Stories by kids in the LPH Resource Center Creative Writing class 2012-2013, who finished their stories.

Castani Stelle and The Typhoon by Anthony Arsenault
from   Ontario, Canada

descriptions:Castani Stelle

The Last Flight of the Star Sailor and the Discovery of a New World by Anthony Vanden Berk
from   Latrobe, Pennsylvania

descriptions:The Star Sailor


The Lark by Rachel Pribble
from   Poplar Grove, Illinois

descriptions:The Lark

A Tale of a Girl and Her Boat by Mary Cole
from   Bedford, Indiana

descriptions:The Royal Swan

Of Pigs and Small Cube-Cars by Noël Manning
from   Xenia, Ohio

descriptions:The Pig

Passion and Duty by Mary Lou Brown
from   Beavercreek, Ohio

descriptions:The Lilly

The Story of The Joyride by Billy Reed
from   Concord, Ohio

descriptions:The Joyride

The Courageous by Luke Reed
from   Concord, Ohio

descriptions:The Courageous

Treekeeper of the Green Isle by Zoe Coulter
from   Ontario, Canada

descriptions:Blue Dolphin

Swords of the Archangels by Aidan Coulter
from   Ontario, Canada

descriptions:The Red Dragon

Lost at Sea by Hannah Gage
from   Holden, Massachusetts

descriptions:The Midnight Glider

Only a Dream Away by Olivia Gage
from   Holden, Massachusetts

descriptions:La Bella Vita

The Tempest of L'eau Clair by Faustina Arsenault
from   Ontario, Canada

descriptions:L'eau Clair

The Shipwreck of the Den NavigatÝren by Gerard Arsenault
from   Ontario, Canada

descriptions:Den NavigatÝren

Hawaiian Detour by Christy Winn
from   Bowling Green, KY


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