They sent one of the gunmen out to make sure the coast was clear. When he came back, he said that he's found two guards at the end of the hallway, looking in the opposite direction.

"I couldn't get past them to see what was after the hallway." The gunman said.

"That's fine, that's fine, no shooting unless you need to. In fact," Al pulled out four silencers from his suitcase. " We'll take these for precaution." They attached the silencers to the ends of their gun barrels.

"Charlie, you take the lead, Mr. Buttons, I want you to guard Spikes, well need him to break in, understand? Jake and Harry will come with me and Charlie."



"Let's go."


"Okay, good luck and Godspeed."

They raced out the door.

Over the next fifteen minutes, the men were able to navigate the castle all the way to the safe room, which, unfortunately was guarded by eleven police officers.

"This is what silence is good for gentlemen." Al whispered.

He whipped around the corner and shot all of the officers before they knew what was going on. The gun sounded like "Fump! Fump! Fump!" with the silencer on it. Jake went back to go get Mr. Buttons and Spikes once they made sure they were alone.

"Can you crack it, Spikes?"

Spikes examined the safe door for a while, after nodding his head in approval of the door, he stood up.

"Al, I hate to tell you this, but, it's on a time lock, we'll have to blow it open."

Al had brought explosives just in case, but this totally left their hit and run stealth mission in the dust.

"I told you to do some research on this place before we left! We probably have an hour left until someone find out about the guards. Charlie?"


"I'm going to need you to get out to the car as fast as you can and tell Rodger to get out here as fast as he can. Harry, go with him. I saw some police motorbikes outside, take one of those."

"Alright, I'll go as fast as I can."

He ran out of the room.

"Al, we need to hurry with those explosives!"

"Oh yes, Jake, go out to the hideout and get that wooden box. It should say 'Pendleton Plastics' on it, you know the one I'm talking about?"

"I remember." He exited the room via a window that was nearest the woods.

Al and Spikes sat there awkwardly for a moment. Al didn't really know Spikes, he had just hired him as lead safecracker in his gang. He had learned of him when he stole $3,000 from a train in 1899. He sort of ignored him until he learned that he had moved to Chicago after he was released from the Pennsylvania Penitentiary. Finally, Spikes broke the silence,

"Want a salami sandwich?" He held the floppy lunch to Al.

"Sure." He accepted, and they ate their lunches together on the floor of the guardroom to the safe.

Jake was already sprinting back to the castle. He had gotten the explosives and fuses as fast as he could. But, to his surprise, when he hopped back through the window, Al and Spikes were eating salami sandwiches and talking about Charlie Chaplain. But, then again, what else were they to do? So, he gave Spikes the explosives.

"Now, I will need everyone to get to the sides of the room."

He taped the TNT to the sides of the door and attached the fuses. Spikes ran the fuse out of the door and lit it.

Al and Jake soon figured out why they were to step back. The door was blown out fifteen feet, breaking through the wall of the guard room and smashing against the hallway wall. Jake went in and got a cut of the diamond, and they all jumped out the window.

Police were everywhere by the time Harry and Charlie got back.

" I hope they didn't get caught." Harry said.

"They didn't." Charlie reassured him.

To prove his point, once they got to the hideout Jake, Spikes, Mr. Bubbles and Al were all packed up and waiting.

"What took you so long?" Mr. Bubbles exclaimed.

"We ran into traffic," Rodger answered. "Hop in!"


They were almost to the airport. They had decided that they had better hire a trusted personal aircraft than to go to the airport. The police were probably all over the airport, searching bags, interrogating people etc. They were almost to the private airfield when Charlie noticed a grey car following them.

"Hey Al?"

"What is it, I'm reading the paper!" Al replied.

"Sorry, but, I think we have a tail."

"Oh, you sound like you have a tail right now..." He stopped in the middle of his bad joke, which he usually found amusing to himself, but, something caught his eye.

"I recognize that car from the parking lot of the castle."

Rodger was distracted and looked back for an instant, by the time he turned around there was another car that pulled out of nowhere right in front of him.

They found themselves in the airplane that they were supposed to come back to Chicago on, but there were four extra passengers. Men in black suits, white shirts, no tie, but what stood out was a silver eagle on their breast pocket.

"What the..."

"I zuppose you are vondering how this 'appened, Mr. Capone." One of the men said.

"That stupid accent again." Al absent mindedly said.

