The Relic of St. Coswert Tekra


Anthony Vanden Berk

In the year 3372, 207 years after Undemereth was discovered there was a persecution of Christians in a country called Googokia. At first Christians were made to pay a fine, but later they were not allowed to practice their faith. Eventually, the persecutions escalated and Christianity was punishable by death. The Googokian soldiers were ordered to destroy everything that had to do with Christianity. In that dark period many churches were burned to ashes and holy articles desecrated. But many Christian treasures were saved from destruction. One such treasure was a relic of St. Coswert Tekra (He was a great theologian on Earth who lived from 2904- 2983). The unknown hero who saved the relic hid it and passed down through his family a riddle that would reveal where the relic was hidden. Finally, the persecutions ceased. Centuries later, the riddle was still kept by Mr. Garp who never thought much about it because he was preoccupied by seemingly unrelated events that were troubling him. No one knew the relic's location nor the riddle's answer. Now I hope you have an idea of what the treasure is.

Andrew Fox

Andrew Fox is a detective. He lives in Googokia, Undemereth, he is 47, and he has green eyes which are always slightly shaded by his hat. Detective Fox usually wears a black uniform designed to look like what Sherlock Holmes wore. Detective Fox is very good at his job, and he actually enjoys it most of the time. He is usually very quiet when he is on a case. The thing Detective Fox hates the most is when he has to solve a murder case. He has never gotten over his dread of murder, and he probably never will. He worries excessively about the safety of everyone involved in his cases. In his spare time he enjoys looking at all the old houses and buildings in his town. This description could hardly be called complete without mention of the Blik gang. About 70% of all crime in Googokia is caused by the Blik gang. The Bliks are paid from a large pool of stolen money. They get paid to commit crimes, spy on certain people, and do other criminal activity's like that. The Bliks are involved in most of Detective Fox's cases. Detective Fox has caught many Bliks, and because of this the Bliks despise him. Detective Fox came from a large family and he has many friends. Now I hope you have an idea of what Detective Fox is like.


The planet Undemereth was discovered in the year 3165. It was the first life-sustaining planet discovered. Undemereth's discovery covered the all the news papers. Wars, sports, crimes, events, and politics were forgotten. Undemereth was a new world, its discovery would mark a new age, the Age of Discovery, as some called it.

Undemereth's gravity is twice that of Earth. The days on Undemereth are almost 36 hours long (Every three weeks the people on Undemereth have to set their clocks an hour ahead). Undemereth was quickly populated because of a very interesting discovery: the plants on Undemereth produced a special chemical could make you live to be 200. But after more studies were done scientists discovered that there were many diseases, one such disease, Docphermia, would most likely infect you if your temperature stayed within ten degrees over a period of five days. Docphermia wasn't too terrible if it infected you, but you would get an annoying cough. This disease could be prevented easily though. If you made yourself hotter or colder you could prevent this especially if you were exercising. Because many people exercised to prevent Docphermia and Undemereth's gravity was stronger than Earth's, Undemerethians usually are strong and healthy.

Undemerethians use what they call road trains for ground transportation. Road trains travel on tracks, they are a lot like taxis. You go to a road train stop (There are a lot of these all over the place) and tap the screen to call a road train to you, then you get into the road train, and enter in (or tell it) where you want it to take you. Road trains are very fast. Undemereth also uses airplanes but they can fit a thousand people. Also, in South Daker, the Undemerethian Universal Space Station is located. There is a Universal Space Station on every planet.

Most Undemerethians are Catholic, not all practicing though. Several countries on Undemereth are not very friendly to Christians. Perhaps the greatest issue on Undemereth is the Bliks. Their ultimate goal is to take over Undemereth, starting with Googokia. Even with an abundance of detectives on their trail, the large Blik gang was never completely captured. Many Saints lived on Undemereth and were responsible for the majority Christian population. Now I hope you know a little bit about Undemereth.

Pete Bartholomew

Pete Bartholomew is middle aged. He always wears a tan jacket with a matching tan hat. He is quiet and doesn't like to be in the same room with many people, unless he is reporting for the newspaper. He lives in Hopeton, South Daker, the town where the first people landed on Undemereth.

Only several years ago, in 4245, he was on the last flight of the Star Sailor. The Star Sailor was headed to a newly discovered planet, but someone destroyed the controls and changed the ship's course to an unknown planet. The Star Sailor was wrecked, but everyone on board was unharmed. The planet that they crash landed on was life sustaining, but it had already been discovered by three villains: Former U.S. President Henry B. Harrison, and his two friends. One of the villains repented, and helped catch the other two, who were settled on that planet. Then another space ship came and rescued the passengers of The Star Sailor and took them back to Undemereth. The most important person in that adventure was Fr. Ropet, who figured out most of what happened and why, before the one villain repented. Fr. Ropet is now Bishop of Hopeton, in South Daker.

