The Golden Acorn


Andrew Martinson

Chuck is a dark brown squirrel who always wears a ruby necklace around his neck. He sprinted down the large oak tree where he lived to dig up the best of his acorns which were buried by the roots of the tree. Chester, who is an albino squirrel and his best friend, dropped by and asked what he was doing. Chuck explained he was digging up the best of his acorns and invited Chester to eat breakfast with him. They scrambled up Chester's oak tree and squeezed through a hole into a carved little grotto. There was a bedroom, a kitchen, a dining room, and a room filled with jewels. There were crates with diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. The rubies were Chuck's favorite because he loves the color red. He also had gold, pearls, and precious gems.

The two squirrels sat down on tiny benches ready to eat when Chuck remembered how much trouble he had trying to crack open the shells to the acorns. They bit them, they stomped on them, and they could not pry them open.

Chester suggested that he might have three or five nut crackers in his chestnut tree, for he hoards tons of antiques.

They bolted to Chester's chestnut tree. Chester and Chuck climbed through a hole and entered his home. It was tidy. There was a kitchen, a bedroom, a little green house, but the living room was cluttered with antiques. There were old oil paintings, rusty and shiny watches, maps, lamps, tables, statues, stools, and lots of more stuff. "I think there is a nut cracker in this corner," Chester squeaked, as he dug into a pile and searched.

"I will check this side of the room," Chuck chattered. As he buried himself under the antiques, he was amazed with all of the stuff. He came across a gold metal that Chester said he could keep. Then he came across an old map. As he gazed upon it, he saw that it was an illustration of Rhymewood Forest, which is where they lived. He spotted his oak tree and Chester's chestnut tree and the old run down mine where he finds all of his jewels. He spied the two trees in the middle of the forest whose large branches reach out and cross each other over a pond. This is where Chuck and Chester like to play and wrestle on the branches, and whoever loses falls into the pond. Chester usually wins the games they play because he is good at games and he is very mischievous

Also on the map there were areas that surround Rhymewoood Forest -- a small village, a jungle, a cottage, rocky chasms, and another forest. On one of the towering trees of the forest, there was a little picture of the golden acorn on it. It was a map to find the golden acorn! Every squirrel Chuck knew wanted that acorn. It was Chuck's dream to find it. He could not believe it! He actually found the map to find the glorious golden acorn!

"Chester! Chester! Chester!" Chuck chirped.

Chester declared,"What is it, Chuck! You scared me! Did you find a nut cracker or di..."

"No!" Chuck interrupted "it's the map that has Rhymewood Forest and stuff with stuff, a jungle and a tree, the golden acorn, a big or little village I can't tell because it's a map wi..."

"Hold on! What are you blabbing about? You said Rymewood Forest and golden acorn and a big little village!?"

"Its a map to the golden acorn!"

"Yeah!" Chester howled as he started digging around in his antiques. "I have a pouch somewhere in this corner. We can bring it if we're going to search for the golden acorn. Ooh! A nut cracker!"

"Good we can pack that. I'll bring acorns," Chuck cackled

"I can pack chestnuts. Hey! I found a match book and a compass we need lots of gadgets!" Chester announced in his squeaky voice.

At that moment Chuck began to bury himself in the pile of junk "I found a comb, glue and a hankerchief!"

"Chuck! I found a dish towel. We can use it to sleep with, and here's a pouch!" Chester squeaked. Then Chuck left and scampered down the tree to dig up the best of his acorns as Chester climbed up to the top of the chestnut tree and plucked the ripest chestnuts he could find and stuffed his pouch with them. He scurried back down and met Chuck waiting at the bottom of the stump. "Are we ready?" Chuck asked.

"I think so. Let's double check. We have a hankerchief, matches, glue, chestnuts, a compass, acorns, a dish towel, a nut cracker, the map, and a comb which we probably wouldn't use at all."

"I'm fond of combs. I like to brush and comb my fur because it is naturally curly and it looks like I have been rolling around and tangling it. Curly fur does not look good on squirrels!"

"You are right. Is that why your fur is always so neat and smooth?" Chester asked.

