The Sword of Green


Aidan Coulter

The Sword of Green, as it is called in the legends, is a great and powerful weapon capable of doing both great good and great harm. Powerful beyond measure, it was created by three good magicians, Althazar, Elchiorin , Zraspar who were hired by an evil man called Black to make it for him. However, when the magicians heard that Black wanted it so he could rule over all who opposed him, they used their magic to take it away from him and as it was too powerful to destroy, they hid it. They hid it under the town square of a little town called Green, and protected it with magic spells so that only one who was worthy and good enough to wield the sword properly could find it.

the old town of Green and the now town of Green

The main places where this story happens are the old town of Green, (which is now old and tumbled down, full of cobwebs and little animals) and the new town of NewGreen. Here is the reason that there are now two towns of Green. Althazar, Elchorin, and Zraspar hide the sword under the town square of Green because the town is a place of great spiritual wisdom. In order to keep the sword safe they needed the people who lived in Green to leave. As the old saying goes, out of sight out of mind. But there was problem, the people wanted to stay, they saw no reason to leave. The wizards did not dare to tell about the sword in case Black or other like-minded people ever heard of its magic powers, so they devised a plan. The plan was that they would clog up the well and dry up all the nearby water sources so that the people of the town would have no water, thus having to leave to find somewhere else that was not stricken with drought. The plan worked! When the townspeople found a new place for their town, as is traditional in that land, they named it NewGreen, after their old town, and soon settled down and completely forgot about the original town of Green.

Old Green

A large circle several houses thick around a communal well, with various towers and smaller or larger houses all lumped together. The total population was around 100, with about 25 families. Around the outskirts of the town is a ring of huge stones, which mark the place as very magical.


Considerably larger than the old town of Green, NewGreen is situated around a large river, which winds and twists all the way to the sea, it is fed from the mountains to the north, and there is a large waterfall just north of the town.


Apprenticed to Althazar, he learned magic but turned to the dark arts. The dark arts are powerful, but less so than the white ones, so he asked his mentor and two other wizards, Elchorin, and Zraspar, to make him a sword of unbelievable power. Believing that he would use it for good, the three wizards complied, and only realized what he would really use it for when he came to get the completed sword from him. The three wizards realized in time Black's intentions, and being unable to destroy the sword, they hid it and waited for someone who was of a pure heart to appear and either destroy the sword or use it for good. Black, realizing that there was nothing else that would help him achieve his goal of ruling the entire island of Utharthay, which is quite powerful and in control of a lot of beneficial trade, he waited. And he waited and waited and waited for the day when someone would come along and find the sword, so he could steal it from them...

The Noblesse Flower

Rose was dreaming. She knew she was dreaming because there was no other explanation for the fact that she was flying, flying over a huge mountain, covered not with trees or vegetation, but only with the hard, cold rock that the mountain had been made from back when the world began. Lightning flashed through the sky, and the rain was pelting down with all its might, but Rose didn't feel a thing, not even the strong wind that was apparent by the roiling movement of the clouds. That was another reason she knew she was dreaming. All of a sudden, she felt herself gliding swiftly down towards the mountain, and for a moment, she thought she was falling towards the blank cliff side of a huge rocky spire, but to her surprise, Rose fell right through the rock, which proved to her yet again that this was certainly a dream. Or maybe she was dead and had become a ghost? She hoped not. The darkness of the inside of the mountain closed around her, and although she couldn't see a thing, Rose could tell that she was moving at a great speed towards the center of the mountain. Suddenly, there appeared a small bluish light far in front of her, and as she drew closer the light became larger, until she could see a doorway at the end of a tunnel that led off below and behind her. The doorway was lit by the bluish light from something that lay within the gigantic cavern past the doorway. She flew through the doorway and into the huge cavern beyond, and in the strong blue light emanating from the cavern walls, she could see that it was almost completely empty, almost, but not quite. She smelled it before she saw it, and the mesmerizing fragrance drew her gaze towards the very center of the cavern, where she saw a small, rich purple flower with the delicate petals of a lily. To Rose, the rich fragrance coming from the beautiful flower smelled of the homemade cookies that she had made with her mother Vivian, before she had gotten sick and died and Rose had had to move to the city with her father. It also smelled of fresh bread, the special recipe of her grandmother's that used a special spice to get that wonderful taste. She had often watched Vivian kneading the dough for a special batch for her birthday, and remembered vividly the one time they hadn't been able to find the right spice and so had added instead a medley of other random spices. That batch had smelled wonderful, but when Rose and her mother had bitten into it, the tastes of the contrasting spices had brought tears to their eyes. Vivian had laughed her wonderful laugh, the one that sounded like a waterfall in a cheerful brook, and said that they would have to have strawberries in cream instead, and see if the songbirds liked the spicy bread. Rose's dream eyes filled with dream tears, and she found that she was crying. As she remembered her mother, a sudden thought drifted into her mind saying that this flower, if only her mother could have touched it everything would be alright again, and her mother would till be alive. And then she cried even harder because she knew that it was

"Rose! Wake up Rose!"

There was her father's voice, as if from a great distance, and she could feel herself waking up, but she didn't want to wake up! She didn't want to leave the flower, and all the memories that it had given her. Rose stretched out her hand towards the flower, knowing that if she woke up, she would never see it again.


Her father's voice grew louder, and she could feel his strong hand on her shoulder.

"No, please, I don't want to wake up! Mother!"

She sobbed, reaching closer to the flower, trying to feel its soft velveteen petals, but it was too late. The cavern and everything in it suddenly faded away. The bluish light emanating from the cave walls was replaced by bright morning sunlight streaming through her window. The last thing to fade was the scent of the flower, the scent of her mother's failed bread that they had given to the songbirds. There was her father looking down at her, smiling sadly.

"You were crying."

"Yes. I want Mother back."

"Oh my child, so do I, so do I."

He gathered her up in his arms like he used to do when she was little, and held her tight. And there, in the middle of a strange new room in a strange new city, a father and his daughter cried for the wife and mother they had lost.

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