Pete Bartholomew is a writer and a reporter. His most famous work was his account of his adventure. He has a pet that is an Undemerethian species and is very much like a dog, and a parrot that only needs to hear a message and it can repeat it perfectly to whoever Pete tells it to. He was once married, but his wife died from a mysterious fire (the police said it was probably started on purpose). He has several children, but they are all grown up.

Pete has met Mr. Fox on several occasions, but other than that he doesn't know him that well. Now I hope you have an idea of what Pete Bartholomew is like.

Another important character is Mr. Calvin Garp. Mr. Garp lives in the town of Greenstays, Googokia. He lives in the huge Garp family mansion with many of the descendants of his great-great-great-great-grandfather (this is very common on Undemereth). Mr. Calvin Garp with his wife Brianna, are the proud parents of eight children, David (25), Janet (23), Patrick (20), Margaret(17), Roger(14), Thomas (11), Jewel (9), and "Little Bo"(5). Mr. Calvin Garp is 58, he has blonde hair, and he is rather short (unlike his children). He is usually a cheerful person, he loves the outdoors, and he likes to travel. The Garp mansion has been broken into on several occasions, because of this the Garps knew Mr. Fox rather well. Now I hope you have an idea of what Mr. Garp is like.

The Golden F

When Detective Fox fell asleep, he was on a very intriguing case; someone had stolen a very valuable and historic item from a museum. That night he dreamed he was inspecting a similar case. He was in his home just finishing his lunch when the phone rang. The caller said his name was Mr. Fahrenheit, and he said that a golden "F" had been stolen from his museum. Mr. Fox was slightly confused about the whole thing, but nevertheless he quickly traveled to the museum, it was called The Museum of Pointless But Valuable Stuff. When he arrived a gruff red-faced man with a mustache met him.

"Follow me, Sherlock Holmes." Mr. Farenheit said, Mr. Fox thought it was supposed to be an insult, but to any detective it would be a great compliment.

Mr. Fox followed the man through his museum, there were many, odd looking and very --indeed as the museum's name indicated-- pointless but valuable things.

"There," said Mr. Fahrenheit pointing to an empty glass case with a hole in it, "that's where the golden 'F' was, someone stole it, and now I won't have as many people spending their money here to see a complete golden alphabet!"

Detective Fox calmly replied "Sir, when did you notice it was missing?"

"Just this morning, did you think I'd wait three weeks?"

"Are you positive it was there yesterday?" Mr. Fox said, ignoring Mr. Fahrenheit's attitude.

"I wouldn't ignore the best thing in the whole place!"

"When do you close this Museum?"

"8:00 p.m. Earth time," He responded. Since this was a dream Mr. Fox lived on Earth instead of Undemereth.

"Thank you, I think I'll work on finding out the rest."

Mr. Fox Examined the glass case that the letter had resided in. There were only a few pieces of glass inside the case, whereas the floor was completely covered with glass.

"I suppose the crook didn't wan to risk scratching the treasure." He thought

He then looked carefully at the floor; there were two very light muddy footprints. He found a trail of them leading to and from a door that said "employees only". He could tell the room was rarely used because when he went in, every thing was totally covered with dust save the floor where the thief had walked. At the other end of the room there was a door that read "EXIT ONLY" but clearly the thief had used it as an entrance because of the tampering marks. He carefully looked at the doorknob, there were no fingerprints. He needed something to catch the villain. He decided to figure out what type of shoes the villain wore.

After a long investigation he was able to piece together what the shoes looked like, and what company made them, but he hadn't heard that company name before, the shoes were also new he could tell. He decided to go ask a local shoe dealer about them. After asking a local shoe dealer he found that that type of shoes were very expensive. He also asked if the store manager had a record of all items purchased.

"Why yes we do, sir." the manager replied.

"How many of these types of shoes have been bought recently, and who bought them?" He inquired further

"Well let's see...(USA, Men's, size large...)" Then the manager typed in something on a computer.

"Since last month only three of those have been purchased, by Mr. Landwaters, Mr. Fritz, and Mr. Yellowings."

"Thank you very much." Mr. Fox said after writing down the names.

He then went to the local police station (since this was a dream he somehow knew exactly where it was), and asked for the records of the three men. Mr. Fredrick F. Fritz, they told him, had been suspected by the police to have stolen valuable things on several occasions, and the other two had clean records. Mr. Fox asked for his address, and then left for Fredrick's house (or rather, his mansion). The mansion was not exactly welcoming, nor was the entire run-down neighborhood. He rang the doorbell and shortly later a long-nosed thin-faced man opened the door.

"Excuse me sir," Mr. Fox said, "My name is Andrew Fox, I am inspecting-" Mr. Fritz slammed the door shut, and the sound of the door slamming mingled with Mr. Fox's alarm clock.

He woke up disappointed (Even in his dreams he always hates losing the villain), but the shoe-print idea in his dream got him thinking about other things that he could use to catch the museum robber in real life. He energetically leaped from his bed, said his morning prayers, showered, dressed, then speedily left for the museum without his breakfast. The next week he caught the villain and got his name in the news.

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