"Well, we sure are wasting time! Let's begin our journey!" Chuck squawked. So through Rhymewood Forest they began. They past by Charlie, a light brown squirrel who is also Chuck and Chester's friend.

"Where are you going in such hurry!?" Charlie yapped.

"To the golden acorn!" Chuck responded "want to come with?"

"I would love to, but I am extremely busy moving in to that large maple tree, but thanks!"

Then they past by Chip who was a pup which is a young squirrel. He was playing with a walnut by a creek. "Hello Chip!" they shouted.

"Hi," Chip squeaked shyly.

Soon they came to a river. Chester flung the pouch across and then they both dove in and swam across trying not to get swept away by the current. They made it across and crawled out of the river. They were soaked from head to toe. The sun was starting to set, so they decided to light a fire. "I'll collect some twigs, sticks and dry leaves," Chuck said. As Chuck left to collect twigs, Chester used the hankerchief and the dish towel for blankets "I have some sticks for the fire do you have the matches?" Chuck asked.

"Yep!" Chester replied as he lit a match and started the fire. They weren't hungry so they saved the nuts for another day. Chuck and Chester sat by the fire. Finally their fur dried out and they went headed for their beds. They burrowed under the hankerchief and dish towel and went to sleep.

>In the morning, when the sun was rising, Chuck grabbed the comb and dipped it in the river. He wet down his fur which was sticking up like crazy. He combed his head, his back, and his tail until he looked neat and tidy, then he asked Chester, "how did I end up with the hanker chief last night?"

>Chester replied, "you fell asleep when I was speaking about how I should sleep with the dish towel."

>"Oh, that explains it." Now they were ready. So they followed the map and compass and dashed through bushes and ponds until they reached a swamp. "Yuck!" Chester shrieked "I hate being wet! Especially when the water is all muddy like this!"

>"Then why do you wrestle with me on those branches over the pond in Rhymewood forest?"

>"Because I always win and its not muddy." They pushed their way through the marshes, it was easier than ever until Chuck dropped the map. "Aaaugh!" Chuck howled, "get the map!" Chester and Chuck both dove into the swampy, muddy water. They could hardly see anything. Chester suddenly felt the damp map slowly sinking. He carefully grabbed on to it and burst out of the water.

>"Gasp! I found it!" he sputtered as he carefully held it up to avoid ruining it. "Hurry! Let's get the map to dry land!" Chester said, but he couldn't move his legs. He was stuck, so he tripped. "Oopsie daisy!" Splash! Chester flopped into the water. He held the map high out of the water.

>Chuck quickly grabbed it but he also tripped. "Oh shoot!" Splash! Chuck flopped into the water. The map tore right through the middle. They both tried to free themselves. Their feet were stuck in the mud at the bottom of the swamp. They were slowly sinking. Their heads were just below the surface. Chester was nearly out of breath, just then he took a board and stuck it in the mud under his feet. Forgetting Chuck was stuck as well, he signaled to him to jump on the end of the board Chuck could not do that, but he spotted a large rock. It was stuck too, but it is easier to pull out a rock then pull out yourself. He picked it up out of the water and threw it down on the board and catapulted Chester into the air. Forcefully, he landed right behind Chuck and helped to pull him out of the mud.

Soon Chuck was out of the water. He inhaled the air, "ah, that's better now! Hurry let's get out of this swamp. We have to sprint or we'll get stuck again!" They sprinted through the swamp as fast as they could.

"Do you have the map!?" Chester asked.

"Only half of it. Fortunately it's the half with the golden acorn," Chuck replied. They leaped out of the swamp. "My ruby necklace is gone! We can't go back now we would get stuck again."

"I am hungry. Let's eat lunch," Chester squeaked, as he pulled out some nuts and the nut cracker. He started cracking the shells off the chestnuts. When he finished he started to crack the shells off the acorns. It was a sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. The grass was green and it was covered with flowers.

