The Note


Christy Winn

The Treasure was a note addressed to Josie Underwood, but was never sent. The note contained valuable information about an upcoming attack on the Underwood home. The Underwood's, being Unionist, had their house, "Mount Air", attacked and burned by the Confederates. This letter was sealed in a box to be hidden in the floor boards of the sender's home. The sender was killed before opening the box and sending the letter to forewarn the Underwood family.

Kateri Conway

Kateri Marie Conway was the 14 year old eighth grade homeschooled daughter of Alexandra and Phil Conway. Kateri had five brothers; Max, 20, Cody, 20, Zack, 17, Leo 16, and Percy who was 15. Everyone in the Conway family had blond hair except for the twins, Max and Cody. All have sea blue eyes. Kateri played basketball, and also took classes in ballet and jazz. Kateri enjoyed hanging out with her friends, helping out at church, and spending time with her family. The 14 year old and Percy played board games and had intense drawing competitions.

Conway Manor

In 2012 Kateri Conway lived in an extraordinary five story white mansion. The Conway's had the mansion in the family for four generations. One half of their distant family also lived in the home. Even though the house is a mansion, the inside was simply decorated and not overstated. Max, the eldest, manufactured the majority of the furniture in the mansion.

The first two floors housed the immediate Conway family. The first floor contained the den with a 52" TV. Max built the movie chairs and Kateri sewed the covers and put in memory foam. An industrial kitchen led from the foyer. A formal and an informal dining room broke off from the kitchen. Along with these luxuries a mudroom, laundry room, and a four car garage completed the first level. On the second floor the master bedroom and a small sitting room led from the oak spiral stair case. Each of the six children had their own bedroom with a private bathroom. Each had an iMac and a flat screen TV.

On the remaining floors lived three different distant families; the Brown's, the Montana's, and the Smith's. Each of the three families had their own floor complete with five bedrooms, six and a half bathes, laundry room, kitchen, and a dining room. Every holiday or birthday all four families gathered in the Conway's formal dining room to celebrate.

Haley Montana

Haley Montana was 14 years old and homeschooled in the eighth grade. The energetic teen and her three siblings; Drew, 16, Cole, 15, and Lily who was 13, lived at Conway Manor. Haley had lush, silky brown hair going down to her waist. Her favorite hobbies included practicing guitar with her cousin, Percy, and playing basketball with relatives. Haley drew landscapes around Conway Manor right after completing school. Along with the family, Haley would participate in 9:00 Mass at their local parish. With relatives, Haley had bundles of joy watching the NFL on Sunday afternoon after Mass.

Alisha Vensky

Kateri Conway was playing a friendly game of Mario Cart on the family Wii with her brother, Percy, when she fell on the couch and sleep conquered. Kateri had an interesting dream about a girl from her imagination, Alisha Vensky.

Kateri was running down the street crying and looking for a place to hide from the EF-4 tornado. She knocked on the door to where the girl, Alisha Vensky, lived on 41 Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

"ALISHA VENSKY! OPEN UP!" yelled Kateri at the top of lungs into the strong spirits of the wind.

The door opened to reveal a girl with chestnut brown hair, which is prevalently combed with slight waves, sticking up and wild. The girl had a confused facial expression, which quickly changed to joy. She hugged Kateri and entreated Kateri to come inside.

Kateri looked around the house and found it was exactly the way she remembered since her last visit to the dream land; colors which are not coordinating. She smiled as the memories of their "adventures" begin to flow back to her. Kateri pulled herself back into the present, as Alisha guided her to a room, which was unknown to Kateri.

"Kateri, I'm so glad to see you!" she paused to hug Kateri again. "This is the storm shelter. Normally it's used for blizzards, but it will hold for tornados," says Alisha with a sigh.

Sounds of ripping and wind were flooding into Kateri's ears as she caught sight of the white swirling cone with houses, buildings, cars, and trees move towards her.

"This is it; I'm going to die with my favorite friend at the age of 14. Thank you for a wonderful life, Jesus," thought Kateri as the white trash catcher captured her into its grasp.

Kateri woke up screaming on the sofa as Percy dabbed a cool cloth on her steaming forehead.

"It was all so real. I thought I was there, with Alisha, as the tornado captured me," deliriously said Kateri.

"Kateri, calm down, you were just dreaming. Go back to sleep," said Percy as he continued dabbing the cloth on his sister's forehead.

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