Two Treasures


Michael Dolson

There are two treasures in my story:

Treasure #1: The Ice Stone: A chunk of magic ice that never melts. If you are descended from the certain mystical race of people that discovered it, the Vaygaches, it will give you ice powers while you are holding it.

Treasure #2: The All-Rock of the Red Dwarfs: A rock that is made of every kind of rock in the world. It was made by the Red Dwarfs in their special rock-forges in the center of the earth, then given to the Vaygaches to hide. Both treasures are hidden near each other, but in another world.

Tinian Ingor Weaponson

My main character is a preteen boy named(nobody really knows exactly how old he is). He has blond hair and blue eyes, is tall, a bit lanky, strong, and wiry. He is very skillful with weapons. He usually wears a long, hooded, Elven cloak that hides a diverse assortment of weapons. He has few close friends when this story begins. He is fluent in almost all animal languages, and knows some very useful spells. He has no parents and wanders around, occasionally living with someone for a time.


Wirina is a land that consists of a few kingdoms and has almost all terrains, such as the great ocean, Adurna, to the south, the surrounding mountain ranges, the great forest of the elves, Ilvar, to the northeast, and the Kraanstind desert to the west. Although there are quite a few towns, villages, and cities, most of Wirina is wilderness. It is populated by many peoples and species, such as humans, dwarves, elves, hobbits, dragons, goblins, and much more.

Gawera, Quawian, Guntera, Birchwood, Taglo Hornfoot, and Sciodrac

Gawera: She is a young female elf, is one of Tinian's few friends, and sometimes travels with him. She, also, is good with weapons, but is better with a bow than he is. Gawera has long black hair and brown eyes, and usually wears black leather.

Quawian: Gawera's father.

Guntera: Gawera's mother.

Birchwood: Tinian's "pet" squirrel. He is really just a friend of Tinian's, but acts like a pet to avoid suspicion.

Taglo Hornfoot: A very old hobbit, he is a storyteller in the village of Southwood. He tells Tinian and Gawera about the treasures.

Sciodrac: An evil goblin captain (or "orc", as his species is often called), he leads a vicious band of goblins to try and stop Tinian and his friends from getting the treasure.

The Noblesse Flower

The sun was setting over the horizon.

"Sigh. Another night out in the wild. At least it doesn't look like it's going to rain," Tinian said. Birchwood jumped of his shoulder and scampered up a nearby tree. Tinian took his pack off his back, leaned against the tree, and fell asleep...

Suddenly he was falling, down, down, down, and then he saw a girl, with black hair and blue eyes, dueling with boy in a castle courtyard. She turned to Tinian and said, "Heed my instructions. Go first to Ilvar, where you shall meet Gawera. Go with her to the village of Southwood. Mention my name to the first hobbit you meet, and he will tell you something of great value. My name is Seraphina Klein." Then he fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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