After they ate the nuts, Chester and Chuck both headed towards the golden acorn using the compass and the smudged up half of the map. Up a hill, at the top, they could see a small village. It's roads were paved with stones and most of the houses were tan with trims of white and they had dark red shingles. The yards had few trees to let the sun shine on the flower gardens in the yards. No one was outside at this moment except two grumpy looking dogs. "Look, Chuck, it's big little village," Chester stated. Chuck and Chester scurried down the hill and scampered through the empty stone streets.

They passed by the two dogs whose names were Marvin and Mel. Mel was more vicious but very whiney and Marvin was more bulky and tough. Marvin announced, "let's eat them!"

"Sounds like fun but were chained to this lamp post!" Mel whined.

"Then let's break free," Marvin retorted. He pulled the chain and it snapped.

"I (hack) can't do it! (coff)" Mel whimpered. Marvin bit right through Mel's chain.

"Come on, I get the brown squirrel," Marvin huffed. They bolted right behind the two squirrels

"Yikes!" Chester squealed, "there after us!" Marvin and Mel started to catch up. Quickly, Chuck and Chester dashed up to the top of a sapling.

"Oh, great, they went up a tree. We'll never get them now," Mel sobbed.

"We've got you two cornered. You can't stay up there all day. What are you going to do!?" Marvin barked.

"Get out the matches," Chuck whispered to Chester. Chester lit a match and set the tree on fire.

"Jump!" Chuck shouted. They leaped off of the sapling and scampered into the horizon.

Soon after, a man named Gordon P. Krazer popped out from a house. "Bad, bad dogs, you set my oak on fire go back to you're post!" he grumbled. Marvin and Mel quietly headed back to the lamp. "Say," Gordon thought, "how did it they burn it up in the first place? Beats me."

Meanwhile, Chuck and Chester stopped for a rest by a forest. A moment later some crazy baboons jumped down from the trees and grabbed the squirrels. The lead baboon came out from the pack and asked, "do we have all of them!?"

"Yep," a baboon responded.

"Good!" They climbed the trees and swung from from branch to branch.

"What are you going to do with us!?" Chester asked.

"Bring you to the fat and lazy king," the lead baboon replied.

"Why does he want us!?" Chuck asked.

"Because you are searching for the golden acorn and you can show us were to find it," the lead baboon responded.

"How do you know we're searching for it?!" Chester asked

"Because we were spying on you."

"Why we're you spying on us?!" Chuck asked.

"Because, um, because I, er... Because we felt like it," the lead baboon replied, "ok?"

Two long days had past and Chuck and Chester were officially bored. "Are we there yet?" Chuck asked.

"Yep," a baboon responded.

"Yeah! Yipee!" Chuck and Chester shouted. The baboons lead them through a huge village in the trees. They led them through a tunnel to the fat king named Zooka Babooka. The king queried, "where is the golden acorn located. How do you know where to find it?!"

Chuck said, "because we're just smart. We are just wandering around hoping we'll bump in to it."

"You're lying! Tell us were it is!"

"We don't know!" Chester squealed.

"Yes, you do!" Zooka Babooka howled.

"You can't tell us what we think and know!" Chuck squawked.

"I'm the king. Do not talk back!"

"We're not talking back. We honestly don't know!"

"You are so lying. Bring them to the torture chamber!"

Just then a man's head popped through the branches. "What's all of the noise about up here. It sounds like popcorn. Actually, it doesn't, that was the only thing I could think of. Ah ha! It's you pesky baboons! You ruined my crops! Now if you fellas come back and steal everything again I know where you are hiding! What are you doing to those poor squirrels? Don't torture them."

He untied them and Chuck and Chester dashed away. "Another close call," Chester squeaked.

"Say, we're already beyond the jungle. The baboons brought us all the way here. That wasn't so bad, except they took the map and the compass. Luckily, they didn't take the pouch," Chuck announced.

"Hey, maybe that rabbit could help," Chester said as he pointed to a white rabbit that scurried over to them.

"Excuse me. I am Chuck and this is Chester we were wondering which direction are we headed. We are searching for the golden acorn."

"Hi! My name is Tom. You're in luck I am searching for a ten carrot diamond, so I brought a compass. You are heading south."

"We need to travel east. Thanks! good luck!" Chuck chattered.