"Pardon me?" The man in the suit asked.


"Vell," eying him skeptically, "We are here from Germany, the Fuher wants us to ask you something...


Al got to his mansion after a long day of debriefings. The criminal world is much more sophisticated than it seems, or, that is organized crime. He learned that the gun should be completed in at most a month. His grand plan was to rob the US treasury in Washington DC. Which wasn't looking like such an impossible task right now. But then of course, he had the Nazis to deal with. Now, the Germans that had "abducted him and his team were on secret business of Hitler. They had told him that they wanted to take over the world, starting with the U.S. They had heard about his gun by means of which they would not tell him. They promised that he would get full reign after they were done and the U.S. was under Nazi control. Of course, Al thought this was fair, so he accepted. They were building a grand naval fleet of submarines and battleships. They also had one special aircraft called the "Flutershogan" , that carried a certain shatter gun that would literally shatter anything within a hundred yard range. Besides the point that the blueprints for the weapon and aircraft had been destroyed, it was still a grand weapon.


The next weekend Al and all of the captains of the branches of the Five Star gang, got together in a highly confidential meeting.

"I have called this meeting together, to discuss a proposal sent to me by the Nazi party currently ruling Germany." Al said to the eighteen men sitting around his dining room table.

They have planned a campaign to conquer the world, starting right here!" He slammed his index finger onto the table, "Here in Washington D.C. men. I find this a great opportunity for our, er, business, because in business we...?"

"Find opportunities for success!" everyone chorused like a class of third graders.

"That's right gentlemen, and this is the biggest opportunity since the gravity gun! We get our share of rule plus all the money after we help them conquer this pitiful nation. Who agrees to agree with me? Eh?"

All of the men around the table nodded or verbalized their agreement.

"Good, we'll be flying to D.C. in exactly eight days. We go in first to the treasury to distract the police, the Germans will come later by amphibious assault up the Chesapeake Bay, take the white house, and get us out of there, we will travel to Germany to hide and give them the plans for the gun so they can make replicas. They say their scientists can figure an alternative source for it than a crystal."

"Who will we be taking?" A man asked from the far end of the table.



The man from the airplane ride with Al came into Hitler's office hurriedly. He came right to the Fuher's desk and set down a piece of paper.

"Heil Hitler!" He raised his arm in salute to the him.

"Heil Hitler!" He saluted back.

"Mr. Capone has agreed to our plan. In eight days zey start deir assault."

"Very good Franz, I shall have you promoted for a job well done."

"Thank you der Fuher."

He started to leave.

"Franz! Tell the aerodrome that the Flutershogan is to be serviced immediately and to be tested."

"Yes Fuher." He clicked his heels and exited.


Franz rode up to the enormous aerodrome set at the base of a mountain range. He showed his ID to the guards and drove in. He went down a ramp underground and drove through a tunnel for quite some time, passing cannons, test rooms, missiles, and many scientists in white suits. He eventually got to the end which was closed off by large armored doors that spanned the whole width of the tunnel.

Franz hopped out of the car and stepped up to the doors. He placed his hand on a green scanner set on the door and waited. After minutes of the scanner beeping and the metallic clicking of the locks on the doors, they finally started to inch open. These doors were probably thicker than canal locks, at least ten feet thick and fifty feet wide, it was the biggest hunk of metal Franz had ever seen other than the Eifel Tower.

A man in a colonels uniform greeted him.

"Ah, We've been expecting you Franz. Please, come in, I am Colonel Reitger, head of project 30A which you shall inspect in just a moment."

Franz followed Colonel Reitger through a catacomb of large laboratories. All of which had things beyond imagination being tested in them. A vaporizer gun, a commando robot, a walking tank etc. The only thing Franz saw that looked somewhat ordinary was an old splintered spear, held in an airtight case. He didn't have much time to look as Colonel Reitger walked at a rapid pace, as if the world was going to end tomorrow and he still had a boatload to do.

They eventually made it to one of the larger testing labs, which turned out it wasn't a lab at all. It was a weapons range. The only gun currently in the room was a large cannon resembling a Gatling gun that stood on suspended platform ten feet of the ground.

"Here is the Bruchpistol, or shatter cannon. It fires shock waves at a rate of .001 per second. Capable of shattering any object within fifty meters in front of it. It will be loaded into the underbelly of the Flutershogan fighter." Reitger explained.

"Incredible." Franz said in awe.

