The Golden Acorn


Andrew Martinson

The golden acorn is tremendously coveted by all the squirrels in the world, but no squirrel knows where it is located. It is unusually large, about as large as a golf ball. It is pure gold and richly colored, but surprisingly squirrels can still eat it and it could be a dinner for three. The golden acorn can be found on one tree, hidden beneath the branches. The golden acorn can be monstrously valuable for whoever finds it.


My character is a squirrel. His name is Chuck. He is dark brown and is very mischievous, but clever. He loves to jump from branch to branch and wrestle with his friends in the trees. He lives in an acorn tree and has a collection of shiny stuff such as a silver watch, a pearl necklace, even a diamond. His collection is tremendously large. The reason he wants the golden acorn is because he doesn't think his collection is complete without it. His favorite color is red like a ruby. He wears a ruby necklace wherever he goes. He is quite fond of it. Chuck is young and agile and has a big taste for adventure.

Rhymewood Forest

Chuck lives in Rhymewood Forest. Rhymewood Forest has a pond in the center of the forest with two trees on each side of the pond that have branches reaching out and touching each other. Chuck and his best friend,Chester, like to wrestle on the branches and whoever loses falls into the pond. Although the pond is in the center of the forest, hardly anyone knows about it, and hardly any animals know about it. Near the pond there is an abandoned mine where Chuck finds lots of gold and emeralds, but most of his jewelry is found far from the mine. Rhymewood Forest is a perfect place for Chuck and his friends.


Chester is an albino squirrel who loves antiques and has a plethora of them. He has collected many old rusty watches and old oil paintings. He lives in a chestnut tree. Unlike any other squirrel, Chester loves swimming. He is very sneaky and secretive and his red eyes sparkle with mischief. Chester is best friends with Chuck and is always willing to help.

The Golden F / Mr. Noggin Fahrenheit

Chuck had a dream.He dreamed about setting off on his journey to find the golden acorn. On his way he found a newspaper lying in some mud. He glanced at it and there was an article that stated that for many years Mr. Noggin Fahrenheit, owner of the Museum of Pointless but Valuable Stuff, had been researching about the golden acorn and trying to figure out where it dwelled and he has found out. He is gathering an expedition to retrieve the great and glorious golden acorn. They will set off Feb. 25th.

Chuck became alarmed at the article. He needed to hurry and arrive before Mr. Noggin Fahrenheit. It was a long journey and in his dream he had escaped from hungry dogs. He got to the spot where the golden acorn was supposed to be and it was hard to find where the acorn was held because in the horizon Chuck could see a huge tree and a ferocious dragon guarding it. The dragon was battling some one. Chuck saw that it was Mr. Fahrenheit and his expedition. They were boxing and wrestling with the dragon. While the dragon was distracted, Chuck quickly climbed the massive tree, found the golden acorn, and scrambled back down the tree.

Suddenly, the dragon's head lit up. Chuck never thought he would see a face more red than Mr. Fahrenheit's. Mr. F and his expedition knew what was coming. As the dragon blew fire at them, they all ran off for cover and frantically dove into a pond. Chuck felt great and bolted for his home. Dejected and enraged, Mr. Noggin Fahrenheit was furious. His face lit up like he was about to blow fire and he shouted, "My clothes are ruined! I'm ruined!" Chuck heard this and smiled. Without a doubt, his journey was a success. He reached home and found his best friend Chester waiting for him. They threw a huge party and ate a great meal. Chuck treasured his golden acorn forever. Too bad it was only a dream.

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