"You, too!" Tom said.

Chuck and Chester scurried east into a forest. They didn't travel far until they reached an opening in the center of it. The sun was setting and in the middle of the clearing there was a towering oak. A huge brown bear guarded it. The sun was shining through the tough and thick branches. There was a golden beam of light shining inside the tree. They had found the golden acorn!

Chuck and Chester bolted down the hill to the stump of the tree. "Halt! State your business in Goaldenacre Forest!" The large bear barked.

"We have come to claim the golden acorn rightfully ours!" Chester announced.

"Nobody enters the tree of the golden acorn and nobody comes out because nobody goes in," the bear chuckled. "If you enter, I'll gobble you up! Say, I've been guarding this tree for years so that means I have been playing this board game against myself for years. I'll let you go if you win this game against me, and if I win I'll gobble you up, yum yum! Is it a deal?"

Chester turned to Chuck who backed away from Chester and the bear. Chuck nodded to Chester and hid in the trees. Chester thought he knew what Chuck was trying to say. Chester replied to the bear, "It's a deal!" Chester squeaked proudly.

As they started to play, Chuck bolted up the towering oak tree. He stepped, grabbed on a branch, his weight pulled it down like a lever. An arrow shot out of a hole and whizzed past Chuck "Yikes this tree is booby trapped!" Chuck yelped. He climbed more slowly this time, watching where he was going. He reached a flat carved floor with branches reaching outward in the center of the tree. In the very middle of the tree the golden acorn was hanging on a branch surrounded by acorns. It was amazing. He took a step forward, his eyes fixed on the golden acorn. Then he remembered that the tree was filled with traps. He looked down. Right before him there were little pads that each had a letter on it. Chuck had to jump on each letter in order to spell something. If he jumped on the wrong letters the pads would break and Chuck would fall into a steep pit carved in the stump of the tree. In no time Chuck figured out what the word was. It was GOLDEN ACORN because the only other letters were Z. B. X. and Y. He pounced across the letters spelling GOLDEN ACORN. "That was easier than falling asleep," Chuck thought. Right in front of him the floor was covered with pressure plates. The branches right next to them were covered with holes. Chuck suddenly realized he could climb around them. "Now that was easier then blinking," Chuck thought. He approached the golden acorn. He reached for it. "Surprise!" A squeaky voice appeared from above the acorn. Zooka Babooka the King of baboons pounced down in front of Chuck. "It isn't over yet you naughty squirrel!" he laughed.

"Yes, it is!" Chuck replied as he kicked him over the edge of the tree."Now, that was easier than breathing," Chuck thought.

"Help!" Zooka shrieked as he fell. Chuck glanced over the edge of the tree and saw Zooka bolting away into the forest. Chuck giggled. He picked the golden acorn and scampered down the tree.

Chester was losing the game with the bear. He had never played it before. He hoped Chuck would arrive soon and so he did. He held up the golden acorn proudly. Chester was relieved and said "l quit!"

"Then I win!" The bear roared.

"Yep," Chester said.

"So, I get to eat you!" The bear said.

"What? You never said that!"

"Well, you quit, so I win too bad!"

"Run!" Chester shrieked. Chuck and Chester scurried away. The bear followed them. They dashed as fast as they could.

Then Stan drove by in a car "Hop on!" he said. They both hopped on. "You saved my crops. Now I save your lives.

Where are you going?" he asked. Chuck pointed in the direction of Rhymewood Forest. Stan drove away through the jungle and lost sight of the bear. Hours later they reached Rhymewood forest and Stan said good bye.

Chuck and Chester threw a big party in Chucks yard. They invited Chip, Charlie, Chelsea, Charlotte, Chad, Chase, Chaunsey, and Charity. "Who owns the golden acorn Chuck or you?" Chelsea asked.

"Well, Chuck, you can have it. You deserve it and I would probably lose it in my antiques," Chester stated.They celebrated. They ate acorns, chestnuts, cabbage, and all sorts of food.

Chuck treasured the golden acorn 'til the end of his days.

LPH Writing Class stories 2013-2014