Luisa Heckenkamp

This treasure is very beautiful. When one gazes at it in the sunlight, it is amazing to see it shine, casting rays of light and shining spots over everything. It shines so brightly reflecting the sun that when I look at it, it makes me think of what the light in heaven will look like. It even glitters in the moonlight. When I see water sparkle in the sunlight, it reminds me of its splendor.

Oh how I long like to wear the fabulously multi-faceted diamond around my neck!

Mila Estafan

The character's name is Mila Estafan. She is a 23 yr. old girl who is from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Mila works as an interpreter at a company called "LENGUAS DIFFERENTES" ("DIFFERENT LANGUAGES") which is only about two blocks from her parents' house. Mila has been working as an interpreter for about 2 yrs. As she loves her new career immensely, she hopes to keep her job forever.

Most people would say that she is very bright eyed, and cheerful. She is very even tempered and never really gets upset. Mila is of Hispanic descent with dark mocha colored skin and dark wavy hair which falls in rich cascades down her back. Her large beautiful eyes are very expressive and she has a quick smile. Her accent is definitely noticeable in a very charming way. Her personality is such, that most people like her.

Santa Fe

This story takes place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a very beautiful and exciting place. Many people who seek adventures like to travel there because the scenery is breathtaking and there is so much to do there.

The average temperatures in Santa Fe ranges are relatively mild. When it does snow, it never lingers as the altitude is so high and it location is further south in the United States.

The local food there has a more Mexican flavor and the native fruits there are also very tasty having a tropical and exotic flavor such as: Guayaba, ciruelas (plums), Chico zapote, and Granada moco (similar to the Passion fruit).

Mila lives in the historic part of Santa Fe next to some beautiful old homes and a restaurant called: "LA CASA SENA."

At "Lenguas Differentes," where Mila works, there is a little mascot that all of the staff members have become fond of. It is a little exquisite bird that is native to Santa Fe and is known as the Western Bluebird. Its feathers are a brilliant blue on its back, with a rusty orange and white on its breast. His happy little chirp and funny antics cheer up the atmosphere of this busy office. His nickname is: "Arcoirisito" (which means "little rainbow"). Why do I mention this cute little creature? Well you will soon find out!

Gianluca Torres

Mila has a boyfriend. His name is Gianluca Torres. He is 26 yrs. old. Gianluca is also of Hispanic descent with olive tone skin and dark crew cut hair. His eyes are a bright and deep blue like the sky. They are also very expressive like Mila's. He has a very strong accent which is definitely noticeable to everyone. He is a very "kind-hearted" person. He is very polite, considerate and loving, and that is why Mila loves him so much.

He also lives in New Mexico, but in the little town of Chimayo which is 28 miles from where Mila lives. He works at a hotel in Chimayo called "Casa Escondida," which in English translates as "Hidden House". It is a very peaceful location out in the country close to some nearby restaurants, and historic artisan shops.

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