"Yes isn't it?" Reitger replied. "Watch, tey are about to test it vone last time."

Along the range (which must have been 500 feet long) were heavily armored Panzer tanks lined up perpendicular to the gun. Reitger and Franz hopped into the shock proof room behind the gun and watched the devastation. The tanks were completely destroyed, leaving at the most a couple chunks of armor scattered across the range.



Al and fifty other men were busy cleaning guns, breaking them down, and loading the cartridges for them. AL and Fredrick (the manager of the construction of the gravity gun) carefully loaded the Cullinan diamond into the barrel of the gravity gun. They took it to the main "hangar" of the Happy Beans factory and turned it on. For the first time turning it on, they had to charge it with 1,000 volts of energy to magnetize the diamond, after that, they could just flip the internal battery switch and they were good to go. They first decided to see if it could actually lift something heavy duty. They aimed at one of the conveyor belts and pressed the trigger. A small blast wave shot out, knocking over some boxes in the corner of the building. Fredrick delt the grip of anti-gravity strengthen on the conveyor belt. He slowly lifted the gun upwards towards the ceiling. With rusty creaks and groans, the metal pipes and hydraulics systems came loose and the conveyor belt ripped from the ground. Fred let go of the trigger and it fell to the floor with a deafening crash.


A busy room full of desks and cubicles was almost instantly filled with men in dark blue suits rushing to a certain office. They crashed through the door almost as soon as they knocked. A startled man lurched up from behind his desk.

"What in the name..?"

"President Coulson! We need to speak with you urgently!" One of the men in suits said.

"Well you can't just barge into my office like a bunch of..."

The men shut the door to the office. "Are you familiar with the Austrian scientist Carlo Shmitt?"

"I have read about his current weapon project yes, it was delivered to me about a year ago. Why?"

"Well, he was found dead in a dumpster the other night, and the plans for the weapon project are missing from the lab."


"A week ago, one of the cuts from the Cullinan diamond was stolen. It is the only crystal in existence with enough density and minerals in it to activate a magnetic field if placed inside a copper coil. One of the scientist vaguely remembers the supplies, but he is positive of that one."

Phil Coulson stared down at his desk, thinking. "What do you want me to do? That's the Army's problem, not mine!"

"Well, it's our responsibility to protect the public. If this weapon gets into the wrong hands, you never know what will happen. "

"You are correct. Now go, I will have a briefing by 1800. Good day gentlemen."


Many boat whistles filled the air of the salty smelling port. Cranes lifted large boxes, tanks, and aircraft parts onto large warships, troop carriers and submarines. A battleship equipped with a small runway atop its front turrets held the Flutershogan fighter, tied down and ready to fly at a moment's notice. The inhabitants of Hamburg were called a week before and told to evacuate. They said that there was to be a new boat making plant built there and they would need to fit in large machinery, maybe even have to knock down some houses. Thus, the plan was working so far, the Nazi fleet was ready, Al and his team were on their way to the capital, and it would only be a day before the US was under German control.


Five large passenger planes touched down on the private runway of Washington International Airport. Al Capone and his men all caught pre-arranged car rides, and were out of the airport in less than fifteen minutes. They headed to the treasury, weapons ready, plan checked and men in high spirits. The men got there in groups of three cars. They entered just like businessmen from different banks. The guards were used to these kinds of people coming in and out regularly and dint pay attention to them. Phase One: accomplished. After the groups would get in (about 12 men per group), they would go to the men's restroom and unpack their weapons from the suitcases. After that, they killed the guard at the door to the rest of the treasury and let the rest of the groups in.

Al's group was last, he came with all of the demolition men and lock pickers. The treasury is set up so that there are layers of security, building up stronger and stronger until the huge vault door that is guarded by 15 men 24/7. At every security "station", there was a panic button for the guard to push if necessary. The gang had looked over confidential plans of the treasury and knew where everything, and everybody was, and at what time they were there. Sharpshooters would turn around the corner and shoot the guards before they even knew what was happening. All went well until the eleventh station when the butt of one of the gunmen's sub machine gun pressed the panic button by the door. It made no sound, it just alerted the police and the front desk of the emergency, so the gang wouldn't know if a button was pressed or not.

They finally made it to the vault door. The only setback being at station 14 when the guards were having a lunch break and came out just in time to see them breaking in the door. They shot thirteen men before being killed by the gravity gun, they were flung against the wall.

