The Key of Arel


Elijah Schultz

The treasure in my story is a sphere. It is about one and half inches in diameter. It appears to be iridescent black, because of how it reflects light, but it is really many colors (different shades of purple, blue, and yellow) swirling together, that become lighter hues under direct light. The sphere's name is the Key of Arel. The size and weight, down to the last atom, are so precise that nothing else could fit its lock. The weight and size stay so precise because the material that the Key is made of (legend say it's made of a star's core) is so hard that nothing could ever wear one atom of it away.

Xeath Hant

Wocyrn Settlement
Department of Safety
Main Archives
Subject: Xeath Hant
Gender: Male
Age: est. 14-16 years
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Height: 5'9"
ID number: 56032/DELTA
I.Q.: high
Family History: He and his father came here in the year 2090. When all the Volarae
where lost, they were stranded, not having the funds to leave. His father died in
Criminal Record: 9 acts of disturbing the peace; 5 unauthorized entries into state
facilities; 23 unauthorized acts; 1 possession of a weapon; assaulting Enforcers;
unauthorized leave
Status: WANTED
Date: primonth 21, 2099 Feth Wane,
Dept. of Safety

I have, however, consulted many people with many people with whom Xeath was associated with at the time, and found that most people's opinion was contrary to this report. They describe him as intelligent, fair, and adventurous, hating the dreary and oppressive life which the Department of Safety enforced

Six worlds in the Eta Quadrant

The story takes place in the Eta Quadrant, in 2099, mainly on six worlds, which are each in a different solar system.

Mada. Mada is the Mattan homeworld and the homeworld of Vaq the conquerer. It is thickly forested and mountainous, with very few bodies of water. It is home to many savage creatures, but has mild weather. Mada's equatorial diameter is 8,056 km, but it is density is greater so it has slightly greater gravity than earth. It has an oxygen based atmosphere (50% oxygen, 42% carbon dioxide 8% other). The Matton are heavy-set and strong, standing an average of 5'5" and weighing 200lbs. They are violent and are survival oriented, not seeing the point of either recreation or riches.

Te`chn. Te`chn is the Te`chni homeworld, the race that humans first encountered. It is about covered in water, with varying habitats, though there are no barren places (e.g. deserts, tundra's). The weather varies from season to season and from place to place. Te`chn's equatorial diameter is 11,196km. It has a diverse atmosphere containing many gases, several of which the Te`chn are able to breath. The Te`chn look very similar to humans, with internal anatomical differences, and some other differences including longer fingers, skinnier bodies, they have mental awareness, and they have better senses than us. They are typically peaceful, but are excellent warriors and will fight if provoked.

Zhwane. Zhwane is the Zhwaent homeworld. The Zhwaent language, while hard to speak, is simple and used as a universal language for inter-species communication. Zhwane is about 2/3 water, but has no continents only rocky islands. It is very muggy and humid, and also warm. Its atmosphere is almost entirely oxygen, but the water vapor in the air reduces flammability. Zhwane's equatorial diameter is 7,600km. The Zhwaent are an insect-like species with an exoskeleton, mandibles, bulbous eyes, et cetera. They are friendly, although suspicious. They have wings and swim very well. They can survive in space and in water.

Eln. Eln is the homeworld to the Eln. Eln is a crystal- rich planet with no vegetation, only strange semi- organic creatures. We know little about this planet because the Eln are very secretive. Eln's equatorial diameter is 13,789km. Eln's atmosphere is 90% fluorine. Fluorine in a highly reactive element that burns, explodes, or corrodes almost every thing it contacts. Also, if that isn't inhospitable enough, the average temperature is -260 degrees Ferenheit. The Eln are nickel based life forms. As I said before they are very secretive and we know almost nothing about them.

Prime. Prime is the headquarters of the Xzaeyc Alliance (consisting of 6 races: the Zhwaent, Eln, Tacatikilzian, Bithna, Metar, and Leth). Prime is extremely varied in climate, habitat, and atmospheric composition, which is why it was chosen as headquarters. It is 12,033km in diameter.

Styx IV. Styx IV is an uninhabited world. It is uninhabited because it is bombarded with alpha and gamma radiation from its near-by Sun.

Daia Caurod and Feth Wane

Another character in my story is a girl named Daia Caurod. She lives on the Wocyrn settlement and is "in the care of" the Department of Safety. She is a telepath, and her telepathic rating is 0.0163 Kilosciens (metric system) or 5 Graham. Daia must keep her telepathic abilities secret, because if the Department of Safety found out about them, she would be forced to use her abilities for the Department and she would be closely guarded, so all chances of escape would be lost. Daia has blonde hair, greenish-grey eyes and is somewhere around 13 years old. She loves to play tricks on people.

Feth Wane is the chairman of the Department of Safety. He loves to be in charge of things and seeing other people suffer when he is not. He was the main person who orchestrated the Department coming into power. Feth loathes it when people defy him.


Xeath had just come back from his day's work. He was exhausted from the hard work enforced by the Department of Safety but he had not much to look forward to at night. His bunkhouse was a dirty, roughly made building that was always cold. In addition, he was crammed into the small building with twenty-plus other people, who the Department did not allow the privilege of washing, and it kind of stank. His bed was a few blankets and a crude pillow on the floor. Despite all this, he fell asleep instantly tonight.

Xeath had the weirdest dream ever. He felt himself floating in the bunkhouse. Looking down, he saw the sleeping people below him. He always enjoyed dreams, so he sat there and hoped he wouldn't wake up. Then, all of a sudden, he shot off. He was flying, unable to control where he was going. He went straight through the bunkhouse roof and kept going up into Wocyrn's sky and completely through the atmosphere. Once he was in space, he sped up. Xeath went past suns, nebulae, pulsars; crossing through many different galaxies. He was going so fast, he felt himself ripping apart. Then there was a flash and Xeath was gone. He simply did not exist. He had no thought, no body, nothing. There was another flash and he existed again. The world below him was a great expanse with an ocean towards the south, a desert to the west. He came closer to this world almost to the ground. Xeath sped up again going through the desert, the ocean, forests, mountains; seeing people, castles, all sorts of creatures: going faster and faster, seeing everything on the strange world at once.

Then he woke up.

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