The Lark


Rachel Pribble

This story is about George and Collette. George is a very kind, generous man.

He was the only child in his family (which is why he inherited the Lark, a very big ship that takes 15 people + 2 captains to run it). George is 68 years old and has a little white beard. Collette is also very kind and generous. She had a twin sister named Audrey, but she died in a tornado when she was only 12 years old. Collette was originally from Florida, but now being the only child, her family moves to Virginia right after the sudden death of her sister. George and Collette met each other in their small town in Virginia. Having known each other since their childhood they started courting. Falling in love George and Collette married in the year of 1876. "They now have five children: 2 boys named Jacob and Andrew, and 3 girls named Audrey (named after Collette's twin), Sophia, and Collette Jr."

It is summer now in the year of 1926. Now that their children are adults, George and Collette are planning out their 50th wedding anniversary. They finally decide to go to Hawaii taking the Lark for a whole month in July. The day finally comes where George and Collette are happily sailing away to Hawaii taking a total of 5 days to get there. Already 3 days into sailing, they decide to park the ship overnight not realizing they are on Grizzly Island.

Waking up the next morning, George and Collette get dressed and decide to go and eat breakfast downstairs in their fancy kitchen, while they eat their breakfast, they talk to the captains and decide on when exactly they are going to arrive on the Hawaiian islands.

After breakfast, George and Collette decide to take a walk on the beautiful sunny Island, while the captains stay behind and get the ship all ready again for takeoff. While walking happily side by side along the shore, they start to remember all the happy memories they've shared together. Still not realizing this is Grizzly Island, George and Collette hear this sudden yell across the shore coming from their ship. Starting to run as fast as they possibly can they see several grizzly bears come walking towards their ship. Not knowing what to do, George and Collette are very frightened. Suddenly, a huge grey cloud drops over them, and it starts pouring. Since the grizzly bears are already destroying their ship, George and Collette must find somewhere to hide and get out of the rain.

Running as fast as they can, George and Collette find a huge culvert to rest and get out of the rain. After a few hours, the rain finally stops. Getting out of the culvert, Collette says to George, "We must find help and soon". "Yes I think I will go back to the ship and see whats left while you stay here and rest a bit and maybe I can find at least a little bit of food to eat, unless the Grizzlies took it all" says George.

While all this is going on, the Hawaiian people were starting to get a little worried, they were expecting them 3 days ago.

Seeing how the ship is 3/4 ruined, George walks up the steps and begins to look around. Walking towards the back of the ship, he suddenly hears somebody yelling "Help" George finally reaches the deck and sees the main captain stuck in between the steering wheel, George now is trying to get him out, pulling as hard as he can he finally gets him out leaving nothing more than a small bruise on the captains leg. "Do you know if anyone else is on board?" says George. The captain replies, "Not that I know of". So looking around to see if anyone else is on board, George says, "Come, we better go and check on Collette, she's just up stream a little ways". George and Collette stay in the culvert for 9 days straight eating whatever they find such as squirrels and chipmunks.

So now being 10 days late, George and Collette's children are getting very worried about not hearing anything from their parents. "What do you think could have happened to them Andrew?" asked Audrey. "I don't know but I think we better get a small boat just large enough to fit the 5 of us to go and find mom and dad". "Good idea, lets go and get our other 3 siblings".

"Do you think maybe they are out there stranded somewhere?" asked Sophia to Andrew. "I don't know but if they are I have a pretty good idea where they might be, you know just last night I was reading an article on this one dangerous Island called Grizzly Island, do you remember learning about in school?". "Oh yes I do remember, and that's on the way to the Hawaiian islands they were going to." "Yea I think that will be the first place we'll try to search".

So now, 3 days into sailing, the 5 children finally reach the dangerous Grizzly Island, Audrey looks out on the deck and yells, "Oh my goodness! There is the Lark just up ahead, hurry park the boat right next to it." Parking the boat right next to it, the 5 children jump out and run into the Lark seeing their dad looking around for some food. With tears in his eyes, George runs over to hug his 5 children. After hugging, Collette jr. asks, "Where is mom?". "Just up stream about a half mile staying in a culvert with the captain, come let's go and get them."

Walking up stream, George explains what has happened in the last 2 weeks. Andrew says, "Were just glad you and mom are ok". "Yes i'm very glad too, were just about their" replies George.

Seeing Collette, George says, "lets go home".

LPH Writing Class stories 2012-2013