Unfortunately by then the guards in the vault had come to see what was going on, as soon as they appeared they were mowed down by the gunmen. They proceeded into the last security chamber, with the 18 foot high vault door at the end of it.

"Men, we have done it!" Al yelled triumphantly.

All of the men could fit in the anti chamber of the vault, it was almost half the size of a football field. At the end of the room, just as the demolition team was setting the explosives on the door. A distant popping sound was heard, the sound of machine gun fire.

Al had left three men to guard each station and make sure no one got in. they all knew what was going on.

"Defensive positions!" Charlie, the captain of the gunmen yelled. "Protect the demolitions at all costs!"

Al ran over to the explosives experts who were then taking their guns out. "Finish the charges, we'll cover you." The men went reluctantly back to work.

An explosion echoed in the chamber, smoke filled the entrance. Small arms fire was everywhere, mayhem and confusion erupted. The gang was slowly retreating back to the vault door. NAPS agents flooded the doors. All of the gang was sure to be killed in an instant, but after the crack of the agents' guns, nothing happened. The bullets were suspended in the air, just floating. He turned the knob all the way to the right and the agents exploded from pressure while in anti-gravity. The explosives team told the Gang to get back, the door was going to blow.


The large three foot tall hinges blew off, and the door rolled down it tracks to the other side of the room.

"Succes! Charlie, contact Berlin right away, tell them to proceed with..."

He was cut off by a bullet striking his kneecap, he screamed in pain and dropped the gravity gun, on its gravitational stabilizers. They didn't break at first, it landed upright on them and was supporting its own weight. Meanwhile, President Coulson and an elite team of NAPS urgent response teams rushed into the room. They hid behind some crates near the door and a violent gunfight ensued. The gang was just about to surrender, there were many casualties. Even President Coulson was shot in the chest. Just then one of the gravitational stabilizer prongs broke. Sending everything slowly floating upward except for the NAPS team. They had special suits designed by the coworkers of Carlo Shmitt that reversed the effect of the gravity gun, by repelling the magnetic waves of the crystal. The gang tried to shoot, but the bullets wouldn't leave their guns, since they were stuck in the vacuum of the barrels. A man named J. Edward Hoover was wrapping President Coulson in a bandage. Phil knew he was going to die, he could barely breath himself (the bullet had grazed his right lung).

"Hoover?" Phil gasped.

"Yes President Coulson."

"Take my place." Phil tried to sit up.

"No sir, you're going to be fine," he pushed him back to the ground. "Just relax and let me fix you up."

"I'm not going to make it."

"Sir, you will survive this, it's not that bad of a wound." Hoover lied.

"You are the only capable person I trust for my job, do it well."

Before Hoover could answer, Coulson was dead.


Before the gunfight had ensued, Charlie had gone out of the chamber into an empty office. He was just about to send the go ahead message to the flagship when he heard the gunfight. He decided to give them the abort signal right as the NAPS team ran by the office, he escaped out the office window, never to be seen again.


A first officer walked onto the bridge and passed a note to the captain, saying that it was urgent. The captain opened it, it was the abort signal, it read:


The captain decided to contact Berlin and ask what their options were, they had sent out the Flutershogan a few hours before to go and destroy the city ahead of the assault. But he would have to meet up with one of the submarines to refuel first. If they called off the mission, they would have to leave a cruiser and submarine behind to take the fighter back to Germany. That could prove fatal to the Nazi agenda if they were discovered. After the Treaty of Versailles, the Germans were forbidden to have any submarines whatsoever in their possession.

He had a Morse code operator send the message to the Fuher and decide what they should do.

Five minutes passed by no answer.

Eight minutes the Flutershogan had ten more minutes until it would be beyond the returning point.

After ten minutes of painful waiting, the commander in chief of the Nazi navy replied:


The fleet turned around and headed for Germany. Unsure of what to do. But one thing they neglected was to contact the Flutershogan and tell him the abort signal had been called.

It crashed into the Atlantic ocean, along with all of its scientific discoveries.


This story was compiled from the few remaining documents not destroyed by former FBI president J. Edgar Hoover's secretary after he died. It is a personal account from his point of view, yet the author has tried to translate this grand tale of the greatest crime scandal cover-up in history as comprehensively as possible from other source documents. This un-known story may be the greatest in American history. (disclaimer: The gravity weapon in this document does not exist, and is purely fiction created by the author - The Pentagon)

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