The Golden F


Nathan Martinson

The Golden "F" is a piece of pure gold shaped like the letter "F." The Golden "F" is part of the featured exhibit of "golden letters" found in The Museum of Pointless but Valuable Stuff. The exhibit is full of letters from "A" to "Z." The Golden "F" is the best because it is 100% pure gold. It is the perfect treasure for a crook to steal. The Golden "F" is a very pointless but valuable treasure

Fredrick Frank Fritz

My character is robber named Fredrick Frank Fritz. He has an extremely long nose and a thin face. He lives in a mansion and is terribly rich. When he hears about a treasure that he wants, he will stop at nothing to get his hands on it. He has stolen numerous treasures in the past but nothing ever like what he is about to steal.

The Museum of Pointless but Valuable Stuff

The Museum of Pointless but Valuable Stuff is a museum full of valuable but pointless stuff. For example, the museum is full of diamonds shaped like teeth. There is also the complete alphabet made out of gold, silver-coated cheese, and the largest ball of cat and rat fur stuck together with hot glue! The museum is owned by a very mean, red-faced, sharp-nosed, fat, mustached man named Mr. Noggin Fahrenheit. The problem with the museum is that its security system is not very good and it is easy to break into.

Mr. Noggin Fahrenheit

Mr. Noggin Fahrenheit is a very mean, red-faced, sharp-nosed, fat, mustached man. He is the owner of the Museum of Pointless but Valuable Stuff. Mr. Fahrenheit is 50 years old and lives in an old mansion in a run down part of town. All he ever cares about is money. The only thing that can stop him from making money is his enemy Fredrick Fritz who is always stealing from him.

Gravity Games / Al Capone

Fredrick Fritz had a bizarre dream about Al Capone. He dreamed that when he was walking down the street he fell through a man-hole and was hurled through time and space. He dreamed that he landed in Chicago during the 1920's. He landed on a small car, completely crushing it. Although it was in the middle of the day, it was dark and raining cats and dogs. "This is weird", thought Fredrick. "I think I'm dreaming." The reason Fredrick knew he was dreaming was because he knew that when he fell it was impossible to be hurled through time and space. Plus, cats and dogs never fall from the sky. Angrily, the owner of the car that Fredrick crushed started shaking his fist and yelling at him. The man was very muscular. He grabbed Fredrick's leg and threw him through the wall of a bank. "Hello, Al!" exclaimed Fredrick when he landed next to a man who he knew was Al Capone. Instantly, Al Capone hired Fredrick. Ecstatic and invigorated, Fredrick and Al Capone robbed three banks. Then to Fredrick's disappointment, he woke up.

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