The Noblesse Flower


Elspeth Harris

The Noblesse Flower.

Representing nobility, it is an extremely rare flower found only deep within mountain caves. Its form bears resemblance to the lily, and possesses the deep, rich colors of a purple rose. It has strong healing properties and a mesmerizing fragrance.

Seraphina "Sera" Klein

Seraphina Klein - otherwise known as Sera - is a girl with short midnight-black hair, cobalt-blue eyes and fair skin. She has a slight build, yet is not without strength. Born on the 1st of June, she is the age of seventeen.

She remains calm through most circumstances, however, she becomes annoyed easily and is not likely to take slander when pushed too far. Despite being rough, she can be gentle. Having a soft spot for those smaller (such as animals or small children), she can also be quite protective.

Orphaned at a young age, Seraphina was raised under the watchful eye of her mentor and Head Ranger - Flynnt Clark - as a Ranger herself and in the care of her Liege Lord: Duke Arthur Vessalius and his wife Lady Kate, considering them all her family. Throughout her training in protecting her lord and his land, she became close to three people: Noelle Clark (Flynnt's daughter whom she thinks of as a younger sister), Elliot Murtagh (older than her by four years and Flynnt's former trainee - thus, her senior - she sees him as an older brother), and Levi Jeager: a boy the same age, training to be a guard to the Duke and his wife. They often fight and and hardly agree on anything. Always competing, they are seen as each others rivals, and their constant challenges in all different areas (be it combat, aim, or cooking) are the favorite source of entertainment for the residents of the castle. However, this does not mean they don't consider each other as friends.

After losing her parents, she has come to view things with a higher value than most people, seeing everyone in her life as irreplaceable beings that came with a reason, be it good or bad. Sera also takes her job as a Ranger very seriously, never being one to shirk her duties or skip a training session (often berating Elliot for being lazy) and follows orders without question. However, this can also be one her many faults.

She specializes in tracking, medical emergencies, horsemanship, twin knives, long-range rifles, and hand-to-hand combat.

The Kingdom of Fyor

Fyor is a small kingdom. It has many woods filled with animals, and many lakes and rivers filled with fish and other creatures. However, only three-fourths of the Kingdom is inhabited by people.

The larger part, which is inhabited, is very colorful and bright with growth and villages. The people all do their share to keep the land going, whether it be farming, milling, shop keeping, or raising the next generation. Despite the kingdom's seemingly medieval ways and styles, the use of advanced technology and weaponry is no stranger to them.

The ones who keep order and govern the land and people - even the part where no human resides - are the Three Great Noble Families: the Celestine family (current leader: Duke Oswald Celestine), the Hausen family (current leader: Duchess Roseline Hausen), and the Vessalius family (current leader: Duke Arthur Vessalius).

The smaller part of the kingdom that isn't populated is dark and eerie with an old, ancient forest - the Forest of Nox - where there are only animals that are accustomed to darkness and know little of the light of the sun, and the select few humans that have chosen to withdraw themselves from society.

On the other side of the forest, bordering the edge of the kingdom, is Mt. Zeriff: the largest mountain in all the land. No life whatsoever resides on it; only the hard, cold stone from which it is made. The lightning which strikes it regularly serves only to intensify its unapproachable and threatening presence. And it is within that mountain, that the rare Noblesse Flower resides.

The Forest of Nox, standing in front of Mt. Zeriff, and the rest of Fyor is divided by a great lake - Weilani Lake.

Glen Celestine and Dean Hausen

Glen Celestine is a seventeen year old with raven-black hair, storm-gray eyes and light skin. He has a lean and toned build, and stands above average height.

Due to his upbringing, Glen has a straightforward and almost robotic personality; usually only speaking when spoken to. But while he has a soft side, he hides it behind a blank mask as if to force back his feelings.

Glen is the sole heir of the Celestine family. His mother died when he was young so he was raised mainly by his nanny - Mary - and the people of the castle. His relationship with his father - Duke Oswald Celestine - seems more like that of a Liège Lord and a subject than father and son.

He specializes in horsemanship, strategy, broadswords, handguns, and hand-to-hand combat.

Dean Hausen is nineteen years old. He has chocolate-brown hair, jade-green eyes and tan skin. He is tall and muscular.

Being rather happy-go-lucky, he can find the humor in just about anything. He also has a tendency to slack off, but this does not mean he doesn't know the meaning of responsibility and can't become serious when needed.

Dean is the heir to the Hausen family. His father died on a hunting trip when he was fifteen, thus causing him to have a closer bond with his family. His mother - Duchess Roseline Celestine - had two other children: Alexander "Alex" Hausen (age: 14), and Liliana Hausen (age: 8). He also has a German Shepherd named Sam that sticks to him like glue.

He specializes in animal training, archery, throwing knives, and hand-to-hand combat. He can use handguns, he just finds them noisy.

The Sword of Green

A young man learned magic from his mentor. Magic that was powerful and pure. The boy gifted to say the least, being able to master spells in a matter of days that would take an ordinary person years to learn. He knew he was special.

In secret, the boy taught himself magic of a different sort. Magic that was strong, yet not quite as strong as the other, and dark. Very dark. The magic began to consume him body and soul until nothing good remained in his heart. He needed power. Power to rule over all. The lust for it drove him to the brink of madness. He went to his mentor and two other men, asking them for a favor. The three men seemed hesitant at first, but then agreed.

The three magicians forged a great and beautiful sword, pouring powerful magic into it until it had no equal. It was obvious that the one who wielded it would have the strength to make nations fall with a mere swing.

When the boy came to claim it, they saw not the face of the young, innocent boy they had come to know, but a man filled with an evil of no equal. They knew that they could not let him take the sword. And so, using magic, they fled with it to a small and remote town. Once there, they hid the sword under the town square, sealing it away with magic until one pure of heart could use it for good.

Only one problem remained: the town's people could not stay there; it was far too dangerous. However, as they couldn't reveal the secret of the sword, they clogged their water supply. In order to survive, the people, albeit reluctantly, left and created a new, better town far away, soon forgetting about what they left behind.

The evil wizard became furious. Not only had the three old men betrayed him, they placed the sword beyond his reach. His only hope to achieve his goal was to wait for someone to find it, and he did. Year after year passed and the wizard waited. Always waiting for the day when he could take back what was rightfully his.

Seraphina's eyes snapped open with a start. Her heart pounding and her breathing heavy. Slowly, she sat up and put a hand to her head. "What was that all about?" She wondered aloud.

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